A Deer Attacked My Dog

You may or may not have seen it.

It’s a youtube video that’s gone viral and now has over a million views. It shows a deer savagely attacking a dog and then a cat. It’s somewhat graphic in nature, especially if you’re a pet lover. So, I advise you to be mindful of that fact before watching it.

If you haven’t yet seen it, watch it here:

Alright, this is where you have a decision to make.

A – You hate that deer and you feel bad for the dog and cat.

B – You think that deer was just protecting its fawn or that dog is useless or that dog had it coming or that dog should have been on a leash or something to that extent.

I’m not going to tell you which decision is correct because that’s really just a matter of personal opinion. Instead, I am going to tell you about one of the most amazing dogs in the world who was attacked by a deer in the above video.

The first thing the video doesn’t really show is that the dog, my dog, is really quite old and weathered. His name is Star and he’s a 14 year old border collie. He’s likely the most well behaved dog in the world and I’m not just saying this because he’s my dog. He’s as intelligent as border collies come and yet he doesn’t act like a typical border collie. His demeanor is that of a golden retriever, he’s just an absolute sweetheart.

When Star was 10 years old he was hit at full speed by a 1/2 ton pickup truck. The direct impact of the collision caused his left eye to pop clean out of its socket. His jaw was split in two, his hips were shattered and his leg was severely cut up.

My family faced a tough decision for an already old dog. Do we end his suffering, or do we attempt to save him? His cries and whimpers brought us all to tears as he lay before us in excruciating pain.

Star came into our family as a puppy. He was purchased a year after we moved from Fort St. John to Cranbrook. He was purchased to help me and my sister cope with the difficulties of moving to a new city and starting a new life.

He was extraordinarily cute as a puppy. We picked him out of the litter of pups because he was the only one who remained close to his mother while the others were off playing, full of piss and vinegar. Right away we could tell he was special.

My father used Star to quite an extent with his line of work as a ranger/manager for B.C. Parks. If you asked my dad about Star he’d tell you Star is absolutely the best dog he’s ever had… and he’s had quite a few, even a 160 pound Canadian champion great white Pyrenees.

In the end the decision was made to save Star. He was too precious to let go. my mother and father agreed to pay for his surgeries to keep him alive. Doctor Jamie Levine at the Cranbrook Veterinarian Clinic made sure we all realized how big a commitment this decision was. Star would face a long uphill battle with his numerous and serious injuries and even then, after thousands of dollars in surgeries and medicine bills and hundreds of hours of rehabilitation there was no guarantee he would make it.

We couldn’t let him just die though. We had to at least try.

Star was in and out of surgery for a week. We all held our breath.

Miraculously, he made a full recovery. He showed a resolve to survive unlike any Doctor Levine had ever seen. Sure, he was slower now and wouldn’t be jumping into the backs of any trucks anytime soon… but his spirit was high. There was no denying the shower of love we as a family constantly gave him helped as well.

My mom would tell me over the phone that she left Star three cookies each night as a treat. “Three cookies!?” I’d say. “He’s going to get fat mom!”

Now, let’s set up the deer incident.

Star doesn’t wear a leash. Why you ask? Well, because Star is, like I said, the most well behaved dog in the world. Ask anyone in our neighbourhood. He’s a doll. Children love him, they can hang themselves on him and poke him in his empty eye socket and Star will just wag his tail. He keeps to the sidewalks after his accident and understands when and when not to cross the road. My mother doesn’t even fence him in because when he wanders he isn’t a problem. Anyone he comes across showers him with love.

Now, I recognize there are leash laws and I also recognize that had he been on a leash this whole incident might not have happened… but Star is too good a dog to be on a leash and if you fail to see that then you fail to understand just how good a dog he is.

In the video Star doesn’t seem to notice the deer coming. That’s because Star doesn’t hear too well anymore. His eyesight is disappearing as well in his only remaining eye. His broken hips never fully recovered. Sometimes he can barely stand up which is why Star isn’t putting up much of a fight against the deer that weighs in three times as much as him.

Another thing the video doesn’t show is my mother. The endless comments as to why my mother did nothing as her beloved pet was being beaten nearly to death by the deer are really uncalled for. My mother is 56 years old. She is 5′3″ and is 110 pounds at most. She’s not a strong young man. She’s a small French woman who has to first and foremost consider her own safety. So, realize that she isn’t exactly the best candidate to fight off an already infuriated deer that weighs more than she does and who is very clearly violent. She’s absolutely distraught and in tears at her inability to do anything.

Now, let’s talk about the outcome. In a showing of absolute determination to live Star managed to find the strength in him to pick his beaten self up from under the stomping hooves of the fully grown deer and to get the hell out of there. My mom remarked to me that he ran, not walked, but ran away for two blocks before collapsing. Star hasn’t run for almost 4 years, not since his accident with the truck. Truly his desire to live was there and truly, like all living creatures when faced with death, the will to survive pushed him to do extraordinary things.

Star was immediately taken back to Doctor Jamie Levine after the attack who announced that Star was bruised and beaten but had no broken bones and seemed to be alright.

He’s back at home now and has recovered well from the encounter. He no longer wanders about as much as he used to when going for walks, which is a shame if you ask me… and my mother now carries a big stick with her just in case.

Star is a celebrity now in the eyes of the Cranbrook community. He’s also receiving generous offers and sympathy from around the world. All in all, like Star has shown us before, he’s as tough as they come and as sweet as can be.

Now, before he goes to bed at night, surely my mother leaves him 5 treats.

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Comments (486)

  1. Sod says:

    Cute story (you know.. minus the beating), but good to hear he wasn’t seriously injured.

    • sbln says:

      don’t you think none of that would of happen to that wonderful dog if your stupid ass mother would of fenced star in dogs are like kids anything can happen if your not watching them and its not what your dog will do its what someone else will do that you cant control like a fucking truck or a wild animal!!!! it’s called common sense lady!!!!!!!!! people like you make me sick and I think star deserves a better family that will have his best interest at heart all the fucking time. now star has no eye and a messed up hip because of you. what kind of life do you think that is for star to keep having accidents like that. do you think start thought “oh look another animal maybe she’s wanna play with me” wrong how the hell is start suppose to know that stupid ass deer is an asshole and as far as the truck incident thats exactly why he needs to be in a fenced yard. Please do the right thing and start watching star better he deserves it after everything you put him through. my best wishes go out to star and hopefully you learn to become a better pet parent!

      • sbln says:

        what’s good now is that star doesn’t roam anymore because he knows what might happen how funny that star gained the common senc that his owner should of had so that poor wonderful star doesn’t get hurt

      • jcobalt says:

        Sbln, how can you call someone stupid when you can’t spell correctly?
        That’s like holding a gun and telling everyone that guns are bad.

      • Sarah says:

        Oh, so small children should also be kept in yards and on leashes???? Your logic implies so.

        you sound ignorant and cruel in your post.

      • Dan says:

        You go to hell, Sarah.

      • Serg says:

        your all idiots…………..dogs like to wonder letting them wonder is bad owners its maked the better owners because they allow their dog to be free rather than stuck in a confined space 24/7…but we as people leave no space for mother natureto take place with all our construction.. so deer wonder in our neighborhood causin all sorts of problems…best solution… HUNT!! KILL EM ALL! stanky deers is top 3 reasons of fatalities on the road.. idc how bad my spelling is..SUE ME

      • Bella says:

        I would love to have a dog like Star, i have a dog myself named Charlie and hes a beagle so there is no way to let him wander alone he’ll just find trouble! But i just want to say what a immensely special dog you have and that your very lucky to have such a brave and strong guardian angel with you. And to keep an eye on him because he’s too special to wander out of your life. May god bless you and your family and Star :)

      • SirAndy says:

        The people that say the dog should have been fenced in are definitely right ! No dog should be able to enjoy life, they are around simply for the entertainment of people. Why do people walk them? As an excuse for exercise of course! Since dogs are for entertainment, they should always be chained or leashed up, that way they are within view, so they can be constantly entertaining, and all you “crazy” people that let dogs wander around and enjoy their life are psychotic!

        CLEARLY, a few things need to change:

        1) STAR, and all other animals, NEED to be leashed up in bomb shelters, right? That way the animals can live long, dull lives.

        2) Regarding the 56 year old woman who is 5′3″; you guys are in the right to rip on her! Why didn’t she sprint out there and drop kick the deer? There’s no excuse as to why she didn’t tackle that massive deer.

        In case you haven’t noticed (and I’m assuming you haven’t based on your theory of leashing up dogs so they can be safe) I’m being sarcastic. You’re a bunch of liberal, hippy, know-nothing-know-it all’s.

        The moral here: shit happens, let animals live, and and don’t keep them like your own personal toy dolls

      • Harry says:

        To the very first responder. YEA!!! Don’t you know that we should fence in all animals, FOR THIER PROTECTION! ANY sort of freedom is BAD for animals!!!! Don’t you stupid people know that!?!? If the fencing doesn’t work, then shoot the animal!!! Don’t you know that!?!? Dead animals can’t be hurt!!!

      • lolwut? says:

        So….you’re acting as if fencing in a dog and/or leashing a dog is bad, but doing so would have meant that the dog wouldn’t have been attacked by the deer AND wouldn’t have been hit by the truck that caused his first injury. It’s lazy to just let your dog out alone. As you can see, this dog has (thankfully) survived two cases were he was left to go outside alone. He’s lucky. It’s stupid and selfish to just let the dog or even cat outside and assume they’re going to be perfectly safe. There are other, dangerous animals out there, dangerous people and dangerous devices.

      • Steven Todd says:

        Go die in a fire you fucking reprobate piece of garbage. would it have made you feel better if the lady would have had the dog on a leash as it was being attacked ? leash or no leash, the dog would have been attacked you no brain waste of fucking space.

      • jaifjaio says:

        You need to shut the hell up okay? there isnt anything she could have done. You can go to hell. Star has a lovely family after all the money they spent to save his life instead of putting him down. If you are gonna say shit like that keep it the fuck off of here. Star is in very good hands. People like you have no souls saying stuff like that to this family. You are a inconsiderate prick if you ask me. I suggest you stay off of here thank you.

      • oakhill3 says:

        Dude, your comment illustrates you as an abhorrent tool at best.

      • Money says:

        Omfg ur so right its like holly shit my dog cant see and cant run away from danger lets just see what happens if he wanders our fuckin neighbor hood and quite frankley i could give a shit about that french bitch it that was my dog i would have shot that dog and im only 82 pounds but all my fam got guns and i aint scarred to buss at no deer y u playin i woulda ate that deer too

      • Lavon says:

        Even though your grammer is pretty bad in your first statement, I agree with you %10000000! Had Star had been on a leash and behind a fench, this would not have happened. I too am VERY sick and tired of dog owners who feel that they don’t need to keep a leach on their dogs.

        Any “unleashed’ dog can easily walk up to someone who has a phobia towards dogs or just simply hate dogs and can easily kill the dog or kidnap it. Also, some dogs can change around from gentle to aggressive and attack other people at anytime! I agree that dogs are like children, (do not think I’m saying that kids should be caged and leashed. If any of you do, then you guys are very….well…retarded…) they DO in fact have to be kept in watch! People always want their dogs to roam free and live without restraints but there is a price the animal has to pay for that!

        I agree fully with sbln! People who don’t keep their animals guarded makes me sick! I wish every animal owner could get caught doing that and get punished for being so irresponsible. As far as trying to stop the deer, they did the right thing for not running in to stop it. That deer could”ve killed both of them but some of you animal enthusiasts care so much more for a animal life than a human life….sad….

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    • Jeno says:

      I’m just saying if it was my dog and especially my cat I would have try to stop/scare that deer. I don’t care if you are 4′11 and 100 years old. I’m happy everything is alright though. Peace and love

      • monke07 says:

        To Jeno:
        it says that she did try to stop/scare the deer away. u can actually hear her in the video. she couldn’t have made it that far if she is 100. She was probably trying to go there as fast as she could

    • Kathryn says:

      Couldn’t watch the whole video, but I’m really happy to hear that your dog and that cat are fine. just sad that people are posting such nasty messages. I guess when people know that no one will ever find out who they are, they think they can say what ever they want, no matter how rude. It’s a sad world we live in.

    • Jason says:

      Without outright attacking Stars owners I will say this. How could you have not learned a lesson after your dog was almost killed by a truck? Another question. Regardless of how well behaved and sweet Star is do you not understand that you can’t control your environment? That could have very well been another dog that mauled Star. A kid could throw a ball in the street that Star could have chased and got hit AGAIN! Simply put your dog has gone through hell because of your carelessness. It’s as simple as that.

    • fridah land says:

      border collies – absolutely love ‘em. super smart and complex animals. deer? certainly the same, though not domesticated (nor should they be). glad Star survived. hope the deer and fawn survived as well.

      my concern is the …dare i say… racist photo of the dog and owner wearing fake dreadlocks and the owner’s facial expression of ignorance.

      it certainly is quite revealing in terms of what happened, and to whom, and where, and in what sort of context…

      we should be as concerned about people, cultures, and privilege as we are about dogs and deer ~

  2. Serge says:

    I feel so bad for your dog! I’m glad to hear he’s doing okay. Deer are becoming such a pain in the ass all over Western Canada.

    • nicso says:

      Dont u think Serge that people are far more bigger pain to deers than deers to us?

      We are the ones who took THEIR land. Our behavior toward other species is so bad that Stalin and Hitler together are babies compared to us!

      • Joe says:

        nicso: Humans are nothing like Stalin and Hitler simply because we inhabited a particular area. Contrary to your assertion, it’s NOT the deers’ land, its everyone’s land. It is unfortunate that conflicts happen, but that’s how it is. That doesn’t make the human race evil.

        And, if that deer had done that to my dog, the deer would be dead. You can defend the deer by saying it was defending the baby, but I would defend my baby too (i.e. my dog) and the deer would have been shot. I would not hurt the baby deer though.

      • R.H. says:

        Oh, how cute! You wouldn’t shoot the baby deer, but you would shoot the baby deers mom, just because she did defend her child. How lovely.
        I’d like to know what you’d say, if somebody shot your mom down, just because she defended you of some dog. It would not hurt you? Sorry, but that’s one of the most “weird” (to avoid the word “stupid”) comments I had ever heard on the net.

      • Kitsune says:

        That was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

      • Aaron says:

        what an idiotic comment…a deer in a neighborhood is a nuisance.

        I’m happy to hear that Star is doing well. This video made me cringe and I wish Star could’ve gotten away as fast as that cat did. I would’ve definitely tried to wrestle the deer off of the dog but I understand why your mother couldn’t. I was rammed, headbutted, and nearly trampled trying to save my bassett hound from a cow haha. That was scary for both of us. But I’d gladly do it again to save my dog from an asshole-ish animal.



      • Serg says:


      • Harry says:

        Nicso, you should go camping more. Expanding territory and killing anything you don’t want on it is the way nature does it. Just because a type of animal like mountain lions are called predators instead of hitler\stalins, doesn’t change what they are doing. Just because you really really want it to be a certain way, won’t change the reality of it.

      • Miranda says:

        To Serge: Yes they are DOMESTICATED animals and that is exactly the problem in this conflict.

        See a wild animal would have KNOWN that you don’t come near a mother and her newborn baby.

        The ones who didn’t know, got weeded out long time ago.

        You try “playing” with a mother bear out in nature and see what happens.

        There is no such thing as coming near a mother with young to “play”, if you come near you are hunting or stalking, so you are a THREAT.

        The deer jumped on the dog because it posed a more obvious threat to it, especially since dogs(wolves) have been hunting deers for thousands of years.

        Respect nature’s laws, and you’ll do fine, if you don’t, well…

        Our domesticated animals wouldn’t survive for a second out in nature, because they’ve lost all this instinctual knowledge.

  3. Oh, I just want to say that I’m so glad your pup is doing well. I’ve been following the news surrounding this attack with some real interest.

    I’ve also had a pet attacked by a wild animal so I really feel your pain.

    Please give Star a big hug for me the next time you see him and also please let your mom know that she did the right thing worrying for her own safety first.

    • Heather says:

      -the dog never would have been hit by a truck OR attacked my a deer if it was properly leashed! RESPONSIBLE dog owners know better. even the most obiediant, intelligent dogs need to be under controll AT ALL TIMES to prevent situations like the TWO this poor animal had to endure.

  4. Judas says:

    I know I joke a lot, but I am being one hundred percent serious when I say that I am so happy that dog is okay. I’ve spent many a day hanging out at Patrick’s place petting the poor old guy, and he is easily the nicest and friendliest dog I have ever met.

    And next time I see him, I am going to pet the living fuck out of him. Tough old bastard.

  5. Clearly your dog, Star, didn’t *deserve* to be beaten.

    Does this make the incident the *fault* of the deer? The deer was simply protecting itself and its young from a perceived threat, no matter how misguided that perception was — a perfectly natural (and necessary) response for a deer near a dog-like creature. If the deer didn’t have that response it wouldn’t have been long until it was slaughtered by a wolf.

    If the issue here is who do we blame for this incident, and we cannot accept there isn’t really anybody to blame, then we have only ourselves to blame. Human settlements have been slowly encroaching on the habitats of deer for a long time, and we’ve been training dogs to act civil within our society for just as long, and then we turn around and blame the deer for not assimilating in to our society and we blame the dog for assimilating too much in to our society. By no means am I suggesting that somone, like your mother, should have intervened as that would clearly have tragic consequences as well. I’m suggesting the scenario in which an event like this can occur was created by humanity.

    It’s interesting how we look at the creatures capable of adapting to human society with disgust, such as cockroaches, pigeons, rats and mice. It’s also interesting how we expect all creatures to adapt to our society, unless it results in them getting hurt.

    • Janx says:

      Well said. I agree with you mostly.

      My only concern with the argument “The deer was simply protecting its fawn” is that deer and their fawns are not domesticated animals.

      They are wild animals and because of that they should not be given sympathy or tolerance for their actions while inside a civilized area such as the center of the city of Cranbrook.

      The question keeps coming up, “What if the dog was instead a child?”

      This isn’t out in the sticks of the Canadian wilderness. This is the center of a residential area not five blocks from the downtown core. This is a city of 25,000 people. Children playing in the streets is not an uncommon thing here.

      We are too tolerant thus far of deer and deer attacks such as this. The sad reality is it will take a child being beaten or killed by a deer attack before we are shaken to our senses enough to take charge of this increasingly common issue.

      • What do you propose is done about the deer problem? We can’t drive them away from the areas humans inhabit because the remaining areas are where bears, cougars, badgers, wolverines, moose and other dangerous animals are surviving — which incidentally is part of the reason humans aren’t living there.

        Of course deer are wild animals, I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. I live in Victoria, where there are plenty of female and male deer regardless, the latter of which can be downright frightening to encounter up close with nothing more than the clothing on your back. Nevermind a child, the male deer here are fully capable of killing just about any human they encounter, what with their huge antlers and all. I suppose we must either sleep in the beds we have made, or decimate the species of deer… I don’t see any other options to the problem.

      • Marie says:

        You are trying to turn the argument into “what if it was a child” instead of taking responsibility for your dog being unleashing and roaming free. It wasn’t a child. It was a loose dog. And not only any ole’ loose dog, but a dog who has been allowed to run loose his entire life, and has been plowed over by a truck because he was running loose. You state that the dog “ran 2 blocks” before collapsing. What if the dog had been hit by another vehicle while in this blind panic, running for his life? You need to own the fact that this is indeed YOUR fault. Not the deer, not the dog, not your mom. YOU. I am really getting sick of people refusing to accept responsibility for their actions. Deer loose in the city streets is an entirely different issue.

      • superrunts says:

        this wasnt a child. and it would not be because parents take care of their children and do not let them run loose unsupervised.

        star as wonderful as he may be needed to be on a leash regardless of how sweet he is. or in a big fenced yard. or on a hike with an able owner. as a parent would protect their child in the case of the deer, an owner needs to protect their pets.

        the deer problem? deer attacks? what about the people problem who think they are entitled to live in areas that have been developed in heavily wooded areas destroying wildlife homes? if you have problems with deers then move into a city. if you can not respect nature and every creature who inhabit this earth then dont live in areas where you might encounter a pissed off animal who is just trying to make a living and protect its fragile future.

      • Mike says:

        I live in a city where there are plenty of wild animals.

        Everyone who lives in my city knows: if there is a fawn around, there is an extremely protective mother who won’t hesitate to hurt you. When there are fawns around you are fine.

        Same thing with black bears, if you yell at them, or just take a couple of steps towards them at most they will bolt. If there is a cub around, you need to get the heck out of there.

        For someone not to know this is Cranbrook is completely ridiculous.

      • Harry says:

        From AnotherRandomGuy
        “We can’t drive them away from the areas humans inhabit because the remaining areas are where bears, cougars, badgers, wolverines, moose and other dangerous animals are surviving — which incidentally is part of the reason humans aren’t living there”

        Whaaat??? That isn’t the reason that humans aren’t living there. The only way an animal can stop humans from taking land is by being on an endagered list somewhere. That’ll make humans have to fight humans for the land. A bear, for as awesome as it is, couldn’t withstand even minor human effort to remove that creature from an area.

        Animals taught humans how to kill. Too bad for them we’re better at it then they are.

  6. Herold says:

    I’m so glad Star is ok now.
    Cheers to Star and his courage

  7. Janx says:

    Deer are fully capable of surviving in the wilderness with the bears, cougars, badgers, wolverines, moose and other dangerous animals.

    True, they likely stay in residential areas because they are protected and there is enough food to get by… which, I’ll add, is another reason why deer residing in our backyards and ruining our gardens and shrubs and vegetation are continuing to infuriate residents.

    I guess I can only really put it this way, deer are much more capable of surviving the wilderness than domesticated pets or children are.

  8. e.widling says:

    Aww poor dog, sounds like he’s been through a lot. Glad he’s ok tho, sounds like a tough dude.

  9. Paublo says:

    I’m so damn glad to hear Star is doing fine, this video made me squeamish, but I’m glad everything is okay. :D

  10. Jim says:

    I like this dog. He reminds me of me.

    I was hit (like a truck) with an illness earlier this year. It left me with severe neuropathy in both feet and both hands. I lost an eye and an ear as well, but you can’t let this sort of thing keep you down.

    It appears that Star either feels the same way, or I’ve got a dog’s will to survive. Either way, my heart goes out to your family’s best friend.


    PS: Didn’t watch the vid. Too squeamish. How’d the cat do?

    • Janx says:

      Jim, thanks for the reply. I’m sorry to hear about your illness.

      Your outlook on life is inspiring. You can’t just give up. Life can deal some terrible hands. You just have to keeping getting up and moving forward.

      Staying positive is everything. And by doing so you also set an example for so many.

      Star is now an icon of power and hope.

      The cat was fine. Took a mean blow to the ribs but was nimble enough to get the hell out of there right away.

  11. M. says:

    Loved hearing about Star being okay. What a lovely dog-it was very hard to watch this. I bet your mom is more traumatized than Star….feel bad for her. Good to see she is still out walking.

  12. cheers says:

    What a great dog you have. Since there are more than a million people watched the video, there should be more people read this post.

  13. C says:

    When I saw the video (which a family member sent me, I don’t open mail from him anymore) I was so upset. I was so mad and sad and crying. I thought for sure the dog got seriously injured. I search the internet (after a day to settled down) to find out about the dog. I’m so very happy to know that Star is well and happy. I also feel for your mother as she was helpless to help her beloved dog. I have only one question. Who filmed it and why didn’t they help Star?

    • Janx says:

      It was filmed by my old elementary school French immersion teacher Mr. Fred Subra.

      The reason he was filming it in the first place is because that is his cat playing with the fawn. Apparently his cat is very good with young deer and regularly licks and mothers them.

      Obviously he had no idea what was about to happen. I guess I can’t exactly blame him for not helping. I would imagine you would be fairly shocked at what you were filming.

      His wife did try and go out just after Star had managed to get away and tell my mother that the deer was just defending her baby… very reassuring. :S

    • Clarkie says:

      I wouldve helped him by throwing a rock at that deer. there are plenty of deer in the US so how bad is it to injure one deer. If anyone or anything were to mess with my dog i would murder them with my bare hands.

      • Orly says:

        There are also millions of dogs in the US too, so how bad is it to injure just one dog? Your last statement is the exact thing I’m sure that mother deer was feeling at that moment. Just because it’s a dog doesn’t make it any better than another animal.

  14. Rcaddy says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I have spent the better part of two days trying to find out how Star was doing. I maybe got two hours sleep for two days trying to find out anything about how Star was. I even called and e-mailed every radio station and TV station up there to find out how he was. No one answered until I just now at 1:30am in Nevada in the United States, I found this page. I was so releaved to find out that Star was okay. As you can tell, I love animals more than anyone else I know and it just made me sick to see poor Star hurt like that. It brought a lump to my throat, (and yes a tear..), over being so happy about Star being okay. Do me a favor and give Star a hug for me, my wife and my dog named Harley and a extra treat too. Thank you so much for this update and putting my heart at ease… Star you are truly a gift from God and may he always protect you….Thank you again…

    R. Caddy

  15. Kat says:

    For some reason my brother sent me this video. I felt sick and began crying when I watched it, so I did a search to see what I could find out about the dog. I am SO HAPPY to hear your best ol’ buddy Star is okay. It’s a miracle he survived, especially considering his age and his previous surgeries. Poor baby, he was just minding his own business. Here’s a kiss and a big hug for Star from Missouri (US).

  16. Kathy Gall says:

    Hi Janx…I haven’t written, or called yet, because I have not been able to really “go there”! I love Star so much, he’s always been the coolest dog, and I think you know how much I love animals, so when your dad called me to tell me about it the day after it happened…I felt so sorry for Star-dog, and your mom, and I thought what an amazing will to love he truly does have, I for sure, thought he was gone after the accident, but then this! My God, he must really have a true mission to hang on through so much to look after all of you so much, special you, and special dog! Love you, Aunty Kathy

  17. Chester from Houston, TX, USA says:

    Hello Janx…I just received the viral video from a friend of mine and was so upset about the dog being attacked, I had to research the incident further to find out if the dog was ok. I have come across several stories about the incident and I am just appalled at some of the comments I have read. Comments to the likes of \the dog being useless and couldn’t even protect itself\ and \the dog had it coming because it was stalking the fawn\. I don’t know what those idiots were watching but I clearly saw a dog that seemed more interested sniffing something in the grass when it was blindsided by a deer it never saw coming. Maybe because I’m a life long dog owner I was also able to tell that the dog seemed elderly and had trouble getting up quickly which made it that much harder to watch. I am so glad I searched further and found this web page and now I know the dogs name and I also know that Star is ok and I feel even luckier to be able to tell you this directly. While we currently have two Australian Shepherds (Sacha, red merle male and Sydney, blue merle female) that me and my family adore, we have owned Boder Collie/Aussie mixes in the past and love the Border Collie breed as well. They are brilliant dogs! We’ll keep Star in our prayers that he can live out his life without anything else like this (or the truck incident) happening again. Thanks for sharing his story……Thats a pretty amazing dog you have there!!!

    • Janx says:

      Chester, Kat and R. Caddy, thank you all for your compassionate comments. I’m returning home in a week and I’ll be sure to give Star-Bar a big hug on all your behalves.

      He is an amazing dog and we as his owners definitely know it.

      Animals have a very special way of creeping into our hearts and it seems only pet owners who have experienced that heart warming sensation themselves can relate.

      Thank you all again.

  18. Christine says:

    Good thing that dog is alive, but you sound like an idiot.

    Just because your dog is well behaved does not mean leash laws don’t apply to you. Those laws are set in place, not only to protect other dogs, but to protect YOUR DOG as well.

    If your dog came near say, a not so nice dog on a leash, you put the owner of the not-so-nice dog in a very bad place. What if someone came up and stole your dog or intentionally tried to harm it?

    It is downright irresponsible of you as a pet owner to think that leash laws don’t apply to you because your dog behaves.

    That said, I’m glad your dog is okay. For the future, get it a leash or keep it fenced in. These laws have a purpose and they apply to you, regardless of your opinion of your dog.

    • Janx says:

      Christine, just a word of advice before I address your point. If you’d like people to take what you’re saying seriously, I suggest you don’t begin by insulting them like a child.

      I sound like an idiot? Because I didn’t have my dog on a leash?

      Well, if you had read my article, and actually read it, not simply skimmed it, you’d have noticed that I wasn’t there at all when this attack occurred… I live in another city altogether.

      So, let’s just pretend you didn’t start by calling me an idiot for something I didn’t do and let’s bring up your leash law argument.

      I’m all for the leash law. I think it’s necessary and important and should be followed… and my Mother very likely should have had Star on a leash…

      … but what would it have changed?

      Star on a leash in this situation would have made next to no difference at all, the only thing it would have done was potentially involved my mother in the attack as well, who was, thankfully, across the street.

      The deer comes from halfway down the block to attack my dog who is minding his own business. The deer very obviously knows what it is doing.

      Do you really think a 120 pound, 6 foot tall charging deer would fear my 110 pound, 5′3″ Mom next to my dog?

      This is not a case of domesticated animal versus domesticated animal… this is a case of undomesticated animal versus domesticated animal… there is an extreme difference there.

      If a domesticated dog came from halfway down the block to attack my dog… then you’d have an argument for your leash law… but not for my dog, for the other dog.

      Your leash law point is moot in this argument. The only thing you can argue is that potentially my Mother next my dog on a leash would have deterred the undomesticated deer enough to not attack them both…

      … but if you think that way, I suggest you read this article and consider why another deer of the same size as the deer that attacked my dog, didn’t stop his attack on a man who is much larger than my Mother and my dog combined.

      • Bel says:

        I know you’re gonna hate me for saying this but the dog really should have been on a leash. I mean I’m pretty sure your mother would have enough time to get the hell out of there the moment she saw the doe appearing. That’s just from what I see in the video. I wasn’t there so I wouldn’t know exactly.

        Sure the deer is undomesticated, and worse, has a fawn, which makes her even more unpredictable. You say that sure maybe your mother should have had star on a leash but aren’t you the owner? In any case I’m not here to attack you. I’m writing a comment because it bothers me when the deer gets all this hate from how it reacted when it isn’t at fault. It doesn’t go into residential areas just to piss us off. I work at a wildlife animal clinic and just yesterday we had to euthanize a fawn that was attacked beyond repair by a DOG. Not a coyote, a DOG. I know your dog wouldn’t do that but it makes no difference to a doe whose first instinct is to eliminate any threat.

        The only thing in this scenario that could not be helped was the undomesticated animal, which, as you say is a big difference from a domesticated. The doe is not trained, and she fears humans and animals the same because she is wild. It broke my heart when I saw the dear attack your dog, but at the same time I was feeling a little like “tough love” because the dog should not have been there from the moment the doe appeared.

      • lolwut? says:

        You’re joking, right? You’re acting as if having the dog on a leash or fenced in wouldn’t have made a difference. It would have! If the dog were inside/fenced in, the dog wouldn’t be there. If the dog were on a leash, I’d assume he wouldn’t have been in that spot and your mother would have also been able to drag him inside before the deer even noticed him. I just think it’s lazy to let the dog out. Wasn’t the poor puppy being hit by a truck enough of an accident for you to realize that he needs to be watched?

      • Aaron G from TX says:

        I know that you werent involved with this, but this message is more to your mother. Star should have been on a leash, plain and simple. Your argument of ” The deer would have been gunning for Star anyways” makes little sense. A dog on a leash would have posed no threat to the Deer, or her fawn. It may not show it in the video, but Star had to do something to provoke the deer in some way. Im a hunter and in traing to be a Game Warden. A deer wouldnt ABANDON her fawn to run down the block to hit a dog who was minding its own business. especially with the cat posing a far greater threat in the deers mind simpley because of its proximity to the fawn. Im not saying that this was Star’s fault, or the deer’s. im glad Star is ok. but i do hope that after the truck incident and after this, you or your mother have decided to be a little more responsible and proactive by keeping the dog on a leash when you take him out, and in the backyard or in the house when your home.
        Thanks and God bless,

      • Orly says:

        Well, if Star was on a leash, or better, fenced inside, he wouldn’t have been in the spot where the deer felt provoked. There seemed to be a man filming this, yes? And your mother was on the same side of the street. If Star had been with your mother at that point, I’m pretty sure the man would have stepped in if your mother was in any danger. Besides, Star wouldn’t have been helpless if your mother was there, regardless of her age, weight, or size. My 80 year old Grandmother had enough strength to slap the willy out of the neighborhood dog when it lunged for her because it startled her. Your mother could have very well been a deterrent if the deer suddenly came for them simply by shouting or waving her hands.

        There is no excuse for allowing a dog- an elderly, handicapped dog for that matter- roam free in an area that has WILD ANIMALS that are capable of hurting even people. I seriously am astounded and appalled that after his first accident he would be allowed to roam free still. If he is a good dog, then pamper and take him on walks. Don’t just open the gate and expect that his good nature will protect him from everything. Be practical and smart. Next time anyone but yourself takes care of your animals, make sure they know how to protect them, or don’t let them supervise them. (And if your mother is such a frail woman that she couldn’t protect your dog, perhaps Star shouldn’t have been with her, or precautions could have been made with her physical inability in mind.)

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree with you 100%. I have a Czech German Shepherd and people tell me he is the most well behaved and best trained dog they have ever met but that doesnt mean I will let him roam free all of the time just because he is a “good boy” he could get hurt. And if the owner of the dog would have had Star on a leash it wouldnt have been hit by the 1/2 ton truck. I am not saying keep it on a leash and fenced at all times because thats just cruel but there are places where the owner can have him off leash. Gosh 2 accidents and the dog is old and has these problems from getting hit by the truck they need to take better care of the dog and not just shower him in love he needs protection to. I will admit Star is very tough to go through all of that and I pray that he wont get hurt anymore because he sounds sweet.

      • Alex says:

        You and me are alot alike hun ^.^ except i have 2 husky/shepherd mixes they are so beautiful and friendly and i fear for their safety all of the time because they like to wander. Everybody tells me they are so sweet but i get scared thinking some one will steal them or they will get hurt so i keep them on leash and fenced pretty well because they always try to escape. I do give them time to roam free at the park where it says leash not needed and they love it. I feel bad for Star because it seems like the owners didnt do much to prevent him from getting hurt. My dogs tried to protect me from a man way bigger than me and them. Dogs are loyal till the end why cant all people show the same loyalty. Age doesnt matter i would put my life on the line to protect my dogs they are like my children, they are all i have, i am 48 years old and 127pounds.

      • KaD says:

        Yeah, there is a very safe place that’s specifically designed for a dog to run free. It’s called your back yard.

  19. Nikki Watson says:

    Hi there!

    This video broke my heart. My dad had sent me this video in email for me to watch. I’m a HUGE animal lover and want/try to be an animal activist whenever I get the chance (PETA and WSPA member). I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and watched. When the deer attacked Star, I cried…and cried. It was so heartbreaking to watch. It’s a complicated situation, b/c I definitely understand that the deer was defending her fawn, which I think is great for a mom to do, but it was horrifying that your innocent dog got a beating…his whimpers and cries just made my heart sink and cry myself. I was so mad at my dad for sending this video to me…why would I want to see something like that?

    But anyway, the deer population is crazy. Hopefully just everyone, pets and children, stay safe and know/realize that when deer are around, they should stay away by all means. I’m just SO glad that Star is doing well now. If there’s any way for me to send Star treats or toys or something, I would absolutely LOVE to. Such a sweet and adorable dog deserves to be showered w/puppy toys and love. PLEASE give him a big hug and kiss for me. He’s been through SO much in his life that his willingess to live is amazing. Again, you have no idea (well, I’m sure you do, haha) how happy I am I came across your article to know firsthand how Star’s doing and that he’s doing well.

    Please let me know if there’s an address or something I can send pup toys to. I would love to shower w/him my love and happiness that he’s doing well! Thank you.

  20. rachel says:

    I am so happy to hear star is ok! I cried when I saw this video, because my family and I own a border collie…her name is Emma. Emma is by far the best dog we have ever had… very obedient, and loving… and she is one of the best things that has ever happened to my family. All I could think of was that being her… my heart goes out to star and your family! GO STAR, YOUR SUCH A FIGHTER!

  21. Sadia says:

    Hi Janx,

    I live in White Rock, BC and I saw Star’s gut wrenching beating by the deer and it broke my heart into little pieces. The video really disturbed me and I couldn’t stop thinking about Star for days until I came across this article. After all that Star has endured in his life, he deserves to walk around freely and without any restrictions. He is a blessing. I am so relieved that he got out of there without any serious injuries. I have two dogs of my own and I find only other dog lovers and owners really understand the unconditional love these innocent souls give us. Star is my hero and I wish I could meet him so I could smother him with hugs and kisses. I wish Star, you, and your family all the best. I pray he lives forever. I’ll never forget him.


    They never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation. ~Jerome K. Jerome

  22. Elle says:

    I’m a chick from New Zealand. I received ‘The Email’ w/ the video clip today. I didnt know what I was about to watch and I’m an animal lover. I felt so sad after I saw it that I wanted to know what happened to the dog. I so frickin happy that the dogs okay. Aroha Mai – from a concerned Kiwi :-)

  23. Bob says:

    I just watched your video because a BIG buck came at my dog and I today. Even as we walked away, it charged at us. I am 6′3 220lb, and this deer was not scared of me.

    I am SO sorry to hear about your dog, and that was tough to watch. I don’t put my dog on a leash either because he is so well behaved. I have to ask… If you dog was on a leash would have it gotten hit by the car? I am just as guilty as you about the leash, but it seems like that is two times where a leash would have significantly benefited your dog during its life. My excuse has always been “my dog is perfect why use a leash”, but honestly reading the story of your dog makes me realize that there are things beyond your dogs control that leashes can help with.

    Again, super glad your dog is ok! Thank you for the video.

  24. Christina H says:

    Dear Star and owner

    This was and terrible video to watch!! Poor old Star. He is really being attacked and dosent stand a chance.

    I really hope he is alrigt today and dosent have to many scary dreams!

    I send all my love for this beautifull dog! If I wasent situated in the other end of the world I would have stopped by with a nice bone for you Star.

    Best wished for the future and a merry Christmas

    Christina for Denmark

  25. Angel says:

    Dear Janx,

    So very glad to hear that Star is alright. I am so sorry that he has had to go through so much in his life.

    Personally I was shocked at what that deer did. Star seemed very far away from me and it seemed unwarranted. I think she was in just a very bad mood that day or something. Who knows?

    Glad to hear the cat is okay too.

    I wish you and Star all the luck in the world from now on. <3


  26. Christopher says:

    This just makes me so mad to see this, why go so close to the deer foal (or what ever it’s called in english) and agitate the mother, when the mother to it mosty likely is somewhere nearby and thereby forcing the mother to act like that to protect it self and it’s child. Ignorance among people just makes me so furious when the result of it won’t affect them directly but in this case a poor old dog that some weakminded people does everything to keep alive for their own sake( i admit that it is a hard decision to make, if to save the dog or let it go to rest, so i don’t really mean to offend someone by that) but this just makes me mad to see.


    • Ellie says:

      And Christopher, I’m not sure what video you saw but I’m fairly certain the deer actually came close to a dog who did nothing to provoke it, at no point did I see any person decide to walk the dog along to say hello to a deer. It clearly appears, by the fact that the dog was already laying down, that it was already on the patch of grass before the deer decided it didn’t like the way that dog was looking in the OTHER direction from it’s fawn (a foal is a baby horse). Also, I think it’s fairly obvious to any half minded person that a dog with the will to survive being hit by a truck and beaten by a deer clearly is telling the world in the only way it can that it wants to live.

  27. Christopher says:

    But i am indeed very happy and relieved to hear that Star is fine and all :)


  28. Dennis says:

    Deer and other wildlife should not be allowed to move into the populated areas unrestricted and become accustomed to and unafraid of humans. They should be made to fear us and stay away from us…

    Deer are a problem, coyotes are a problem, black bears are a problem…

    • Yuki says:

      I agree but I dont think they will ever be affraid of us like they use to be. Too many people want to get in touch with nature and they feed wild animals not seeing anything wrong with it. They also make themselves targets by living out in the more rural areas, leaving garbage out, not putting away food, having bird feeders, owning small animals. They practically invite the animals in and then the animal has to pay for human incompetence. Animals would not be as much of a problem if they were still affraid of humans. I know that humans taking over animal habitat plays a part but in my oppinion its humans making animals that are supose to fear us feel at home.

  29. Ellie says:

    I JUST saw this video which apparently has been out for months so I don’t really know how I missed this, but I can tell you that I am a fierce animal lover – don’t really advocate hunting and honestly feel bad for deer. This just ignited such a rage in me at that damn deer, I could go on a hunting frenzy. You are right that your tiny mother would have probably been very injured had she rushed in (I can’t say I wouldn’t have been dumb enough to rush across the street myself, and would probably be very hurt because of it). Also Star might have then tried to protect her and gotten injured worse. Who is taping this is what I am wondering, whoever it is doesn’t even flinch at that happening, how can you just continue filming when this is going on?! Thank God your poor dog is alright, I too have a 14 year old dog and she has enough hip problems just being old I can’t imagine what she would be like if hit by a truck, and then stomped by a deer – this poor puppy. What the hell is a deer with a newborn fawn doing just roaming around a residential area? Stopping in for tea? And she certainly wasn’t around when the cat first hopped on the fawns ears, crazy animal – goes after a motionless dog when there is a cat practically sitting on her young? At any rate I’m so glad to hear Star is doing well, he truly is an amazing dog to get through all that.

  30. Crystal says:

    What a sad and heartbreaking thing to occur and I’m glad that Star made it through. Please give your dog a pat on the head and an extra big hug from this avid animal lover from Wisconsin

  31. jyn says:

    Goddam. What the fuck is wrong with you, owner? First you let your dog get hit fullspeed by a 1/2 ton truck, then you let your dog get beat up painfully by a scrawny-ass doe (all while you are screaming like a useless bitch) and then, you let kids poke at his empty eye socket…can’t you do anything right for your dog?

    There’s always something you or anyone could do ahead of time to prevent shit like this from happening. Go grab a gun or put your dog on a leash or something…Or you can just scream like a useless and helpless bitch whenever something bad happens….but there are plenty of ways to prevent dumb stuff like this from happening.

    Seems like that’s what most people do nowadays when something bad is happening. They scream and do nothing, or they just sit there and watch for entertainment hoping somebody else does something…..

    I don’t know what else you did or didn’t do to your dog (since i got tired of reading your blog thingy about half way down) but you shouldn’t own a dog at all.

    On another hand….i do salute you for helping your dog out. That was the least you could do…

    But goddam, take better care and quit being so useless. Anyway…

    • Yuki says:

      :D could not have said it better myself!!

    • JC says:

      I completely agree.. She allows this dog they all claim to love, that is almost blind and deaf, wander around the streets because it is such a great dog. Yes the dog might be great but somebody should still be protecting it since it is so old. Would you allow an old blind, deaf family member wander around because they aren’t bothering anyone? No!!! You take care of them and make sure you keep them safe.
      This incident could have been prevented by keeping the dog on leash or not taking it out when the owner first saw the deer with the fawn– I am sure this is not the first deer in that area!!! Any moron should know not to go near a mother with such a young baby.. The owner was an idiot for allowing this to take place!!!
      She should have protected her dog.. She shouldn’t even own a dog– that is great allow the dog to get hit by a truck, allow it to almost get killed by a deer — these incidents could have been prevented.. And allowing kids to stick their fingers in the empty eye socket?? Really!!?? You should be shot yourself!!!! What an amazing owner– the dog should be so lucky and thankful to have such a careless POS as an owner!!!!

      • Janx says:

        I need to address some seriously poor assumptions you individuals are making here.

        First off, I never once said who was responsible for Star’s first accident with the truck. How you can all so easily “assume” it was my Mom’s fault very clearly shows the level of maturity you are working with to come up with these assumptions.

        When Star was hit by the truck he was out of town on a nearly empty lot of land. My Mom though it would be good for him to be getting some exercise in the country each day while she, and everyone else at home, was away at work.

        I’m not even going to bother addressing any of your other comments, most of them are far too childish for me to even take seriously.

  32. Yuki says:

    Stop making up stupid crap and trying to defend yourself just take better care of the dog and stop calling people childish no one will ever know the truth about how the dog got hit by the truck unless they were there. Yea like we will believe everything you type look how bad the dog is hurt and you want us to believe you love it. Just because you call people childish doesnt mean your being mature.

    • Janx says:

      I think this most recent of your inane posts says more about your intelligence level than any rebuttal of mine could… I’ll simply leave it at that.

      • Yuki says:

        “I’m not even going to bother addressing any of your other comments, most of them are far too childish for me to even take seriously.” You commented back to me your just as childish. If you can tell my intelligence level just by one comment you are the fool. People using the internet can pretend to be whomever they want. I can sound as intelligent or childish as I please. Your feeble attempts to sound mature and the fact that you replied to me suggests that your a troll. So are you really going to “leave it at that”?

      • SeraphimBlade says:

        I didn’t want to comment. I was just too upset after seeing that video. Your poor puppy! Yuki, all of your comments in this article are extremely rude and unwelcome. I don’t know how you can comment in such a way. Did your parent never teach you any manners?

      • Annie says:

        Very clearly not. Janx you are right not to respond to such childish behavior. Yuki, grow up!

      • Tarah says:

        Yep, I agree here too Janx. Yuki obviously has nothing better to do than be an extremely negative and hateful human being. Sad. And obviously knows nothing of owning a dog…

      • Bubbles says:

        O btw Janx you should not call yourself Janx. ‘Janx’ is the plural of jank. ‘Jank’ is the substance that proliferates the body of a prostitute and causes her to be such a ho. Yeah, you really should not call yourself Janx.

      • Cuz says:

        I think most of the people, after reading your post, have assumed that it was your mother’s fault or rather in my case I thought it was your family’s fault because you didn’t give a background on how your dog had been hit by a truck that first time. That combined with the fact that you stated that you allow your dog to roam free, allows the assumption that you had allowed your dog to run around free and that’s why it was hit by a car.

        People aren’t pulling these ideas out of thin air, they’re taking the facts that you gave them, putting two and two together, and getting that your dog could have been hit by a truck because you’ve admitted it to roam free.

        I’m glad Star is okay but I find myself shaking my head at the fact you didn’t learn from this lesson. It’s obvious you care about your dog and believe that he should be allowed to roam free because he is such a good dog. But that’s so irresponsible, I’m sure your dog would be perfectly happy being allowed off leash in your back yard or an off leash area in a park that was specifically made for that, he doesn’t need to wander around by himself.

        I know you expressed the idea that if he had been on a leash then it would have put your mother in danger, but I think that if your mother saw a deer with its little baby, she being a smart woman with common sense would have known to turn around and get out of the deer’s way.

        However you said that your mom was on one side and your dog was on the other, so it’s not like she could have pulled the dog away. That also brings me to another concern. You said in your post that your dog is half blind and has bad hearing. Well how did your dog come to be on the opposite side of the street to your mother? Does it walk across the street on its own? Do you know how dangerous that is for a dog, especially for one who is partly blind? Even if it is smart enough to know when a car is coming or not, that doesn’t mean it still can’t possibly be hit by a car. If it’s partly blind it might not see the car and if it is hard of hearing it wouldn’t be able to hear the car.

        That along with all the other reasons dogs should be kept on a leash, which I won’t go into because they’ve already been written by other people, is a good argument for why you should keep your dog on a leash.

  33. wayc says:

    Just saw the video on Youtube, and it was pretty shocking. I’ve seen deer in my backyard before but never with a fawn and they always take off instead of hang around. Really sad about what happened to your dog, the horrible accident with the truck and now this. Your dog really is a survivor. =)

    Let me bring up the leash laws from a different approach. If you live in a neighborhood where feral animals commonly roam, shouldn’t you take the precaution of taking your animal everywhere on a leash in the first place? If that deer had run up, your mother would have been on the other side of the street WITH the dog and could have run back to safety.

    And shouldn’t someone out of harm’s way been calling the police or animal protection services or something, like the guy filming his cat with the fawn?

    There were obviously mistakes made. I’m just glad all the people and all four animals involved lived. =)

  34. Paul says:

    You know the sad thing, if it had happened in our neighborhood I would of shot it and my neighbor would demonize me and call the natural resource police to have me arrested. Even if I thought I was protecting the children of our neighborhood from a crazed animal. Seriously if that had been someones toddler or a 9 year old. Ugh I hate deer but I’m glad your dog is ok. I sympathize, I had a Boarder Collie mix that lived to be 19 and he was pretty much “everyones” pet.

  35. Samantha says:

    I’m truely sorry about your dogs hard life with accidents and glad he is getting better.

    I do have to say that all the arguing is stupid, sorry but it has to be said. You all are putting human feelings and characteristics to animals. As a Psychology major I not only study human behaviors but animals to. All the animals (by what is in the video) show that they are following in their natural behavior. The cat saw a easy meal liked the fawn so the female deer knowing the cat at the moment cant cause harm if she moves the fawn tries. When Star came into the view it looked like he was going to the deer (to heard it is very likely) so in a natural response the deer would attack a big enough threat. Yes the deer can live in the wilderness but there are many reasons for it to come into your neighborhood so there is on reason any of these animals should be blamed.

    I litteraly live in a town were deer run on the streets normally and if my dog walked up to a deer (just going by the video because you didn’t say either way if he was or wasn’t) I wound hounestly expect the deer to protect its self and of coure be worried about my dog. I do have to say I wouldn’t post stuff making my dog sound that the dog is a saint (maybe he could be but still) and make the deer sound like a quack job for its animal instincts.

  36. Shearer says:

    Who cleans up all the dog shit he leaves all over the neighborhood? Dog owners are so irresponsible! Had he been in a fenced in yard this and the truck accident never would have happened! You do not deserve to be a dog owner or have kids!

  37. Slice says:

    Nobody can blame you or your dog. It is clear in this video that Star didn’t intend at all to approche the deer or her fawn. The deer did run to the dog but he did NOT ran to her. The only direction Star was walking to was defenitly not where the fawn was. We can understand the deer’s reaction because she was scared to see her baby with a cat and then she saw the dog, bigger than the cat, and got even more scared. We can also easly notice that star is an old dog with disabilites, because if he was not he would have bite the deer or run as fast as the cat did… This story is also a good lesson for humans: the animals take their revenche after we destroy more and more their home.

  38. Little T says:

    Thank you for your post of the whole thing!!! it was so hard to watch….I know now not to let my Dogs out when Momma and Baby are around!!….Star is one tough cookie…….Big hugs to the sweetie,glad hes ok!!!

  39. lol your dog got owned says:

    if you we’re not so stupid as to let your dog roam free it would of never been hit by a truck and never been ROFL PWNED so bad. l2 leash a dog dumbass and if you have deer all around might want to have some sort of I don’t know “WEAPON” to use to protect the dog instead of video taping this.

    • lol your dog got owned bad says:

      to add most well behave dog got a beating because the most stupid owner didnt want to give it a leash

  40. Mortimer says:

    I have to agree with everyone about the issue of a leash. Although the owner of the dog clearly cares a great deal about their pet, they made a mistake – simple as that. Does it make them stupid, or idiots, or bad people? Not at all! We all make mistakes and think ‘it won’t happen to me’

    You can’t change what happened to this poor old dog, I’m just so glad he was not hurt!

    I hope everyone who watches this disturbing video realizes the importance of leash laws and only allowing your dog off leash in dog parks or in your dog run safely away from traffic and wild animals.

    The fact is, IF this dog was on a leash, he would have never gotten hit by a car, IF this dog were to be kept on a leash, he would have never been attacked by a wild animal. What difference would it make if he was on a leash when the deer attacked? Well I assume his owner would not have been silly enough to go anywhere near a deer – wasn’t she on the other side of the street, why wasn’t the dog with her!? We have lots of wildlife up here in the Rockies and we know exactly how to behave around a nervous mom and her baby – GET OUTTA THERE and leave her be.

    Sorry about the dog, please keep him on a leash!

  41. Rachell says:

    Glad to hear your dog is a survivor. Sorry he was attacked, and looked like he didn’t even do anything other than be present and be too close bye. Poor Star was just doing what he was familiar with.
    I’m sure if it were a person attacked no one would be like “why wasn’t he on a leash??”. People get hit by trucks all the time too because they didn’t look first or whatever. It’s called an “accident”. A costly one, yes. But still just an accident.
    Like the owner said, Star is a smart and well behaved dog, and I believe her. It definitely also sounds like Star learns from his accidents. How many people are smart enough to do that? Not as much as there should be!
    Only stupid dogs or dogs who don’t know to obey their masters Need to be leashed. That was a community inhabited by people and their pets. It’s Stars home, just as it is home to all the people there. He has every right to enjoy his home unleashed as long as he’s not causing any problems. It was not the woods where a deer and its fawn would normally be hanging around during the day. If anything, the deer was out of place. But who can tell a deer where to go? Their habitats shrink more and more every day thanks to people and their overbreeding.
    Dog, cat, person, leash or not, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and no one and nothing is to blame. It was just the force of nature of a protective doe.
    Yes most dogs should be leashed or fenced in. But to leash Star now would make him think he’s being punished for something and he’s too old for a change like that to happen for him. I say don’t leash him, but make sure someone is always by his side!

    • MrMister says:

      There’s no “leash law” for humans, so refering to the fact that humans should be on a leash is irrelevant (not to say that some humans shouldn’t be leashed, but that’s not the law now, is it?).

      There are laws for humans in streets, since you want to compare such things as getting hit by cars, by the way. They’re called sidewalks and crosswalks. Where I am, people that are jaywalking (that’s crossing a street and not being in a spot designated as being a crosswalk, fyi) that get hit by cars are still charged with jaywalking because they were still breaking the law… unless they don’t survive of course, then that’s a sad situation that could have been prevented, just like putting your dog on a leash and preventing such incidents as the one that is the subject of this blog.

      Oh…. wait.. I have some really nice friends, so I guess they shouldn’t have to follow the law. My bad :)

  42. Slozzine says:

    That dog got rozzined got damn!!! I ain’t never seent some shit like that befo. That deer fucked him up. Deer wasn’t playin no games. It was like a video game or some shit. *Threat Detected* *Eliminating Threat* Dog down!! haha

  43. Lyndsey says:

    I’m glad he’s ok. I saw this on the news and immediately checked online to see if the pets survived.

  44. Mike says:

    I do hope star is ok!
    For the record, I fall in camp C:
    Which is:
    a) That blows and i feel really sorry for the dog (the cat smacked the deer in the nose+got away, so forget the cat) and
    b) It sucks, but that’s obviously going to a mother deer’s reaction upon seeing an animal that looks anything like its most common predator (i.e. wolf)

  45. really? says:

    I am very thankful that Star was alright following this incident. That’s it. Enough said. Why is it so difficult for folks to simply say “I’m glad this turned out well for you”. The rest is all a matter of opinion and personal preference but it seems like people will use any opportunity to spout off their own righteous take on things. Must be difficult being so perfect. Wishes for Star’s continued health and well being! And patience and tolerance to the owners who have to read everyones ridiculous comments. Including mine!

  46. Randi D. says:

    Deer aren’t just a problem in Canada. They’re a problem in the U.S. too. Whitetail AND mule deer (like the doe in the video) are EVERYWHERE, including in the middle of cities and towns. You seem them all over the highways, especially during the rut, and they are notorious for attacking people and pets in town. People don’t understand how hunters can kill these “poor defenseless” animals. They fail to realize that deer are just as dangerous as a mountain lion or bear, especially does defending their fawns, and bucks during the rut. And yet, PETA and HSUS are of the opinion that if a deer attacks or kills someone or their pets, we should do nothing and just stay out of their way. In my opinion, if I want to eat a deer (which is much healthier and has lived a more cushy life than most cows, chickens and pigs) I’m going to eat a deer. And if it hurts my family or my pets, I’m going to shoot it.

  47. Jerome says:

    Oh my god.
    Im Feel Absolutely Sorry for your dog. I was about to cry when i heard that dog Cry and Moan while it was being tampered by a Deer. Even though the fact that the dog suffered injuries Before the attack from being hit by a truck.
    I am very Happy to know that Star is ok and up and running. I would like to see more Pictures of how he is doing.
    Star is a Strong Dog.

  48. Diane Bushey says:

    I am so happy that Star is ok I almost cried after watching this video. At first I thought it was going to be a sweet nice video had not idea what was about to happen. Star is a strong dog thank goodness he is fine.

  49. Lee says:

    Im glad Star is okay :) But here is the problem… you say Star is never on a leash because he is so sweet, and I understand that. But that is probably why Star was hit by a car in the first place. When you saw that wild deer around, you should have kept Star on a leash and close to yourself. You know Star is harmless, but the deer did not.

  50. Sal says:

    What a great dog. Way to go, Star

  51. Nikolai says:

    Man I wish I was there when it happend I would immediatly get a shovel and beat the cr*p out of that deer.

    Don’t care who it’s from, what it’s reasons were for attacking Star or if it’s a protected animal kind, but I would have done whatever I could to protect the dog. Wichever way I would have killed the deer and I would made it suffer 10 times worse then Star did. And after that I would’ve crippled the calf so it could never do the same as it’s mother.

    But I’m glad you made the decision to save Star’s life. I don’t see how killing a dog is less worse than killing a human.

    • Cuz says:

      ‘And I would have been right behind you, with my own shovel to beat the crap out of you.
      Don’t care what your reasons are for attacking it or if you’re another human being who can feel pain and is protected by the justice system, I would have done whatever I could to protect that deer. Whichever way I would have killed you and made sure you suffered 20 times worse. And after that I would have found the person you care most about and crippled them, so that they could never turn out as sadistic, idiotic and pathetic as you.
      I don’t see how killing a deer is less worse than killing a dog or a human.’
      This comment right here is unacceptable in civilization, so why would you consider it to be acceptable when it is written about a deer?
      Seriously, do people ever think about what they write before they post it?

  52. Raph says:

    Okay crippling a baby animal that brilliant and tough of you yes i would have done something with the deer but cripling the Fawn is just to cruel deer are becoming a problem but i dont hate them anymore or less than i did before.
    I recently lost a dog to cancer
    and one to old age
    im glad star madeit thru okay if thatwere my dog id have panicked

  53. Tom says:

    I’m not sure about all of the debate. I don’t think any dog owner would have seen this coming. In fact, the dog seemed to be minding its own business–unlike the cat, which, by the way is one ballsy critter!

  54. Darren says:

    So glad to find out he didn’t die. I have a little dog — a Lhasa Apso and I often walk him outside our house without a leash. Maybe I am just asking for trouble. This video has given me a lot to think about.

    I am also glad to read how you see both sides. As I watched the deer attack your dog, I wished I could be run the deer off, but she is just doing what any mother in the wild does. (It’s interesting to see the fawn drop down and remain still — as that is it’s only hope until mother comes back). It’s a shame your ol’ boy was attacked and deer can be a nuisance, but moments like this remind us that animals, especially wild animals, live by a code of survival that we (at least I) don’t really understand.

    I better keep my little Lhasa on a leash — he definitely wouldn’t survive that.

  55. Michelle says:

    First off glad to hear that your dog is alright. All the comments that have criticized you as an owner have been poorly backed up and were given by people who failed to understand the nature of both animals. My family owns two black labs who are given walks both on leash and off. The fact is that deers are some of the deadliest wild animal you can come across (in terms of the amount of people they kill per year). As I’m sure you know in the deers eyes it had no choice but the attack and defend its young. It seems from all the comments people are putting to much blame in you and your mom. In my opinion the blame is in all of us. We are pushing further into the wild destroying habitats and forcing animals to find homes and food from our gardens and garbage. Another thing if the dog had been a human (at any given age) and were that close the deer would probably have charged at them. You are a caring owner and do not deserve all the spiff you have been receiving. This is a time to learn and appreciate the dangers and beauties of the wild. My advice be cautious around this time of year, many different animals are coming out with their young and pose a threat to both us and or pets. Accidents happen, we need to better understand why they do and what we can do to avoid them.

  56. MrMister says:

    “Now, I recognize there are leash laws and I also recognize that had he been on a leash this whole incident might not have happened… but Star is too good a dog to be on a leash and if you fail to see that then you fail to understand just how good a dog he is.”

    So you’re saying the law doesn’t apply to you because your dog is good? I’m sure he is, but I know lots of great, awesome people, so I guess they shouldn’t have to wear seatbelts or obey the speed limit, wear bicycle helmets, or obey any other laws that protect them and the people around them because they’re good folks, right?

    I’m an Animal Services Officer and yours is the same attitude I hear from people who get into the exact same situation as what you and your dog ended up in.. “My dog was just sitting in my front yard and that A-hole with his vicious dog on a leash walked by and.. and my dog was just going over to say hello and his dog bit her!! He should be punished! He should have to put a muzzle on his dog! It could have been a child!” Same story time in and time out and it doesn’t fly. Sorry. He was following the law and you weren’t.. deer was protecting its offspring, whether you fail to see that or not.

    You say your dog wasn’t doing anything wrong and wouldn’t have hurt anything. Okay. I’ll walk around with an unloaded gun and point it at a cop and see what they do. Afterall, the gun isn’t loaded, so it’s not like my intention is to hurt anyone, right? Does he have the right to protect himself against a possible threat? Yes. So does the deer.

    I bet you got right on the phone and called the city to complain about deer in the city, right? It’s not your fault (or your mother’s, in this case).

    I’m glad Star is okay. No animal should have to suffer for their owner’s irresponsibility.

    Bottom line is, if the dog had been on a leash or in his home, in a fence, whatever, it /probably/ wouldn’t have happened. The law applies to EVERYONE, regardless of what you think.

    Oh, also, I guarantee you that at least /one/ of the people on your street hates your dog running loose all the time. You’d be surprised how many people don’t speak up to a dog owner and call us anonymously, or just flag us down when we’re riding down the street and complain about so-and-so’s dog always being loose, but have never called. You don’t see it, but it’s there.

    Please read:

    • dain says:

      i hope when your old and frail you get stomped by a teenager for your wallet in front of your friends and family, i would like to do it my self but i live on the other side of the world, p.s. that dog got hit by a truck now it stops at the side of the road how come stupid deer havent figured that one out.p.p.s. i can’t believe you compared that dog to pointing a gun at a cop.

      • lol your dog got owned bad says:

        oh stfu you moron dog got pwned and it was the greatest video on youtube

    • KaD says:

      I read that Craigslist post and as a *responsible* dog owner who keeps getting attacked by other people’s unleashed dogs I thank you heartily Sir.

    • Vakara says:

      “”Bottom line is, if the dog had been on a leash or in his home, in a fence, whatever, it /probably/ wouldn’t have happened. The law applies to EVERYONE, regardless of what you think.”"

      I have to agree with this statement. I’m an avid animal lover in general. I have a beautiful brindle Black Mouth Curr. ‘Best’ dog I’ve ever had. She’s obedient, quick to learn, does anything she can to please us and I would trust her with my life. The neighborhood children tackle and climb all over her, but she doesn’t care. She’s wonderful with baby animals in general. Not just other puppies and kittens. Under neath all that, she’s a herding and hunting dog by breed.

      And no matter how much I think she’s a wonderful dog letting her off the leash in a rural environment is not an option. It’s not because I don’t trust her, it’s because I don’t trust the unpredictable nature of the world in general for her well-being. It’s honestly irresponsible like others have said.

      I’ve had unleashed dogs just run right up to my leashed dog. Some with friendly out comes… others not so. The more aggressive ones are trying to protect what they see as their territory. I understand that, but their owners need to be there to draw the line for their pets sometimes.

      The Deer in the video is guarding that baby from anything it perceives as a possible threat. You can tell the babies no more than a few hours, maybe a day old. That’s why it keeps stopping and resting. The mother is on high alert because this is when it is the most vulnerable. If she were to run from a predator the baby will be unable to keep up and die. That is why she’s being aggressive and fighting when she would normally have fled.
      ‘You can pick your baby up and run… she can’t.’

      Wild, Domestic, it doesn’t matter. Don’t think everything is safe and peachy just because you’re in town in a rural quiet environment. If you don’t wish to kept your pet leashed when walking then be prepared to accept any consequences that come with it and don’t blame others.

      So much could be averted with animals in general if the human population would take a moment of their time and learn the habits and basic psychology of the native wild and domestic animals we share the area with. There is a reason that wild animal is doing that, there is a reason they have these instincts. Shooting the mother and leaving the baby an orphan to die slowly is not an answer. With alittle quick thinking someone could have grabbed a trash can lid and ran at her while beating on the lid to make a loud ruckus to frighten her.

      That being said, I’m happy the dog and cat fared well.

  57. Liz Knight says:

    I am so glad I read your story. I didn’t notice the tag, the first time I viewed the video, which was a couple of days ago. I warned my girlfriend to stay away from deer, and to just be careful. I use to feed many deer when I lived in Northern MI. Had no idea then, how powerful, bold and violent they can be. God Bless you and your family and Star. Thanks for the infor. of the story and the dog’s health. I would also give him numerous treats each night.

    Take Care

  58. Shawn says:

    I certaintly feel sympathy for your dog, however the situation could have been avoided if you put him on a leash or confined him to a fenced in yard. A leash is not necesarily intended for dogs who misbehave or are agressive. I am surprised you didn’t learn this lesson after your dog was nearly killed when it was struck by a
    truck. The mother deer was simply protecting it’s young.
    Hopefully after these two incidents in which your dog was injured you will finally have enough sense to keep it on leash or in your yard.

  59. daryl says:

    Well, if you saw that deer again. Did you at least pump it full of lead? I’ll be sure to shoot a deer between the eyes next time I go hunting!

  60. Becca says:

    I just wanted to say that I am extremely happy your dog is okay and managed to live through this incident like so many other misfortunes in his life. I don’t believe this was the fault of anyone, be it the dog, the mother deer, or the people present. Who knows why the mother deer decided to venture into a city, but she did, and domestic or not, she was doing what any other mother in this world would have done to protect their child, weather the threat was actually there or not.

    The fact of the matter is though, no matter how well behaved your dog is, you NEED to keep him either on a leash or in your yard for THESE reasons. Even if he doesn’t pose a danger or problem to anyone else, there’s a LOT of things out there that can and will hurt him. Next time it might be a large, extremely aggressive dog that decides to attack him.

  61. Marie says:

    There is no such thing as a dog “too good” to be on a leash. You allowed your dog to run free and get hit by a truck. You allowed your dog to run free and get stomped nearly to death by a deer. You allow your dog to run free and be poked in the eye socket by neighborhood children. It’s a damn shame this wonderful dog has had to suffer at your hand. SHAME ON YOU. If you live in an urban area, YOUR DOG NEEDS TO BE ON A LEASH. PERIOD. Even in rural areas, fencing or leashing can still be necessary for a dog that won’t stay in his yard. You are severely mistaken if you think an animal being “good” exempts them from leash laws. Leash laws are in place for a reason. As you have seen TWICE now, when you choose to not leash or contain a dog, you are putting their live in extreme danger. You can toot your horn all day long about thousands of dollars spent to save the dog. Woo-hoo. I’m not impressed. What would be far more impressive would be you taking care and responsibility of the dog in the first place. If the dog were contained approprirately, he would not have had to suffer through two near-death mishaps with broken bones and an eyeball popped right out of the socket. What in the bloody frickin hell is wrong with people these days??!?!?

  62. Steph says:

    Obviously it has been pointed out as it should be, but your dog was hit by a truck and yet you STILL don’t leash him and insist it is because he is the best dog ever?

    Both of these incidents are YOUR fault. Not the deer. Not the dogs.

  63. that deer just rocked that dog. go deer!!!

  64. Tarah says:

    I’m truly happy that Star was only bruised and nothing worse! Poor old guy. The video was absolutely heartbreaking to watch, and I had to find out right away how Star was after his attack. Anyone who has a dog and loves it will be as grateful as I am for the detailed update.
    As for all the comments, why are so many people just trying to pinpoint who is to blame? Stop being so mean and critical people, and just be grateful that no one was seriously injured! Isn’t that why we read this post in the first place?

    • Caitlin says:

      Because Tara, if we educate people, maybe this shit won’t happen again! It’s pretty easily preventable!!

  65. roar says:

    Sorry but your mom still gets no respect from me. The animals were behaving as animals so, this was just an unfortunate encounter. Your mom is still a stupid cow and she deserves every criticism she gets. If you can’t understand why then you really need to step back and look at things objectively.

  66. Beth Allen says:

    After reading your story, you would think that after being hit by a truck you would have enough sense to keep your dog fenced or on a leash. I feel sorry for your dog but not you, the deer is a wild animal and protecting its baby is a natural instinct. One you have obviously not learned you fricking idiot.

  67. Anonymoose says:

    >Children love him, they can hang themselves on him and poke him in his empty eye socket and Star will just wag his tail.

    What…I just….what? I don’t even…

  68. jnuey says:

    good to know your mom would sit there and do nothing if you were getting stomped to death…. yell and scream and someone record a dog getting beat.. she didnt need to fight the deer but running at it would’ve done the trick..

  69. Ravi says:

    This video makes me mad. Mad not at the deer, but the owner. I am sorry for the injury of your pet but you have no one to blame except yourself. Animals don’t have cognitive reasoning like we do and have no idea what the hell they are doing. Heck the MOST intelligent dog breed has the intelligence of a human 2 year old. So please don’t blame a deer that was acting on instinct, which is based on millions of years evolutionary history between deer and feline plus dog-like carnivores. A mother will do ANYTHING to protect it’s baby so that the genes are passed on to the next generation. Nature is cruel in our eyes but life has evolved to maximize the chances that the genes are passed down to the next generation. That means that a mother will not take ANY chance whatsoever once its instincts are triggerred via visual identification of a predator. If the deer didn’t develop these instincts then it would have been killed off long ago by wolves and bears.
    Next, I cannot believe you allow your dog to roam free even though it is missing its eye and is deaf, AND it has already had one accident. No one cares how friendly your dog is. The leash laws are not only for the protection of other animals and humans from your pet, but for the protection of the dog itself. Your pet could have easily been mauled to death by another pitbull. Please for the sake of your dog keep him in a leash for the rest of his life. Also, I cannot believe you didn’t take your pets in as soon as you saw the deer come. You shouldn’t have even allowed the cat to interact with the fawn since the mother could have come out from anywhere and charged the cat like it did at the end of the video. That’s highly irresponsible of you. You should have taken in both pets at the first set of the deer. You should be ashamed to call yourself a pet owner.

  70. Peter Wenkman says:

    “but Star is too good a dog to be on a leash and if you fail to see that then you fail to understand just how good a dog he is.”

    What you fail to understand is this. It has absolutely nothing to do with how good the dog is or how sweet, gentle and kind it is. It has to do with you being a responsible owner. You are looking at it, as if a leash is about protecting others from a dog. It is as much about protecting your own dog from harm as well.

    I’m glad to see the dog is OK but to tell you the truth. You are a bad owner.

    Oh and to everybody else. Lets not forget that wildlife was there before the expanding urban areas. We humans are the ones that imposed ourselves on the animals habitats not the other way around. Yet you feel, since you now live there..nature has no business there and should be killed on sight should it pose a threat. You are as bad as poachers and the people that happily steer towards possums and other animals on the road, just for the lulz

    • Janx says:

      Coherency levels appear to be dropping fast in this discussion… I’m not the owner… but thank you for trying so hard.

      • alkrateeb says:

        You’re not the owner, but you defend the owner’s actions in what you’ve written. You deserve the criticism and are hopefully considering it rather than dismissing it. I do also hope I misread or you misstated in a comment above saying that Star was hit by the truck while running free in a country field while your mother/family were at work… please say there was supervision! Aiyiyi…

  71. liesje says:

    your the one whose childish!

  72. liesje says:

    yuki, your my idol!! ~_~

  73. anonymous says:

    the law is the law if he was on a leash it wouldnt have happened

  74. Amanda says:

    I think the easiest way to put this, as most people have already..

    The Dear was protecting its baby. YOUR dog was roaming free. If your dog was well behaved and you were resonsponsible, you would not have let your dog near a wild animal..

    “but Star is too good a dog to be on a leash and if you fail to see that then you fail to understand just how good a dog he is.”

    NO, no dog is too good for a leash, sometimes those are for the better good.. reason they were invented. FOR dogs.. You may say your dog is good, (no one knows, but you) that does not make up for the fact he was near a wild animal. You should have called him. and brought him away if he was such a good dog..

    o.o Just gonna put that out there.

    “and my mother now carries a big stick with her just in case.”

    So your going to abuse other animals because you wont put your dog on a leash? Because your too dumb to understand the fact that wild animals, are not tamed?

    Would you like it if someone beat your dog with a stick because it got towards their pet? Think about what you have written.. >_>

    • Allan says:

      What would putting the dog on a leash have solved? If the deer ran across the block to attack the dog, it would’ve done it regardless of whether it had a leash attached to it or not. What, are you saying that leashes somehow magically repel deer? If anything, it would have also put the person holding the leash in danger as well. Please don’t be so ignorant.

      • KaD says:

        If this half blind half deaf dog was on a leash the human holding it likely would have seen the deer from a distance and got the dog out of the way.

      • Caitlin says:

        No, you idiot, leashes don’t repel deer, but the humans HOLDING THE LEASHES do. You say don’t be ignorant, yet you are such a fine example of ignorance!

    • Aaron says:

      and you’re just fucking stupid. carrying a stick for your and your dog’s protection is “abuse?” are you reatarted?

  75. Lisa says:

    So it’s NOT your fault you let a half blind half deaf sweet gentle dog to wander around on his own with no protection or guidance. You should not be allowed to own pets.

  76. Bubbles says:

    Here’s the thing. You really really REALLY need a leash for the dog’s own protection.

    1. Your mother would have prevented the dog from crossing the street to the deer if it had had a leash on, so this entire event would not have occurred in the first place (same deal with the truck).

    2. If your dog ‘wanders’ into some hick’s lawn without any sort of tag or leash telling the hick that the dog belongs to somebody, the hick has the right to nail your dog to a wall, cut off its feet, and eat it. I’m just saying. It’s for the dog’s protection.

  77. asd23 says:

    Who blames the deer here? It’s obviously the dog owners fault. Way to go with yelling ’stop’ clapping your hands, that sure did the trick..

  78. Janine says:

    I’m sorry but honestly I feel like your playing the pity card here and not taking the entire situation into account. Clearly the dog was standing around for a while and if your mom saw the deer charge at it right away, since she screams as soon as she sees it run towards it, the dog should have been removed from the situation regardless. There is a distraught mother deer loose, she’s frustrated since it appeared she couldn’t find her newborn faun for a while, so of course her mother instinct is high. She doesn’t want anything to happen to her faun. It’s only natural what happened. A deer isn’t a highly intelligent animal. It saw a canine, regardless if he’s “the most wonderful dog in the world that wouldn’t hurt a fly”, and felt alarmed. Any mother deer would. And she did the right thing. If it was another dog, lets say one that could have attacked her baby, the faun would have probably been the one seriously injured instead of the dog.
    So I’m sorry but stop playing your pity card….keep the dog away from wild animals and stop your bitching.

  79. ray wrayc@hotmail.com says:

    This video just makes me SAD

    and maybe a bit angry

    but, ultimately…disgusted

    when dogs are entrusted into our care

    like children, we are obligated to protect them

    to do anything less is simply criminal

    I do believe you believe what you say/think/feel.

    but you are DEAD wrong and incredibly irresponsible

    as my dog loving mom might say…

    “you obviously lack the common sense to own a dog”

    if you are you offended, I apologize

    but not once but twice you allowed your beloved dog to come to harm

    by your own negligence/selfish feelings regarding leashes.

    I have had dogs my entire life.

    Dogs NEED boundaries and discipline.

    They are happier, because they know their place in “the pack”

    and it keeps them safe.

    please always leash your dogs in the future

    as well, if the cat had been properly confined

    the deer may never have been provoked to begin with

    so glad he has recovered

    you are lucky and hopefully wiser for it.


  80. supersabre says:

    I agree with the above comments that it was indeed the owners fault for allowing there dog to roam free which allowed it to come in contact with a wild animal protecting its young. However I am concerned that people are not seeing the real problem with the deer. I don’t know about the hunting laws in the area where the dog was attacked but I live in an area where you cannot hunt deer. For this reason there is a massive surplus of deer that are being very destructive to both the habitats of other animals and the homes of humans. The Problem is that man has not just taken the land away from the deer (By the way there is plenty of land for deers to roam free and find food) we have also taken away the natural predators for the deer witch has allowed them to produce out of control. What need to be done to both protect the deer population and the surrounding habitat is to kill a certain amount of deer annually to decrease the deer population to a healthy level. This way these type of encounters will become more rare and the deer population will have less need to enter human territory. And to end humans have been on this planet for just as long as these deer so we have as much right to live as they do. Quit pulling the pity card for the deer they have plenty of land and resources to live themselves.

  81. Kasey Rose says:

    I cried when i saw the video. I am a animal lover, and to see that just breaks my heart. I am very glad Star is doing okay.

  82. TammyG says:

    I agree with you to a certain extent, Another Random Guy, but the leash laws are not just for the safety of others, but also for the safety of the pet on said leash! I do feel bad for the dog, but can also see how and why the deer would attack what could be perceived as a \wolf\! I can understand why the mother did not try to intervene, but at her age, knowing that there are dangers out there, I believe she should have had a leash on Star. Deer do not have the capability of reasoning, as we humans do, but do have that \protect my baby at all costs\ defense mechanism. I do not blame the deer, and I do not blame the dog, but I do blame the owners, even though I do understand their side of it, for not putting a leash on Star, for his own protection, and not for the protection of others, in this case!

  83. DOGS FAULT says:



  84. latonya007 says:

    I believe that the dear was protecting its young. I am glad that your dog was not severely harmed and that your mom remained safe

  85. annie says:

    i saw some of the comments on that video and people thought it was funny. i litterally wanted to slap each of them across the face for thinking such a horrific event could be FUNNY. your dog is truly inspiring and makes me thankful for the good health of my own pet, kelsie. i really hope star lives a long happy life. that deer was way violent, even if it did have a fawn. its unnatural and i really am not so fond of deer anymore because of this. and i can’t understand why people wouldn’t feel sorry for this poor dog, whos gone through so much suffering already. its sickening.

  86. Linda says:

    So glad to come across this article. We wondered how Star was doing. We are so happy to read that all is well. Big hugs to all of you especially Star :) !!!!

  87. John says:

    Wow!I never knew deer could be so agressive.
    I am so glad to hear that Star has recooperated from his ordeal.It was the last thing he needed given his history.I also can’t help wondering how the deer and her baby ended up in a residential survey in the first place.Definetly no place for a wild animal.She was probably overly protective of her baby because she had no idea what kind of area they were in,and she maybe became paranoid.Still you have my sympathies.If it were my dog,I’d have been equally upset.Incidenlty I also wonder what eventually became of the deer.Where she and her baby captured by the SPCA and taken out into the wilderness(where they belong)?
    Incidently I live in Hamilton Ontario,where the newly built residential surveys and subdivisions are currently experiencing simular problems with deer.But don’t anyone get me wrong,I realise that those subdivisions were the home of the deer not too long ago.But your survey looks a lot older than that.Have you seen any deer in your neighborhood since?

  88. Madison says:

    I’m disgusted that you refuse to keep your dog on leash, especially after he got hit by that 1/2 ton and suffered those terrible injuries. SHAME.

  89. Madison says:

    Edit: shame on your mother.

  90. Pandora says:

    I sincerely hope for the sake of your dog, that he is now inside and on a Leash at all times. Wild animals roam freely in your area, and knowing that, you allowed your elderly disabled dog outside to roam? Come’on, I don’t blame your mom for not going after the deer because its common sense but your dog should have been on a leash. There is no excuse for not leashing your dog, I don’t care how nice it is.

    Simply, when you don’t leash it, stuff like this happens. Please please please take this as a lesson and leash all your animals.

  91. James says:

    I feel very, very bad for Star. you can tell he is just the sweetest thing ever. he deserves an owner that is a little more responsible. first, your dog gets hit by a truck because you dont want to leash him. then you let him wander around while there is a wild animal with a newborn right outside. Please dont get another dog.

    for everyone else, if you dont want to keep your dog on a leash i can understand that because every dog lover wants their dog to be free and happy. well there are some other options like fencing your yard or taking them to a dog park. or just put them on a leash and go for a long walk/run and they will be plenty happy.

  92. Aineen says:

    Even after your dog got hit by a car you still allow it to run free. Don’t tell me you love your dog because you don’t. You are an irresponsible pet owner and your wonderful dog deserves better. Shame on you.

  93. Krista says:

    I am very glad to hear that the dog was okay but this article infuriates me. It’s basically a long article defending the owners irresponsible behavior. To dismiss the fact that Star can wander all over the place despite leash laws, because he’s a “good dog” really shows how stupid the owner is. Case in point this “really good dog” has been hit by a truck IN ADDITION to being beat up by a deer. Leash laws aren’t only for poorly behaved dogs and this incident is exactly why. Leash laws protect the public, and pets! After the truck incident you would think the owner would learn. Not to mention “good dogs” still defecate in yards other than their own if left to wander. I can only hope that at least the cat owner learned something. The video made me respect wildlife and feel sympathy for domestic animals but the article made me embarrassed for the human race!

  94. Lisa says:

    I was so distraught once I saw the video, I cried and started searching for ages as to stars health, I am sooooo happy star was ok, I am not mad at the deer just sad star was hurt, beautiful dog.

  95. KaD says:

    Anyone who doesn’t keep their dog on a leash is a moron. Just LOOK at what happened to your ‘precious’ dog because of your blatent negligence. While your dog was out running loose in the neighborhood it could have been hit by a car, poisoned by a neighbor, or shot by some kids. It could have killed someone else’s pet and got you in a load of legal trouble. I HAVE a dog, a particularly NON aggressive and ‘good’ dog; and I’d NEVER let this dog out of the yard without a leash on. BY LAW your dog is not under your control if it is not confined by a physical fence in your yard or on a leash. Please educate yourself before your dog gets killed or you end up in civil court, criminal court, dog court, and or bankruptcy court : http://www.dogbitelaw.com

  96. sbln says:

    Are you serious? how the hell can you say not seriously injured? so you call not having an eye deaf and hip problems not serious? someone needs to get mad for star! I glad to hear he is ok, but I liked to see a video of your mother getting hit by a truck and then attacked by deer and post it for everyone to see. She’s just plane fucking stupid.

  97. jim says:

    What an amazing and sweet dog. Bless your hearts for putting the money time and love in to saving him. Sounds like a real blessing.

  98. me says:

    this is so sad and the lady could have stopped it in its tracks not be busy video tapping when you could have stopped it could bare to watch it was so horrific and knowing anyone could have stopped it just sets me off this poor dog had already been hit and knowing that i would have stepped in my dogs are my dearest friend friends dont let friends down if it was my dog even if it could have been sad and could put myself in danger i would have shoot the deer and im not trying to be cruel but that dog had already suffered enough i find it hard to believe that not a person stopped it and that is so sad god bless that dog and i put my heart and blessings out for the dog :(

  99. Fuck Nut Joe says:

    Why don’t you people have guns? You should have just shot the deer and the fawn. Would have cooked up great! You’re mother now carries a stick? Why not a 357 magnum? You people are fucking retarded and your mother’s a coward. This is what happens to weak people like you. This is why you’ll never amount to anything when even a faggot deer can come into you territory and have it’s way. What are you gonna do when the government declares martial law and takes you and your family to the camps. Exactly! Thats why the Jews ended up getting fucked, because they’re weak! It was a fucking deer for god sake, not a Kodiak bear! Why didn’t you just stab it to death with a fucking knife? Keep your pets and your kids on a leash and stay in the fucking kitchen you spastics!

  100. Don says:

    In response to both the deer and star, the deer with her fawn are both wild, so naturally she is going to protect her young from any dangers, “hence attacking star” but, in the video it shows that star was attempting to cross the street in the opposite direction of the deer. So the deer was clearly an aggressive doe and had no right attacking star because he posses no threat. Look at the cat and how close it was to her fawn when the deer ran after star. I would have intervened in some way, and would have put the deer down, in a heart beat, because that was a helpless dog that needed to be saved, no matter if he should have been behind a fence or not. He was in trouble and needed someone to protect him from that deer. Either way, I feel that deer need to be controlled in their numbers so that they don’t over populate and stray into areas like that anymore. good luck star. I’ll take as many does this season as I can.

  101. Now had I been there, I’d have shot this deer _so_ quickly. What if that dog was a child? The deer would have clearly killed him. Protecting their young or not, wild animals need to be taught residential areas are not places for them to play. If they become a danger, they need to be dealt with as such.

    After shooting it, I’d at least make sure to cook up some vennison steaks in her honor :)

    • Caitlin says:

      Are you fucking kidding me? Wild animals can’t be “taught” anything, hence why they’re WILD. Certainly I would hope you don’t allow your children to roam freely around neighborhoods, what about rapists and things worse than wild animals?

      You people are just so ignorant. The deer was not “playing” in a residential area, the deer was simply travelling in the wild, and nothing is off limits in the wild.

  102. Carri says:

    I first I felt bad for you, now I just feel bad for your poor dog. I understand that your dog may very well be the best behaved dog in the whole world, however leash laws are there for a REASON. If not to control “out of control dogs” while on walks, then to make sure that nothing could possibly happen to your dog while you are out with it (examples: Getting hit by trucks, and getting attacked by deer).

    I don’t care how you try to rationalize it, or if rationalizing by saying your dog is “too good to be on a leash” makes you feel better for both incidents, however you need to take into account what is best for you dog, which clearly you did not…TWICE. Now this poor dog is too afraid to wander because you neglected to properly look after it.

    I am glad, however, that the poor dog is fine and wasn’t too seriously injured by the deer.

  103. Laura says:

    you keep saying that having the dog on a leash wouldn’t have solved anything, but it would’ve.

    from the video, it looks like the deer was roaming around the street for a long time before the “attack” happened.

    and if he was on a leash, the owner would’ve seen the huge deer and walked the other way and no one wouldve been hurt.

    and saying stuff like “my dog is too good for leash” is just dumb.

    that is like someone saying he’s really good at drunk driving, so he ignores the law.

    i really hope the deer and her fawn found their way home fine.

    the deer had all the reason in the world the attack your dog – she was protecting her baby.

  104. Dee says:

    I’m glad Star escaped with no more than bumps and bruises.
    That being said, had your mom kept him in a fenced yard he would have been safer. Your family, though they may love and train animals, failed Star not once but at least twice by failing to properly restrain him. Not necessarily to protect others, but to protect him. A dog that is going blind, losing his hearing and has trouble walking, should not be allowed to roam freely, unless its inside a fenced area.

    “When Star was hit by the truck he was out of town on a nearly empty lot of land. My Mom though it would be good for him to be getting some exercise in the country each day while she, and everyone else at home, was away at work.”
    This pressumes Star was unattended, and if so, then yes, your mother WAS at fault. It was and is her responsibility to properly supervise Star’s safety.

    I believe that deer in the neighborhood are a hazard, they are, after all, “wild” or “untamed” animals. But they are also a fact of life in the more rural areas, even in some of the more urban areas. But should one “open fire” at a deer in the street because it was defending its child, no, that creates it’s own hazards. What if the shot misses? What if the then errant shot goes through the wall of a house and kills someone?

    • Aaron says:

      This comment hit the nail on the head.

      If it was in a more rural, uncrowded setting, opening fire on the deer would be absolutely appropriate. But doing that in a neighborhood is way too dangerous.

  105. Caitlin says:

    I bet 75% of the neighborhood fucking hates you for allowing your dog to roam. I don’t care how good you think your dog is, they should never ever be allowed to roam freely, for their own safety and for others safety. Dogs are DOMESTICATED animals that rely on human beings for protection. Dogs are also pack animals and when you put them on leashes or restrict them from going where ever they want you are demonstrating leadership of the pack which allows the dog to feel more stable and secure.

    Everyone who keeps comparing dogs to human beings (especially children) need to step back and realize how retarded they are being. Dogs are CANINES, bred from WOLVES, they are completely different animals and they do not think like humans at all. They have different senses and different brains.

    Owners like Stars are prime examples of why dogs just killed needlessly everyday. Star could have just as much (actually more) fun if you leashed him and walked WITH him and played with him in fenced areas instead of leaving him to fend for himself.

    I am glad Star is okay, the video is what prompted me to search for more information on him. However had you simply taken care of your pet correctly and the way the law states this never would have happened not to mention haven’t you learned anything from the truck incident?

    You say you love your dog, but you need to realize that you have failed your dog and caused him immense suffering by refusing to protect him. If I allowed my German Shepherd, who is also smart, loving, and gentle to everyone, to roam freely and get hurt because of it I would never be able to live with myself. I certainly would not defend myself.

    Poor Star. This dog deserves better caretakers.

    Also, the deer was not at all in the wrong. Dogs resemble coyotes and wolves and in the wild these are top predators to deer and they have to be valiant when it comes to protecting their babies.

    Remember, the deer were here first, your DOG is a domestic animal and does not belong in the wild, nor is your dog capable of living in the wild like a wolf or a coyote could.

    Heartbreaking. People just really make animals lives miserable.

    • nick says:

      Agree. Star’s owner is a negligent monster. There is no such thing as a unsupervised ‘well-behaved’ dog. Star should be taken away from you.

      I was attacked in my own home by a dog off a leash that was a ‘good dog’ entering my residence and attacking me in my own home because it got in to a fight with a possum. The dog was disorientated and went in to the first house it could find. When it got confused, it snapped and went on the attack. All preventable.

      “oh it is the best dog ever, it has never done this!” It would have never happened if the owner supervised their dog. You *NEVER* know what horrible things could happen to your dog when left alone which is why there are leash laws.

      If I see a dog off the leash, I call animal control immediately, even if I ‘know’ the dog. Maybe if the owner gets hundreds of dollars in fines, the negligent owner will stop putting their dog at risk.

      Star’s Owner is human garbage for directly causing animal abuse via negligence. She should be cited for animal cruelty.

  106. Judah says:

    Irresponsible owners with a dog that should have been confined… here’s a thought, he might not have been hit by a half ton truck if he were leashed or fenced either. Get a brain people, it’s YOUR fault that dog was attacked. You think the deer just KNEW the dog was tame and loving and old and harmless? Honestly. People like you need mega fines for leash law violation.

  107. Troll says:

    everyones a troll. dont even bother reading any of these comments.

  108. Troll says:

    everyone’s a troll, don’t even bother reading these comments.

  109. Cuz says:

    I hope you and your family are taking the overwhelming majority of these comments, that stress the fact that your dog should be on a leash, into consideration.

    I hope you’ve really thought it over instead of just writing the comments off, because if you haven’t and you are continually allowing your dog to roam free I fear for your dog.

    You won’t get another warning or another chance. The next time your dog finds itself in trouble because you’ve neglected to keep it on a leash, will most likely be it for your dog.

    I think such a good pet deserves to live out the rest of its life happy, safe and stress free.

    Please do your dog a favor and keep it on a leash.

  110. Ali says:


    I just wanted to say that I do not blame anyone (or any creature) for doing anything/nothing. But clearly that fawn was just born and the mother didn’t know that the dog was nearly deaf/blind/disabled. To deer, dogs (aka wolves) are predators-not-to-be-taken-lightly, that is why she reacted so harshly and quickly to the dog. She was slightly more tolerant of the cat because a)he/she was smaller meaning the mother could protect her baby if need be with ease and b)the mother and baby could out run it easily.

    Now, we have problems with dear in our neighborhood too but any good loud noise sends them scrambling. I would like people to know that deer would much rather just run and get away but if you have a problem with them especially emergencies like this, why don’t you call your local animal control? And just so you know, _whenever_ you see a fawn like this, it -is- an emergency because crappy stuff like this is bound to happen because domesticated pets don’t know any better. I would be heartbroken to see something like this happen..

    And for the record, I _DON’T_ condone anyone saying that they would just shoot the deer. What gives you the fricken right, when she was doing only what came naturally?

    I’m sorry your (old) pup was hurt and I am glad to hear that he didn’t have too many injuries from the deer. Is he still doing ok? Did anything else happen after the video stops or did the deer just walk away?

    All the Best,

  111. Mark Sydney says:

    I am glad Star is OK. Was very upsetting to see.

  112. Cranberry says:

    Deer can be extremely protective when they have a baby. I was quite surprised the deer did not slap at that cat earlier when it was climbing over the youngster. For whatever reason, the deer felt Star was a threat. I do not blame Star for this; he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Expecting a little old woman to run in and wrestle off the dear is not really a good option. I’m a relativly young woman myself, but that deer weighs more than I do and can probably hit harder than me a well. My best bet would be to scream and make as much noise as I can trying to scare it off. I’m not going to be able to overpower it – I’m not Wonder Woman.

    Star is extremely lucky to be alive, and I’m glad that he is. He seems like a sweet old dog. He didn’t deserve this, he was no threat to that deer or it’s child. But wild animals are unpredictable, and for whatever reason that deer felt threatened by him.

  113. Spring Transleau says:

    Thank you for letting us know that he is ok. I was understanding the deer’s position as a protective mother, but really pulling for the dog. Poor guy didn’t know what hit him. What a sweet animal. Sounds to me like you are wonderful dog owners. Keep up the good work.

  114. Paul says:

    Glad he made it…too good a dog for an irresponsible owner like yourself, but you can learn from this episode by taking responsibility for what happened to the dog. Oh, and another option:

    C – You love the deer and respect her right to protect her fawn. You love that dog and feel sorry for it for not having more protective parents. And the film maker should have been more involved in resolving the situation and less in filming the event.

    • Gina says:

      I agree. Even running over there scarin it would have been better. serius lady, you should have dropped the camera and got the deer away. I personally blame the lady though. It is naturall that the deer would protect a fawn like that.

  115. Hannah says:

    Okay, After trolling this discussion for nearly 45 minutes, I feel like it’s my turn.

    1. I’m happy the dog is still okay.
    2. I happy that the fawn is okay.
    3. We can all bicker day in and day out, but there will never be an answer for this discussion. We will never be able to difinitively say, “It was the dog/deer/owner/camerman’s/ fault” It was a turn of events that was caused by a lack of responsibility on the owner’s part, inaction by both the owner and cameraman, a deer being in the middle of a town/city, and domesticated animals being loose.

    Honestly, I think we should stop bickering about it all, we’ll never be able to change the minds of others who have firmly rooted themselves in their beliefs.

    I have my opinion, along with everybody else on this discussion board, but I don’t expect my two cents to change the mind of anyone, I don’t think we should say that someone is wrong, (unless law clearly dictates they are… so technically, the owner was wrong to have the dog unleashed, but that’s a technicality that doesn’t need to be addressed at present).

    My opinion, fault of the owner. But I don’t expect that the change your minds.

    BTW. Janx, if you start an article with an open discussion, you cannot object to responding to people’s opinions because you think they are childish. Well, you can, but it isn’t the most mature way to react. You knew there would be controversy over a topic such as this, so you knew what you were getting yourself into. No matter how much you disagree with what people are saying, responding in a way that *elevates* you above them only hurts you in the end. -end rant-


  116. Ebony says:

    guys i would only scare the dear with no harm done to the dear i don’t like the sound of a dead dog/dear in anyway eve though it would try and hurt my dog i would not kill it i would scare it

  117. Julie says:

    So glad Star has the strength to live yet another horrendous ordeal. It was hearbreaking to watch this… absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t show this to my own mother, she’d quite literally have an evil vendetta against all deer for the rest of her life… Dog lover. Like me. xxxxxxxx

  118. ToneV says:

    Seriously, if that was my dog, I would have shot the fuck out that deer and let PETA sort it out later.

  119. michael a dog owner says:

    i am the owner of a 2 year old pitbull. shes a beautiful dog and she listens perfect i tell her come and she comes i tell her sit she sits etc. even though she listens and is a friendly dog i do not ever let her run free unless she is fenced in. you should not be trying to make excuses for why your dog was attacked. im sure she is a good dog but you in my opinion are a bad owner. if you payed attention to the dog you love so much then star would not be hurt at all. its your fault she has no eye and fucked up hips. and its your fault that she was attacked by a deer. now are you going to wait till another accident happens? i hope to god that your dog dies before it is hurt again because owners who think they know how to care for there dogs should not own a dog. you need to know and take responsibility for your dog and its actions. the bottom line is that you are the reason for the dog being hurt at all and you should not try to post sympathy stories to get attention for yourself and your family!

  120. kaity says:

    I’m not saying which side is right or wrong, but if that was my dog being attack by a deer i’ll shoot tthe shit out of that deer to save my baby, like that deer protecting it flawn u say? , well im doing the samething by protecting my baby . wild animal should be in the wild, if they wonder too far …. its their life they put on the line. i hope star is well! he such a brave fella, xoxo to star.

    • Actually says:

      Actually, if you were “doing the same” you’d use your bare hands instead of a gun, or give the deer a gun too and draw at dawn.
      Pets, like Star, find out what happens when they wander too far. A broke down beat up dog should know better than to go somewhere they can’t protect themselves. Well, actually the owner should be the one to know better, especially considering the dog had already been hit by a car once, likely because the dog was somewhere it shouldn’t have been, again.

  121. Kurt says:

    My dog Maggie is just like star she fell out of my dads car window and was okay but we never leash her because she is a great dog and everyone knows her she listens to me and though you people are saying what is this idiot getting at I’m say if your dog is trained right you dont need a leash and that you don’t need one if your dog is good and that’s what happened to star but it was a freak accident and the dog is old but that deer was just ruthless star was minding his own and the deer attack but I’m glad to hear he is okay

  122. sevenhearts says:

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m sorry that Star has gone through so much. The owners knowing Star, would not have anticipated this to happen. Accidents happen, they just do. Star wasn’t even near the fawn or the mother deer. The cat was more bothersome. The mother deer was being protective but, Star wasn’t even close or making attempts to attack the fawn. I hope Star gives you many more years of joy and companionship!

  123. Katie da Silva says:

    Thank you for taking the time to give Star’s backstory. I was curious if he was able to make it ok! I am the same way, I care about my pets so much that I think they deserve the chance to make it through. I’m glad he’s ok. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful dog! God bless!

  124. Kraedi says:

    Its not a deer guys, its just Chuck Testa. Everything is going to be A-OK.

  125. Thrusday says:

    “Now, I recognize there are leash laws and I also recognize that had he been on a leash this whole incident might not have happened… but Star is too good a dog to be on a leash and if you fail to see that then you fail to understand just how good a dog he is.”

    LEASHES AREN’T PUNISHMENTS, it’s to keep your pet near you incase a FUCKING deer were to say…I don’t know…..attack your dog while you fucking video tape your dog get beat. SO NO! I don’t fail to see he’s a good dog, what I do realize is that CLEARLY you people shouldn’t own any type of animal since you can’t put a fucking leash on it. THIS IS YOUR OWN STUPID FAULT there is no A and B decision I have to make.

  126. Hmmm says:

    I understand that your dog is a good dog…I had a dog like that once…never needed a leash, but never left the property. Though we leashed him if we went for a walk.

    My feeling is…if your dog is mostly def and mostly blind…you shouldn’t be letting the dog roam off a leash anymore. I’m sorry…while I do see how you feel about Star…there does come a time when the dog’s safety is compromised by being off a leash.

  127. Samantha says:

    How does everyone know that this dog wasn’t on it’s own property infront of his house? We have a fenced in yard but part of it is a driveway and isn’t fenced enough to allow a car to pull in. If a deer roamed in my yard and attacked my dog would people say the same thing? Shit happens DUMMIES!

    My dog was also hit while we took her on vacation because someone opened the door and she shot out. Sometimes there are elements of the story that we all don’t know.

    There ARE such a thing as farm dogs, that freely roam a property. Should these dogs also have leashes?

    Yes there are leash laws. But believe this. A leash would not have stopped that deer. She would have also trampled the person. JUST LIKE PEOPLE WHO GET TRAMPLED EVERY YEAR BY DEER!

    Oh and people who say: “well we’re taking more and more of their land”. Well that’s all well and good, and since you believe that so strongly, tear your house down and give that land to deer. What does saying that solve? It’s said like we should give up all we have because the deer which over populate WORSE than people need room.

    And for the moron whom made that argument about shouldn’t let your kids play outside. Uhm, what were you kept inside your whole life? Don’t be an ass.

    On another note, keep that dog in a yard. Really your mom should have known that would happen, she obviously knew that deer was out there.

  128. sierra says:

    ok, for real, the deer did nothing wrong, it was protecting its young, yes i feel bad for the dog, but the deer didnt know he was just a house pet, to her he was a predator coming for her baby. as a mother, if i thought there was a predator coming for one of my children, i would be after it too!! and the dog was def going towards the road, to cross, when he was hit before, he doesnt know to stay off the roads, so fault lies with the owners

  129. ladiesman217 says:

    honestly…i think we should all be reasonable and let the dog be…he learned a valuable lesson when it comes to deer…dont fuck with them…lol and if i were a dog i think that when it comes to walks i think i rather chill in my backyard and eat me some treats :)

  130. Rhyth says:


    My main thought was, “Why the hell is that dog just roaming free?”

    I really don’t care how good a dog is If it’s not on a leash or fenced in then, I’m sorry, you had it coming.
    And you said that there were leash laws? That’s like saying, “Oh, speeding is against the law, but I’m a really good driver.”
    And the deer? It’s a wild animal, what the fuck did you expect it to do?

    So, in a nutshell, the owners need to wake up and smell the coffee. Nature (or the animal control as far as leash laws go) doesn’t give a single fuck about how good your dog is.

  131. Alice says:

    I don’t understand what the fuss is about?
    Leash or not, any near by animals obviously WILL get attacked if the deer saw them.

    If the dog was on a leash (tied to the front yard or something), he wouldn’t have made a run for it, instead he might have been beaten to death by that deer.

    People should really stop judging, and stop saying what they would’ve done. The truth is, these animals were all in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    HOWEVER, I strongly suggest people who live in areas with wild animals should take EXTREME CAUTION.

    What if it was a wolf, or a bear that had came around?

  132. Mariam says:

    I’m glad he is fine. I just saw the video and was very worried about him.

  133. Harry says:

    Exactly! The only way to let nature be is to CONTROL and DOMINATE it! Bend to our will and be like the bambi in the movies dammit, or we’ll imprison you and eat your young!

  134. Matt M says:

    I fully understand it being an absolute lovable dog with great behavior and your mother not being able to help, but what about the cameraman? Somebody could have at LEAST shoo’d the deer away when the cat was getting frisky with it. Or at least once you have seen it get aggressive with the cat, bring your dog to safety before possibilities like that occur? Regardless, if I see a deer with it’s young strutting about near my property, I’m going to call my dog inside to minimize the risks. IT IS A DEER PROTECTING ITS YOUNG. It’s a wild animal! Get your beloved family pets out of there! This is my personal opinion but with the deer being in defense mode already, it can easily be viewed as common sense. Get them out of there. The idiot is still filming after the dog gets trampled and as the cat continues to pursue the deer and its fawn. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Don’t hoot and holler when it finally attacks! I mean come on, it just attacked your dog. Get it out of there. I mean hell, if it was still sticking around after it did that to my dog, it would definitely get cracked over the head with a bat, mother or not. I put this in the most respectful way that I could because I feel your dogs pain. Star did not have to go through that. I am absolutely disgusted with the cameraman. Very sick.

  135. Chica daRott says:

    As a parent I know that Im not only obligated by law to care for, protect & safeguard my children any less is considered NEGLIGENCE. Fortunately its my innate desire to protect them from any & all harm, even themselves when their to little to know better. For example I put them in playpens so they didnt wander off unsupervised & injure themselves even in my “baby proof” house. I built a fence so they are protected & sheilded in their play area. Im a responsible parent. As dog owner I know Im obligated not only by law but by duty to my community & for the health & benefit of my beloved pet to keep her either on a lease or confined to my yard.My dog is a wonderful sweet big baby she lets not only my baby but the children of my daycare ride her back take food out her mouth pet her eyeballs all with a wag of a tail. She has been extremely trained she only eats if I tell her to eat but, she is still a dog. On occassion she has bolted from the yard & I kno when some 1 sees her big black butt runnin toward them full speed its scary. they dont know her intent. They may do harm to themselves trying to get away from her. I am a responsible pet owner. Now your ‘best dog in the world’ is still a dog. Her vunerability & lack or restraint & supervision lead not only her horrific accident but damage to someone elses vehicle property etc. You were blessed to still have a dog. But to subsequently to allow her to continue to roam neigborhood streets is total negligence on your behalf. If she was vunerable before she is truly in need partially deaf & sighted only in 1 eye unable to run. If Star an important part of the family is care for like this I hate to see the guidance supervision thats extended to the infants & children of this family. The deer did what she was suppose to do to protect her offspring from any & all possible predators. You FAILED

    • Danna says:

      I could not agree with you more! What bothers me most about this is that there was a prior incident and still the owners failed to learn. You do not let an elderly dog who is hard of hearing and sight off leash and allowed to roam the neighborhood under the “supervision” of an elderly woman. I do not care how sweet or smart the dog is. Some people should just not be allowed to own pets.

  136. TGIF says:

    I saw the youtube clip today and wondered what happened to the dog. Regardless of if Star was on a leash or not, I am happy that what happened wasn’t fatal. Ugh. I seriously think this is one of my least favority Youtube clips! I couldn’t watch that happen to my dog.

  137. carl says:

    i love killing deer without cause.

  138. bps says:

    sbln… go die.

  139. Shuga says:

    I just wanted to write in & say how very happy I am that poor old star is ok! I will not get in2 the name calling & bashing b/c in the end; no1 expects horrible things 2 happen but they do. The deer was protecting her fawn & poor start was in the wrong place @ the wrong time. thank GOD ur tiny lil mom didnt go out there, this could’ve been worse!

  140. Tyler says:

    That deer was NOT defending her fawn. As stated in the article, Star probably did not even notice the deer. It was a completely unprovoked attack. I mean, the fawn was lying on the ground, and the cat was practically standing on it. Instead of chasing away the cat, the deer ran hundred feet down the road and beat up poor Star. Stop trying to defend the deer. It deserves to be either shot, or taken so deep into the woods that it will never find civilization again.

    Also, this is partly the owner’s fault. You would think, after the dog was hit by a truck, that the owner would keep him a bit more restrained. Keep him on a leash, or at least in places where he could get hurt that easily.

  141. Justin says:

    Dogs should not roam the neighborhoods…First off, obviously Star has had some bad luck wandering…but I would have probably whooped the owner and Star if he continually wandered the streets and shit in my yard–Take your dog to a dog park if you want it to wander.

  142. Linda says:

    A dog should not be allowed to wander by itself. Star could have been attacked by a wandering pit bull or other aggressive dog, a coyote or have been dognapped or poisoned.

    • It’s unfair to say Star could’ve been attacked by a Pitbull. Coming from the owner of 2 well behaved, loving Pits. Your comment is upsetting.

      You’re also stating Star “could have” been attacked by another vicious dog, coyote, or dognapped. Well Linda, in this case neither happened. But a mother deer did proceed to attack an animal (dog or not, in her eyes it’s only an animal).

      Your comment is ignorant. Breed discrimination at it’s best.

      • capone says:

        actually her comment isnt ignorant. it is a fact that pitbulls are some of the most aggressive dogs you can own.(aside from 1 or 2 breeds of sheep dogs) pitbulls are bred to fight. they developed a locking jaw so they would be better fighters. pitbulls are extremely dangerous dogs. end of story.

      • Rish says:

        Capone: Go tell that to the Dog Whisperer. Pit Bulls can be just as well behaved as any other dog. They aren’t born wanting to fight, it’s people who fuck them up and make them aggressive.
        Just like not leashing your dog so that it can be attacked by a deer, humans are always the problem.

  143. PenIsLand says:

    Cool Story Bro, tell it again

  144. Domonic says:

    That deer deserves to be venison on your table. I’m so sorry about Star :( , he sounds like one EPIC dog :)

  145. jboy says:

    right on, sounds like a great dog and unfortunatly shit happens, which you guys seem to get. another thing you guys seem to get is when shit happens, whether its a close friend who is human, or a pet, you got to help them push through and help them recover. that is something you dont see much of these days. you guys are good people in many ways, your dog star is happy to be alive as it is very apperent. i had a similar experience wiht saving the life of an old dog who was very visably appreciative of it and realized it. keep at it good luck to you all and star. a good dog is one of the greatest things in the world

  146. Hayley says:

    This story is extremely sad and I feel horrible for the dog and its owners. But it still doesn’t change the fact that the dog should have been on a leash. The fact that it was hit by a car AND attacked like this should have been a clue to the owners to keep it on a leash at all times, no matter how friendly the poor thing is.

    I would rather have to have the dog on a leash and control his interactions that way than have him continually injured because there is no way to control him. He could have been dead from the way the deer was attacking him. You are extremely, extremely lucky that this didn’t end up with a worse outcome.

  147. Dominic says:

    We forget they are all animals, not humans, and need to be treated and respected thus. Looks to me like it was just a cataclysm of events no one could have forseen. Deer and Fawn shouldnt have been there…Cat was being a cat, and poor dog got caught in the middle of it all. Whereas the dog , no matter how ‘humanised’ he has become, to the Deer he’s still a dog, and a threat, and the deer didnt seem to know what to do to pretect her baby..she even left it laying down with the cat, thinking that a dog..any dog, was a bigger threat.
    This is nature being played out in a suburban setting,,,unnatural for all. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. The outcome was a lot better than it could have been. None were at fault

  148. I’m glad Star is ok. However, it’s upsetting to me that even after this incident you all are still letting him roam free. Believe me, I understand that he is of no harm to anyone or anything, but we can’t say the same about people, wild animals, or things. Please consider keeping Star on a leash for his well being. The mother deer was only doing what came natural to her- protecting her baby. As you can see, she was about to do the same to the cat. She probably saw Star as a threat considering his size in comparison to the cat.

    And to all of you saying the deer deserves to die, no she does not.

  149. Tyler says:

    This is the owners fault 100% of the way, why would you let your dog run around wild like that, it could’ve died. If you let your dog run around it could run away, get hit by a car, or I’ve heard of people even shooting dogs. Please keep your dog on a leash or inside your house or in your fenced in back yard.

  150. Tyler says:

    All this happened to this poor dog because of the owners. This makes me sick.

  151. Dawn says:

    glad the dog wasnt injured.. I had said… poor doggie, it was a series of unfortunate events … I didnt think the dog was being mean to the deer, he was probably ..like.. HEY whats that ..who are you? new friend?? huh huh huh? Then the cat was playing.. oooh new playmate.. the mama deer was having none of it.. not in the woods, traffic sounds screaming women in the background..protecting her fawn…all disoriented… it was not good and glad none of the animals were killed in the process yanno?

  152. Simone says:

    It is very ignorant of you to go on about how you love the dog and how good he is which is why you let him roam freely. You don’t care because he could’ve been hit by a car (again!). The reindeer thing was a freak incident, but he’s not immune to getting injured by other means because you let him roam freely.

  153. Amanda says:

    I am so glad Star is okay! After I saw it 2 nights ago I could not sleep! And I cried a couple times over it!

  154. Ed says:

    Everyone thinks that their dog is “the most well behaved dog”. There is a leash law and you are not exempt.
    Star should have been on a leash.
    Stop blaming anyone else or trying to justify the situation.
    It’s YOUR fault.

    • And you piss off too, Ed, you miserable legalistic cunt. She’s trying to share a story, not get reamed by every self-righteous law-monger that sees it.

      • Nick says:

        ^Agreed – these Americans seem to be all so tied up in their rules and regulations, kinda makes you wonder if they’ve ever raised a little hell in their miserable little lives.

  155. Sabrina says:

    thank god Star made it through. I could clearly see Star had his back to the Deer, he did not see that one coming. Poor thing put up no fight, I’m sure he had no idea what was going on. Good thing for adrenaline to get him up and out of there. Border Collies are amazing, he would not have hurt the Deer, at the most he would have tried to herd her back to the baby :)

    Star has 9 lives!! whew!

  156. capone says:

    fuck just get a newfoundland or something that would fuck that deer up

  157. Alex says:

    i’m very happy and relieved that star is okay. his stories breaks my heart and i hope he will never have to go through anything like those events ever again. i really really hope that you please keep him safe and don’t let him roam freely anymore to avoid these incidents :( if you truly care about his life and safety, you will have learned by this 2nd near death experience to not let him roam freely. i’m not trying to be an a**hole and make you feel bad or anything like that, im sure you and your family are hurting enough..but pleaseee keep your dog safe. he doesn’t deserve to have to go through any more things to hurt him :( give him a hug for me and i will pray that he wont have to go through anything like those again. thank god for having star survive such things. bless you and your family and star

  158. Emily says:

    It’s a no-brainer that the dog should’ve been leashed because:
    1.) Regardless of how great your dog is, he’s still an animal and there is never a guarantee of predicting his behavior, no matter how long you’ve had him, how “smart” he is, etc. Different stimuli, unpredictable stimuli, can affect your animal in ways you didn’t think (a sweet cat turns vicious at the vet…or maybe a geriatric dog runs for the first time in years after being attacked by a deer?)
    2.) They should’ve learned something about leashing their dog the first time he had an accident–obviously he is not that smart if he got hit by a car, now is he? And for how much the owners care about him, this should’ve been a wake up call for responsibility.
    3.) And that wake up call is that, even if Star was smart, and he does listen to you really well, you can’t control everything around Star–other dogs, vehicles, people who may do cruel things to animals, and apparently deer. Even if you don’t need to leash Star to protect others from him, you need to leash him to protect him from others.
    4.) No one is above the law, not even Star, sorry. Someone smarter than you made leash laws for a reason, who are you to decide whether or not to follow them? Well, I guess you did decide, and look how you paid for it!

    So, you’ve probably figured it out, but I side with the deer, although I am glad that Star is okay. Animals can’t be held responsible for their owner’s irresponsibility, after all.

    • You know what Emily…..shut the fuck up. Not everybody lives in a protected little perfect bubble all the time. Why not make the dog wear a helmet and knee pads too? Wrap him up in bubble-wrap and roll him everywhere. There’s a good chance that if Star had been on a leash the deer would have killed him.
      There’s always some busybody like you happily shouting “should’ves” and platitudes to others. My mom called people like you Gladys Kravitz’s, but my Uncle would call you a good German. (My uncle’s not very politically correct.)
      I suppose the cat should’ve been on a leash as well. What a douche you are.

      • Dave who hates bad pet owners says:

        Actually the cat should’ve been indoors as they get in fights with rabid animals, decimate song bird populations and get shot by gun toting rednecks when they are outside.

      • Leash your dog says:

        Yes, you inbred fuckwit, leashing a lame, deaf, and half-blind dog so it doesn’t get run over by another truck or killed by some other distraction is so inexcusably ludicrous it requires likening to nazism.

      • Tay says:

        Totally agree with Dave.. Emily is a moron.. If life were so goddamn perfect, life would fucking suck.. she lives in a bubble.. people like her are the reason there are some many fucking laws and why everything that has to do with children is made out of foam for their own protection… people are turning into wimps and people like Emily are making our pets grow old and fat like most people arround these days.. I the damn dog could talk.. he would probably say ” Getting my ass wooped by the deer was worth no being on a chain for 14 fucking YEARS” If ur afraid that a 14 year old dog might attack you cuz hes not on a leash.. pussy out and stay in the house. and as for the cat..? Cat should have got beaten to death.. he smaked the dear across the nose LOL. Emily should be on a leash and fenced in so she cant reach a computer and say stupid shit that people have already said 109345 times and make it sound even fucking stupider and more disrespectful than the 109345 before her, Idiot.

  159. I hope Star, your curious kitty, and your family had venison that night, along with venison veal made from the extra tender fawn-meat. I hope you saved the heart for Star to enjoy when he got well. You coulda skinned the damned thing and made a nice comfy bed liner for Star out of it’s pelt. And maybe a purse and some fur mittens for your mom. Deer are delicious.

    • Leash your dog says:

      Because a deer defending its young against two animals it is hardwired to assume are predators is certainly call to kill that unholy beast. God knows, its next stop was the school where it was going to sell meth to your perfect, angelic children (who couldn’t possibly be knocked up yet).

      Also, did you miss the part where the dog wasn’t dead? Wasn’t even seriously injured? Banged up, sure, but not really hurt.

      Although venison is delicious.

  160. Lawrence says:

    I was hit harder in Football practice i faced a broken neck, leg, arm from being hit so Hard I was Blind sided in American Football i am 225 ibs and the person who hit me was 380 ibs

    • Tay says:

      Ive played football for 8 years now.. 1 hit.. neck arm and leg? WTF? that sounds like BS to me.. or it was ur 1st time ever playing and you were a complete retard and had no clue how to protect urself when you fall and EVEN THEN that HIGHLY unlikely. And anyways.. we are talking about a dog..

  161. Lawrence says:

    By the way you should keep your dog on a leash
    just in case of another accident

  162. Trevor says:

    Dude, honestly…

  163. Kara says:

    I am 4″10, 14 years old, 94lbs and I’m waiting for a kidney transplant donor for both kidneys but it might be just one (it depends on the donor really), but if it had been my dog, I would’ve run out and at least try to help my poor dog. But still, if you didn’t love your dog, Star would have been put down from the moment the vet told you the options. So hope everyone can see how much love you have given your dog. No love and your dog would have not have survived so obviously you DO love it. Best of wishes to you, your family, and Star…


  164. Elony says:

    Did anyone else notice the camera person say: “Don’t hurt the baby.” When the dog, Star, was being sorta mauled?

  165. Dave who hates bad pet owners says:

    You are a horrible pet owner. Please consider never purchasing another animal as it is all too apparent that you have no right to do so. This poor dog has now been in two easily avoided traumatic incidents. It is an amazing thing that Star is still alive. I genuinely hope that you get hit by a truck full of deer which then leap out to kick your ass while someone yells “star, star” instead of making an effort to help you. I assure you that deer would not have killed you. That dog would bleed to protect you, and after fourteen years of loyalty and love it sickens me that you wouldn’t return the favor.

    • Tay says:

      Dog would have defenatly helped you out if deer attacked you hes right… and he looks like hes only 60 pounds and like 2 feet high.

  166. Jane M says:

    This video breaks my heart, just because I cannot imagine my own dog being hurt by anything, animal or human being. I can fully understand why she did not start running after the dog when she saw the deer, plus, she was probably in total shock seeing what was going on.

  167. Leash your dog says:

    Leash your fucking dog. Two easily avoided accidents and “HE’S SO GOOD HE DOESN’T NEED TO BE LEASHED!”

    It’s your fault the dog is physically ruined. Jesus. You don’t leash the dog because otherwise it might eat the neighbor kids, you leash the dog because otherwise it might get run over or eaten by the neighbor deer.

    Oh, and YOUR DOG CAN’T SEE OR HEAR. So how’s he going to avoid another truck? Or an another pissed off deer? Fucking stupid…

  168. Tay says:

    You know what? Shit happens everyday.. feel bad for the Dog cuz he was a good dog and had nothing to do with it. But crist, it happens chain or no chain .. fence or no fence .. shit happens, bunch of wolves killing a calf? No one cares.. crocs enting buffalo? no one cares.. dog gets kicked by dear and we have 500 raging comments and 1000000 pissed off viewers, the dog survived he was at the wrong place at the wrong time *TWICE* and if you feel rly rly rly bad, look at the bright side.. HE GOT RAMMED BY A HALF TON PICKUP AND WALKED AWAY… HE GOT BRUTALY BEATEN BY A DEER 3 TIMES HIS SIZE AND WALKED AWAY.. Shit my dog got barely pumped by a honda civic and he.. DIED! So count urself lucky.

  169. Tay says:

    It’s life.. animals attack animals.. humans attack humans.. the stronger hunt the weaker.. animals protect the young.. humans do the same.. could have bin a bear and it’s cubs yah ?

  170. Nick says:

    Everyone needs to stop blaming everyone, it’s not one persons fault. SHIT HAPPENS just be thankful Star is okay! It could have been much worse. I wish you, star and your family the best.

    • Dulce says:

      You are sooo right. Stuff happens whether we try to prevent it or not, therefore, we shouldn’t live our whole lives trying to prevent everything from happening. Obviously, there are things that are way out of our jurisdiction and that we can do nothing about. For instance, deers wonder into back yards often, so one bad case scenario could be that If the dog was leashed there, it couldn’t of defended itself anyways. If the woman had been walking the dog on a leash, she probably would still have been attacked by the deer, leash or no leash. So what are you going to do, keep your dog with you at all times? keep him home all the time?

  171. Cee Bee says:


    THANK YOU so much for posting this. I ran across the clip on You Tube today thinking it was something funny. I was shocked! It left me extremely disturbed. As a dog lover, I could totally feel the distress in your mom’s voice like I was there. I could also tell that Star was a sweet old dog by the way he couldn’t muster the strength to bite the deer or get our from under her hooves. I’m so glad you posted this – the clip left me very worried about the outcome. I’m so relieved he was okay.

    Hugs to Star and best wishes,

    Cee Bee

  172. Jeremy Kumpf says:

    when i first saw this video it was a dub over someone did and me and my girlfriend laughed so hard every time we watched it. Last night i got on youtube to find the origional video and it compleatly took me by suprize. The sound Star makes when that deer gets the first kick just… breaks my heart. I def cant watch that video again. all the dubs iv seen are no longer funny becuse every time i see the video i think of the sounds. Iv had 2 dogs die in the past 3 years and were my best friends and i cant even begin to imagin what Stars ower felt. This website made me feel alot better, SO glad to hear that star is ok. I wanna go on a dear hunt in Cranbrook. way ta go star!

  173. silla88 says:

    I get where the one girl is coming from but she did not need to be so harsh. I’m a mother and i do not let my child out of my sight. If he were playing on the side walk id be right next to him because it is the other things and people around that you have to worry about. I also dont have a dog because i dont have a large fenced in yard to keep one in. would you buy a hamster without a cage and let it roam around the house untill someone steps on it, a cat attacks it its not logical if your in love with someone wether it be a child or an animal your one goal and instinct should be to protect them with every resource you have. I get at first you didnt really think about it but two life threatening incidents and you still think its smart to let him wander? if my kid was abducted that would scare me into protection mode and do everything in my power to keep him safe again. If you love your animal dont leave him out of your sight unless hes fenced in and especially not a disabled dog that you know cant get away its just cruel.

  174. ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL LOLOLOOLOLOOOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL if u dont put ur dog on a leash what did u expect to happen?

  175. Pauina says:

    “She’s not a strong young man”? XD

  176. Deano says:

    WOW that poor poor dog, he deserves better than to be bought up by complete retards like yourselves. If you were a decent dog owner this poor dog would have been saved from a life of pain. Even after u let him get hit by a truck, U STILL DONT PUT HIM ON A LEASH!!! Then this happens. Idiots. You have no place owning pets.

  177. Danny says:

    This is fake, an elaborate set up. You had me going beliving it was you, but the question remains… WHY DID YOU PUT IT ON YOUTUBE?

    1. Keep dogs on leashes at all times. It really pisses me off when owners don’t leash their animals, my oldest dog is very territorial so he fights with dogs when they come near. That could be avoided if owners leashed their god damn dogs.

    2.The accident… The one that lost him his eye, it seems to me that COULD have been AVOIDED if you LEASHED him. But no, the deer attack was the result of your negligence.

    3.Deers… Just knife the bastard. Any deer that tries to attack my dog, I’d slit it’s throat.

  178. Mr Troll says:

    I laughed when the deer attacked the dog and when the bitch screamed

  179. ... says:

    I’m ashamed to call myself a human. It’s amazing to see that nobody can see the true root of this problem. The fact that the baby deer has wandered out of it’s home into civilization makes it blatantly clear that we as humans have cleared far too much forestry than we should ever have considered. The cat and the dog has nothing to do with anything. They are domesticated animals that no longer have to rely on instinct to survive, and it’s fucking pathetic that anyone can be as ignorant as most everyone in here.

  180. Andrew says:

    A – You hate that deer and you feel bad for the dog and cat.

    B – You think that deer was just protecting its fawn or that dog is useless or that dog had it coming or that dog should have been on a leash or something to that extent.

    I dont feel either of these ways. Ofcourse I feel bad for the dog, and I understand that the deer was only protecting its fawn. The dog was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Besides that I found this very touching and I wish Star all the best for the remainder of its life. Also that person who posted the second comment is ignorant, obnoxious and highfalutin.

  181. wittlelittle says:

    I don’t give a damn about all of your stupid arguments! You people need to:

    1) F**ing stop harassing the owners of Star and

    2) Look at the way you idiots treat your own pets before you criticize others.

    But, but but….I still agree that pets, no matter how sweet and good and obedient you think they are, if you want them to live, keep them on a leash when walking them outside.

    Doesn’t mean they have to stay leashed all the time. I let my dogs loose indoors all them time. The only time they go out is with me, on a leash when it is time for their walk…

    I live in the state of South Carolina where there are open highways near residential communities and have seen countless and countless of dead dogs on the streets. Victims of road kill and their owners claim their dogs would never wander or cross the streets.

    Shit happens.

    period period and….period.

  182. Nicole says:

    People have probably said this already but if your dog is hard of hearing, is missing one eye, and is already battered up you probably shouldn’t let it wander around without a leash REGARDLESS of how well behaved he/she is. He should have been leashed. Period.

    Dumb and irresponsible…

  183. Mike says:

    Stupid fucking owners: “No really, my dog is the bestest dog ever!!”

    Yeah, that’s what EVERYONE thinks about their dog. Dog’s aren’t people, they are dogs. They should be treated as such.

    And anyone who would go try to save that dog is a stupid piece of shit who would have just been beaten even worse than the dog was, deservedly so. The deer was protecting it’s baby. It doesn’t know that the cat and dog are not harmful, it only knows that it is surrounded by them, and it needs to protect it’s young.

    God, people are dumb.

  184. Ryan says:

    I don’t deny Star is a good dog. But a good owner keeps their dog safe. That means, keeping it on a leash or on your property. If you had done either of those things, neither of those incidents (car accident & deer attack) would have happened to that poor dog. I’m with you, in that I hate having my dog on a leash, but I also never let my dog leave my property without one because he could get hit by a car – which just so happened to be the case with your dog.

    Also, as mentioned by other posters, the deer isn’t to blame because it was simply protecting it’s baby in a situation she found threatening.

    That’s not to say you are to blame, because how could you have expected that to happen. I know I wouldn’t have expected that. But at the same time, I would never let my dog get that close to a wild animal. I don’t want to sound like an ass but PLEASE use common sense and keep your dog either on it’s leash OR on your property. “My dog is too good to be on a leash” is a poor argument to justify everything that’s happened to Star… It’s not about whether or not your dog is well behaved, or how much you trust him… it’s about using common sense in keeping your pet safe.

    Consider this in the future, please.


  185. Samantha says:

    After reading all of these horrid posts on how horrible the owners were, and how you would have handled it and blah blah blah, I just have a few things to say.

    One, no matter what your own stupid opinion is on the matter, the facts are this: The dog was attacked from several feet away by a deer that just randomly went bonkers. If it was truly an act of defense for the fawn, she’d have attacked the cat first, as the cat was TOUCHING her young. It takes a bit of common sense to see this.

    Two, having the dog on the leash would not have stopped the assault. In fact, it would have made sure that whoever the leash was attached to was also severely injured. And in this, based on what we know about the dog, the dog would have been killed in trying to defend whom he was leashed to.

    Three, were you there? How can you call someone selfish or whatever for not dashing into the street and toward the deer to get themselves hurt as well? I was unaware that so many people were there, so why the hell didn’t you help, since you know oh so much about the incident?

    Now, I don’t like dogs. I never have, but I feel nothing but pity for this dog that was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s so nice to know that you other wonderful humans are placing blame when really, there can’t be any blame placed. It was a horrible accident and nothing could have prevented it EXCEPT for the damn deer not being there. If this had been a bear, people would be freaking out and claiming that we need laws to prevent bears from entering populated areas. But since it’s just a \cute wittle dear\ it’s automatically not a problem for the deer to be there. The damn animals have homes and I must agree with what Janx has said, This was an UNDOMESTICATED animal BRUTALLY ATTACKING a DOMESTICATED animal. You cannot place needless and USELESS blame just to make yourself feel better that you got in your two cents.

    This could have been so much more serious than a dog being needlessly beaten by a stupid deer. This could have been \elder woman killed by deer\ Something tells me you wouldn’t have the balls to preach about leash laws then….well…maybe you would. You can say anything insensitive when you’re hiding behind a screen name in an unknown location.

    All that being said, grow up please, and stop posting if you’re just going rattle off about the injustice of pet owners, or the \horrible\ inability of the mother to do anything.


  186. Heather says:

    My dog is never on a lease. He is a 12 year old Border Collie and is amazingly smart. There is no reason for a leash since he stays by my side and comes the second I call.

    Maybe people who think this poor dog should have been on a leash have or had stupid dogs that needed to be restrained.

  187. Tommy says:

    For me it is simple…I love dogs…as souls and friends of us. Star seems to bea very nice one. I love deers to look at and to eat. If this would have happened to my dog (I guess impossible because I have a great dane nammed Hermes) that deer would become stake very fast. I would not care that deers are cute or bla bla…it was enough to change my opinion.

    I am aware of :
    -the fact that Star should have beign kept on a leash…perhabs
    -the fact that deers are peaceful and we got just a flash from maternal defensive instinct or…whatever.

    For those who say that star needed to be restrained, WRONG…it is the deer that does not fit the street.

    Somehow I was a bit dissapointed (???) to see how agressive a deer can be…

    • andrew says:

      ok the god was stupid and we are cutting down their trees it was the dog that was wrong i hope your dog die and star

  188. Gamerxcbyt says:

    i dont get why people care so much about typing on the internet so what if yuo spell something wrong doesnt mean anything its the internet its a place where you are allowed to spell stuff wrong

  189. andrew says:

    ok first of all sad sure for the deer if your dog is in pain kill it don’t let it suffer any more and it was not the deers fault it was your fault if you dog was off a leash stupid

  190. Jerry says:


    But Star is old and had past injuries. You should have seen it coming and called back Star, when you saw the Deer and her young. You should have anticipated that the deer was clearly hostile to anyone that would put her young in danger.

    Your lucky you didn’t get attacked your self. You wouldn’t have stand a chance against an angry deer full of adrenaline.

  191. imcorrect says:



  192. kenny says:

    wow i feel so sorry about your dog
    why this deer so aggressive?
    and why you didnt do anything emediatly when hes got attacked?
    well, i hope hes fine now

  193. Zebra says:

    wow SBNL after reading your comments you know what makes me sick is you ! what right do you have to come on this webpage and sit there and tell them how to raise a dog or a child! you know what they call common sence.. being considerate of other people seriously go live your own dang life and stop worrying about other peoples lifes.. it will make our world alot better if the people like you didnt have concerns about a poor dog and his owner and how they live there lifes and it simply states in the paragraphs the owner wrote ” my mom is 110 pounds and 56 years old what could she have done.. she was in tears the whole time while yelling stop ” seriously before you sit there and comment about things you have no clue about.. Read something Learn something and Shut up.. like seriously no one wants to hear your hating self ! and who are you to call an a- Hole ?? like honestly grow the hell up.. i may not know anything about dogs or their lifes but i think that they did the right thing i would know how they feel my dog was hit by a car and he wasnt wondering in the street even though the injuries werent nearly as bad as Stars were.. i still understand there point of view.. Why dont you put your self in the moms shoes and if you were 56 and weighed 110 pounds and couldnt do anything about your dog getting attacked by a deer ? what would you do nothing exzactly soo shut up :)

  194. maxime says:

    OMG!!!! i can’t believe that happened to that sweet dog!!!!! i’m so glad that he came out alright :) i really love dogs and i really can’t stand it when sweet animals get beaten up like that… well, i sincerely hope that dog is still ok <3

  195. Kei says:

    This is how dogs feel about fences: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-hw4JNW5iI

  196. Chase says:

    I saw it on youtube as GANGSTA DEER. Was funny as hell.
    As for the original video it’s sad however I will say this:

    I understand you wanting to let your dog out to some fresh air and all and letting it be free and so on and what not however I have to side with those saying to have a fench. He would be allowed to roam in the backyard.

    You can’t really complain about anything happening to the dog because if you decide to let him out in the open you have to understand the risks and face the consequences of your actions. If you let your kid out and someone kidnaps him when he or she isn’t old enough to defend themselves or know not to talk to strangers is that their fault? No it would be the negligence of their legal guardian. You are that dogs legal guardian. So guard him by putting him in an secured and safe atmosphere (being a fenched backyard) If you want him to not be hurt like that.

  197. Capri211 says:

    And another thing…… that whole my dog is to good or too special to be confined or leashed is a bunch of crap. Laws that require we don’t allow our dogs to just roam freely like that are in place for a reason. It’s not about trying to be cruel or keeping the animal from “enjoying life”(like some idiot said) I don’t care how well behaved your dog is it’s about safety. If that dog would’ve attacked somebody all you idiots crying about how wrong it is to leash or confine your pet would be singing to a completely different tune.

  198. BLOLBERT says:


  199. BLOBERT says:


  200. Cassidy says:

    curious. you say the dog wasn’t on a leash because he’s well behaved and trained. Well, why were you not keeping him in a fenced area or on a leash as a means of protection? As keepers of animals, don’t you think we should care for them since they’re domesticated? You wouldn’t let a baby go out and try and approach the doe, would you?

    I respect your decision, and I’m glad the dog is ok. I’m a huge fan of herding dogs, especially border collies since I come from a family of farriers who travel up on ranches, and have border collies accompany them.

    I don’t want to argue, I just find it fascinating how the events unfolded on that video.

  201. Capri211 says:

    @SirAndy You’re an idiot. You’re talking about a dog not a human you idiot. A dog doesn’t need to roam around a neighborhood unleashed or unsupervised to enjoy life. It’s not rocket science. Get a house with a BIG fenced in back yard and let the dog roam. That way he can roam freely and SAFELY in a large space and there you go everybody’s happy. The damn dog is not going to know the difference

    • Dulce says:

      You expect people to find and be able to afford a house with a big yard for the family dog when you don’t have to spend a ton of money to let your dog have some fun? That doesn’t sound logical.

  202. Andrea says:

    I’m so glad he’s ok!

    Other animals is the reason I don’t let my pets roam.

  203. Dulce says:

    The deer would most likely attack dogs more than children since dogs resemble wolfs, who are the predators that hunt deer the most. For instance in the video, the deer went after the dog, not the people that were in the area.

  204. Dulce says:

    Children and dogs are two completely seperate subjects. A grown dog is obviously going to think differently from a small child. Dogs aren’t stupid either, they do know to run or defend themselves from danger. They aren’t completely helpless. In this case though, the dog couldn’t do either of those things.

  205. Warren says:

    I saw the video on many occassions wandering youtube. I had wondered what happened, and glad your dog survived. Amazing considering the dogs age. I understand why the deer did what it did, saw your dog as a predator. And I understand why you let your dog do it’s own thing. Too bad it was combined at the wrong time!

  206. Kathryn says:

    Couldn’t watch the whole video, but I’m really happy to hear that your dog and that cat are fine. just sad that people are posting such nasty messages. I guess when people know that no one will ever find out who they are, they think they can say what ever they want, no matter how rude. It’s a sad world we live in

  207. Capri211 says:

    @Dulce you don’t know what they can or can’t afford and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to live in a house with a big backyard

  208. Luke says:

    The dog owners shouldn’t have been such pussies. Instead of screaming, run over and protect your fuking dog!

    • Michelle says:

      Luke….if she had run over to protect her dog, she’d most likely be dead. What good would that do? This isn’t Bambi. Deer are as dangerous as a mountain lion if they are injured, feel threatened, are rutting, or are protecting their young. The only way to get that deer off of that dog would be to somehow frighten it off….very difficult in this situation, as the deer is in automatic protection mode. A warning shot with a gun might do it, though in this instance, the only option may be to kill the doe, in which case the fawn would be an orphan. Worst case would be to injure the doe, in which case she would run off with the fawn, hide, die, and the fawn would then die of starvation. No good answer there.

      Again, hopefully it is a lesson learned, and steps have been taken to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

      I would like to add that the one plus from all of this is that this is an amazing video to demonstrate how dangerous and unpredictable deer can be.

      Cuz….was that directed at me? I never called the cameraman selfish. A bit foolish, maybe, for getting so close to that fawn not knowing where mom was (it was not a normal place to leave a fawn, so I’m guessing it had wandered off, but anything is possible, I suppose), but not selfish. If anything, as someone with a film background, I’m impressed he/she was able to continue to shoot during something so horrific. It takes a certain amount of willpower to be able to do that and remain as steady and mentally focused (no pun intended) as this person was.

  209. Alex says:

    this is a very touching story im glad that star has made it out ok. she is truly a merical dog. AND GUYS WHO ARE TALKING SHIT JUST SHUT THE FUDGE UP! its noones fault. not the dog, the deer, the owner or anyone. the deer was just protecting its little young one. Damn trolls. life happens and im sorry that it happend to such a great dog.

  210. J says:

    I had a dog like that once. Sweet as can be, perfect angel, never had to put her on a leash because she never roamed. For years, she would walk right next to me. Until the day that she decided to run into the street and got hit by a car and died, right in front of me.

    I’m sorry that Star was attacked and injured. No animal deserves that. But it’s your own fault for not being a responsible pet owner.

  211. Alex says:

    yeah it is true though that freedom comes with responsibility. idk if that can be said for animals or not

  212. Really? says:

    Know your animals and defend them. Instead of recording stand up for your animals in a way that doesn’t harm either party. Every one keeps saying how small the owner is. THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!! How small is that dog? How much does it weight? Why didn’t anyone step in? If everyone is comparing their dogs to kids would you let your kid run up to a wild animal like that? Would you watch as it trampled your child? Would you use the excuse I am 5′3 and less than a 120 pounds as a scapegoat? I don’t care how old I am. If my dog was in the line of fire and I could see it I would hobble my butt over there and raise hell to scare the threat away (in this case). Unless the owner was in a wheel chair there is NO EXCUSE. SORRY! I am not saying your dog should be tied up at all times. I am saying, YOU are your dogs leader and parent. When they can’t see it coming YOUR job is to get them out of harms way. Everyone watching this video was waiting for them to get attacked. So I am sure in the heat of the moment they saw it as well.There was obviously time to stop all this if you had time to record it all and animals suffered because of it. Anyone who pities the owner is a idiot. I pity the poor animals.

  213. Patriot says:

    This whole deer attack is Obama’s fault! Clearly liberal policies are the cause here. Vote the socialists out of office in 2012!

  214. Mark says:

    If I Were You Id Empty A Full Clip In That Deer, I Like My Dog’s Better Than Most People.

  215. Michelle says:

    I actually did a search to see if the dog was ok, and glad he is. I was wondering, though….it looks like your dad works as a ranger or in forestry or something like that. If that is the case, then didn’t you know that that doe would try to kill anything she deemed as a threat to her baby? I ask because the initial shot was a close up of the cat and the fawn. Whoever shot that video was lucky mom didn’t show up a few seconds earlier, because they likely would have had four hooves trampling them instead of the dog. It was risky to say the least trying to get the cute closeup of cat and fawn…shooing cat away would have been my first reaction. Just thinking safety here.

    As for my opinion of the situation, it would have to be C) All of the Above. The doe was protecting her fawn. It is instinctive. Deer are extraordinarily dangerous. The attack was certainly not the dogs fault, but it wasn’t the deer’s fault either. Just something that happened. That said, I do have to agree with those who feel that the dog should be fenced or closely supervised (and under complete voice control if not restrained) at all times. This is for his safety, if nothing else. While I understand he is a special dog, and probably beloved by the neighborhood, not having him restrained put him in danger….as is shown clearly in this video. You never know what could happen.

    When people compare dogs to children, they are not saying that children should be chained up in the backyard (though I know a few who could benefit from that). However, young children SHOULD be supervised at all times, and should not be allowed to wander alone.

    I have to agree that if I had a weapon and saw this happening to a dog, I probably would have fired a warning shot to try to frighten the deer, and if that didn’t work, probably would have shot her, if nothing else to protect other animals and humans as well as save the dog. That would have been a tragedy, as we then would have an orphaned fawn, who may or may not survive without mom, even with human intervention (a deer who has been imprinted is 10x more dangerous than a wild deer, as it has no fear of humans, but still has the wild instincts that can make them turn on you without warning). While he may be raised by humans, most wildlife rehab hospitals will euthanize a deer if it shows any signs of imprinting once it is old enough to release.

    I’m guessing you already know that Star is one lucky dog. I swear I thought I heard bones breaking, and the attack was vicious. I was surprised to hear he survived, much less come out of that with just bumps, bruises, and a healthy fear of hooved animals. Had your mom tried to intervene, she’d have most likely also been attacked. That deer was in protection mode, and she was out to kill any and all perceived threats to her fawn. Does have been known to take on mountain lions and bears…a 110 lb. human is nothing for them.

    I’m not here to judge you, as some seem to be. We all make judgement errors, and we all do things at some point that put our loved ones at risk, unknowingly. I’d take this as a lesson learned, and put up a fence that allows your old man to enjoy the outdoors safely, and in peace.

  216. Michelle says:

    Cuz….was that directed at me? I never called the cameraman selfish. A bit foolish, maybe, for getting so close to that fawn not knowing where mom was (it was not a normal place to leave a fawn, so I’m guessing it had wandered off, but anything is possible, I suppose), but not selfish. If anything, as someone with a film background, I’m impressed he/she was able to continue to shoot during something so horrific. It takes a certain amount of willpower to be able to do that and remain as steady and mentally focused (no pun intended) as this person was.

  217. LJ says:

    I just wanted to say, I am so thankful Star is ok. My sister posted a voice over version of this video because she thought it was funny, but I was so horrified I had to find the original to see if the poor dog was ok. I know you have gotten a lot of stick from people about the fact Star was not leashed. I used to get the same stick about my border collie, Aurora, who was never on a leash and also never strayed more than two feet from my side when we were out together. I get it….believe me. I know how incredibly smart they are. Our dear old girl would have been scandalized had we leashed her.

    I think people are missing the point here that it would not have mattered if Star had been leashed or not. Given how small your mother is, the deer was likely to still attack in defense of her fawn regardless. It could have just as easily been a kid, or a leashed animal, anything. Its all moot points, and people can act as scandalized as they want *rolls eyes* the important thing is that Star, the cat, and the deer and fawn are all fine.

  218. Cannaad says:

    People who become Irrate when commenting are quite idiotic. Those who Make an essay in proper English about keeping a dog on a leash have never owned a dog. Others who understand the situation mourn the dogs pain, but realize the dears worry: Strange place, sort of looks like a wolf? Better safe than sorry. What if that was your kid? Get a grip, some of you are so cocksure.

  219. Cathy Willcox says:

    Since Star was out loose in the street and was before when she was hit by a truck, sounds like you are in need of some proper dog ownership counseling. Dogs are kept with us on leashes or in yards for THEIR PROTECTION. It doesn’t matter if she’s a good dog or a trained dog — we keep them leashed because we’re grown ups and know that nothing is 100%. It looks like you didn’t learn your lesson the first time and unfortunately your poor old dog had to suffer the consequences. By the way, the deer is just doing what any mom would do — who doesn’t know that?

  220. Tiana says:

    This really is an amazing story about your dog Star :) I’m glad he managed to recover both times. But I have one question. You only gave two options to pick from at the start when really there should be 3. I’m a big animal lover all around and I try to see the picture from all sides. Yes Star (bless that adorable dog) did not deserve to be attack in anyway but honestly you shouldn’t really say the deer was “viscous” she was only really protecting her baby and she was already irritated with the cat, however its still really unfortunate that Star happened to be there when he was. The deer probably saw him near by and saw him as yet another threat to her young thus attacked. I don’t hate the deer because it attacked the cat or Star but I do feel bad that they were attacked and am glad their both ok.

  221. Allie says:

    I saw this video on another site and was so glad to come here and find out that your dog is ok. Regardless of the situation, that poor dog taking a beating from the deer was so scary to watch. I have a one-eyed 9 year old dog and couldn’t imagine how she would handle being attacked by a deer. I’m so glad to hear that your sweet baby Star is ok!

    On a sidenote, I grew up in CO and have always known to stay away from deer – I had never actually seen a deer attack anything until this video though.

  222. aim says:


  223. Coree says:

    I am so glad Star is ok! I was so worried about him and I was tearing up watching that video. I kept on wondering if he was ok, so I googled it and found this article. Thanks for the update!

  224. Drew says:

    I am very happy Star is ok.

    But why was a deaf and one eyed dog left outside to roam around in the first place???????????

    Ignorant SELFISH people.

    I beg you (stupid, ignorant, foolish, selfish, people) to NEVER own another dog.

    How could a decent human being hold a video camera and just watch a deer do that to a crippled dog?

    I wish the deer had attacked the dumb humans and left the dog alone.

  225. Drew says:

    At Cuz,

    The person with the camera is SELFISH SCUM because they are just standing their video taping a CRIPPLED DOG be pummeled over and over and over and over and over again.

    How could a decent human being video tape that and not do something ANYTHING to help the poor dog?

  226. Drew says:


    I read your comment about having Star on a leash wouldn’t have made a difference. Wrong.

    Wow. Your entire family are a bunch of ignorant and selfish people.

    I will give your Mom one thing she was smart enough to keep her distance on the OTHER SIDE of the street AWAY FROM THE DEER.

    If Star had been on a LEASH AWAY FROM THE DEER like YOUR MOM WAS the deer would NOT have attacked!

    Star did NOT need to be pummeled like that and I hope you ignorant selfish people do NOT own another innocent animal.

    I have served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry Soldier so being willing to give my life for others is nothing new to me.

    I would have immediately ran to Star’s aid and tried to get the deer away. If the deer attacked and killed me so be it. I could never stand there and watch my dog be stomped to death.

    A deaf and one eyed dog should be safe in someone’s backyard anyways. NOT ROAMING AROUND THE STREET.

    Ignorant, cowardly, selfish people.

  227. Drew says:

    Mr. Fred Subra you are an ignorant COWARD.

    How could you stand there and film a crippled dog being pummeled and almost killed?

    What a disgrace you are.

  228. ddddddddddddd says:

    I understand wanting to let him wander. No really, I own two wonderful dogs and I feel I live in a tight-knit, semi-closed off community. But I DON’T LET THEM WANDER. Not because I’m worried about them hurting anyone, but because it’s my responsibility to keep them safe. I know they would enjoy the freedom of running around the neighborhood, but I doubt they’d enjoy being run over by an irresponsible driver (I’ve heard of someone that drove up unto the sidewalk to intentionally run over a cat), or in your case, trampled by a deer. It blows my mind that you haven’t learned your lesson. Keep pressing play on that video until it sinks in.

  229. Dawg says:

    I can’t believe someone would let a half blind, partially deaf, limping old dog to roam the streets freely. That’s just plain idiotic! The dogs’ owner(s) should be fined for not following the lease law. Law enforcement has proof right here on video to assess that fine. I feel for the poor dog to have such stupid owners supposedly keeping him safe! I’m just glad to hear he’s OK!

  230. Nick says:

    Wow, you people really do know how to get on your high horse don’t you? And just a few of you have a truly exceptional ability to repetitively state the bleeding obvious over and over again as if the family of this fine animal are intellectually disabled and unable to form their own opinions on actions that they should take following this incident. I’m just truly grateful to have been able to read your words of wisdom in all their profane glory. It’s also heartening to see just how many of you properly read the article in context and commented in the same spirit it was written – rather than spouting bile and vitriol at a person you have never met. At least if tragedy strikes myself or my loved ones I can feel secure in the knowledge that you little rays of sunshine will be right there waiting to rip into all parties involved, vomiting hate, blame and regulations like a broken sewer pipe.

    @Janx – Hope your pup is feeling better – getting out and living life in the sunshine is much preferable to hiding away from fear.

  231. Nick says:

    Wow, you people really do know how to get on your high horse don’t you? And just a few of you have a truly exceptional ability to repetitively state the bleeding obvious over and over again as if the family of this fine animal are intellectually disabled and unable to form their own opinions on actions that they should take following this incident. I’m just truly grateful to have been able to read your words of wisdom in all their profane glory. It’s also heartening to see just how many of you properly read the article in context and commented in the same spirit it was written – rather than spouting bile and vitriol at a person you have never met. At least if tragedy strikes myself or my loved ones I can feel secure in the knowledge that you little rays of sunshine will be right there waiting to rip into all parties involved, vomiting hate, blame and regulations like a broken sewer pipe.

    @Janx – Hope your pup is feeling better – getting out and living life in the sunshine is much preferable to hiding away from fear.

  232. Ali says:

    I don’t understand why a bunch of people here seem to feel fencing a pet is a bad thing, or that it takes away their freedom and happiness. That’s fucking retarded. It’s called responsibility, which is something I’m sure a lot you people can’t comprehend. I imagine you’re a terrible owner for letting not one, but two, terrible accidents happen to your dog. It’s also a shitty excuse that your mother is petite and 56. My grandparents are both overweight, in their sixties, and one is on oxygen; And I’ve literally watched BOTH run out after their dogs to prevent something bad from happening.

  233. Matthew says:

    I’m sorry your dog got hurt and I’m glad he recovered, but I’m tired of all these pet people who say “my dog doesn’t need a leash.” There are those of us who don’t want *any* dog coming up to us to smell our underwear, no matter how “friendly” the dog supposedly is. I don’t wish dogs any harm, but I don’t like them and don’t want to deal with even a friendly one that is free to just waltz up to me when I’m minding my own business.

    Plus, nobody can guarantee the behavior of an animal any more than they can a person. Dogs can “go postal” just like a human can. And as this video shows (and as you experienced when Star got hit by the truck), leashes provide safety for the pets as well.

    No two ways about it: Dogs belong in a fence or on a leash, regardless of how “friendly” they may be.

  234. Louie says:

    Leashing or fencing your dog is NOT only just for the safety of others, but now as you can see for your dog as well; just because your dog is docile doesn’t mean a vicious dog (or a mother deer) won’t try to kill it…just sayin’.

  235. shanelle lapsky says:

    i don’t take side … but dogs should be on a leash at all time when outside their homes or their dog park even if they are the sweetest dog in the world ..( sometimes for their own protection )… as of the deer .. it was protecting it’s fawn … and did anyone call the animal protection ??? or just filming as they find that cute until something bad happened ??…:( well if i had a thing to say both animals was not at fault.. the humans were !!!…

  236. Eddie says:

    Didn’t him getting hit by a car 4 years earlier teach you to NOT let him roam freely?

  237. Yeahyoureallycareok says:

    I’m sure there was at lest one able-bodied spectator that could’ve done something. I can’t say that for sure though, because I wasn’t there. The camera woman certainly deserves a round of applause for her courageous intervention… Glad the dog was ok, but once again we see The Bystander Effect. Someone/something is in distress in an intense situation, and suddenly everyone feels the need to watch, but not to help. And I know you could say “You wouldn’t run up to that deer and help out”, but I honestly would if it were my pet. Deer are dangerous, but an aluminum bat the skull is a bit more dangerous.

  238. Unbelievable says:

    That article pissed me off almost as much as the video

  239. dave says:

    you are a typical stupid self absorbed pet owner that feels so entitled and special that you don’t need to fence or leash your dog, if you observed leash laws like everybody else your dog would never have been injured, leash laws exist for a reason

  240. Wow, if the dog would have been fenced in or on a leash this wouldn’t have happened???? REALLY????? I NEVER would have guessed that. Gee, and such a simple solution. I don’t know why people find it necessary to state the obvious in cases such as this. Is it because you just like to hurt people? Of course these people know that if Star would have been fenced in this wouldn’t have happened but if he had been fenced in he wouldn’t have brought happiness to everyone in the neighborhood every other day of his life. If he had been fenced in he wouldn’t have enjoyed visiting with the neighbors every other day of his life. Yes, you’re right, if he had been fenced in he wouldn’t have suffered this ONE bad day but he also wouldn’t have enjoyed EVERY OTHER DAY FOR 15 YEARS!!!!! I would LOVE to live in a neighborhood where dogs can be allowed to roam and people around the neighborhood can all enjoy visits from this wonderful animal.
    Canada is an AMAZING country with ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL people. I live in Holland, Michigan, United States. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. I fought for it and would die for it but I also love Canada. I was paralyzed in a drunk driving accident shortly after I returned home from Iraq. Since that time I have filmed a documentary, Forever Changed: A True Story That May Save Your Life, and I also began speaking in schools in the United States and most recently, in Canada. I did presentations in ten schools in Saskatchewan, CA and I absolutely loved it. The students, the teachers, principals & counselors, the media and everyone else I met in Canada were wonderful. I was lost in a neighborhood and running out of gas. I asked directions to the nearest gas station which was a long way away. They gave me directions and I took off and I made it but just barely. On my way back to the highway that would take us to the next hotel up in one of the First Nation Reserve Schools in Keeseekoose, I saw the person who gave us directions coming down the road toward us. They came to find us to make sure we made it to the gas station. I had never seen such hospitality. The first presentations I did were in Regina, Saskatchewan and the newspaper there, along with one of the more popular television stations, did stories on me and my presentation. This was in October of 2010 and after those stories ran I was recognized EVERYWHERE I went. I felt like a rock star. Anyway, my point is that Canada is a great place and if they live in a place that is nice enough, where the people are nice enough to not complain about their dog, then they should enjoy allowing their dog to be happy visiting with people of the neighborhood. The people saying that the dog should have been chained up need to ask yourselves, “is Star happier being allowed to run free in the neighborhood to visit with the neighbors, play with the kids, being pet by everyone that sees him even though he’s been hit by a truck and attacked by a deer or would Star have been happier being fenced in over the last 15 years to keep him from being hit by that truck and attacked by that deer?” I don’t know if this neighborhood is the same as some of the ones I saw in Saskatchewan but if it’s anything like those towns, outside of town is NOTHING so the neighborhoods are small, surrounded by miles and miles of empty space, everyone knows each other and like I said, outside of the neighborhood is nothing and I mean nothing. Like I said, I don’t know if this is like those neighborhoods but whether it is or not, people here in the U.S. shouldn’t be commenting like they have. I just know that if you live in a place where a dog could live for 15 years and only be hit by a car once and have a deer attack once, I say let the dog enjoy his life and keep bringing happiness to himself and to the neighborhood. As for the insensitive people commenting, I do understand where they’re coming from. In almost every neighborhood here, if you let your dog run loose, they wouldn’t last a day before being run over by a car but it’s still not necessary to state the obvious. If you have a dog that can hurt others, there is no doubt you HAVE to keep it under control. If you have a dog that you KNOW would NEVER hurt anyone and everyone around knows the dog, your in an area where you can let the dog run loose and he stands only a small chance of being hurt, let him run. You can never guarantee a person or your pet of being safe 100% of the time unless you watch over them 100% of the time and even then there’s ways they could be hurt so you have to weigh the risk. It seems like the people of this neighborhood watch out for Star while he roams free enjoying his life and in return, he brings them happiness.

  241. I already commented on people who state the obvious, like “if the dog was in a fence he wouldn’t have been attacked.” Oh really??? I bet they never thought of that….lol. Anyway, I just wanted to make a more positive comment. I don’t know if this neighborhood is anything like the neighborhoods in Saskatchewan but if they are, they’re surrounded by miles and miles of nothing. They have small neighborhoods and outside of the neighborhoods, which may or may not have a gas station with one pump, a grocery store and maybe a small restaurant and then there are 50 or so houses. There are about 5 square blocks and everyone knows each other and if you let a dog run free, everyone knows the dog and the dog knows everyone. We don’t have many neighborhoods like that here in the U.S.
    I was paralyzed in a drunk driving accident and since that time I filmed a documentary, “Forever Changed; A True Story That May Save Your Life”, and I began speaking in schools around the United States. I spent 5 years in the Army, fought in Iraq so I also started doing presentations on military bases around the United States. I would really like to do presentations for the Canadian Military as well. Like I said, I fought in Iraq but it was in the first Gulf War and we started out the beginning of the ground war with Canadian ‘tankers’. Anyway, most recently I began doing presentations in Canadian schools around the Province of Saskatchewan. That began when I did a presentation for a SADD conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and after that they chose me to do presentations later in the school year, in March 2011, for 10 schools. The first one I did was in Regina, which I wasn’t aware was the capital nor was I aware of the pronunciation of “Regina” until after I was there for a couple of days….LOL. Anyone from Canada knows what I’m talking about, the city that rhymes with “fun”…..LOL. Anyway, there was a crew from a large newspaper and a popular television station. After those stories were aired on TV and printed in the newspaper, I was recognized like a rock star all over Saskatchewan….lol. My point is that the people there are wonderful and I hope to be back there, no matter what province, real soon.
    I just wrote again because I don’t like what’s being said about the dog’s owner. I replied to someone but I wanted to write a little more positive comment than my last one. That was more about the stupidity of people who tend to, for whatever reason, state the obvious in hurtful comments. Star is obviously a dog that is loved, cared for and just because he was involved in this freak incident doesn’t mean that he was neglected or that anything should have been done any different. This dog could have been fenced in or tied up and ‘yes’ that would have prevented him from being hit by the truck and it ‘could’ have prevented the deer from attacking him. I say “could” because even if he was tied up, if that deer had seen him, it wouldn’t have mattered if he was tied up, he would have still been attacked. In fact, if he were tied up the and the deer had still attacked him, it would have probably ended with Star being killed because he couldn’t have gotten away. If you could ask Star if he would rather have been fenced in for 15 years but NOT been attacked or hit by a truck or been allowed to run free but he would have still been hit by the truck and attacked by the deer, I’m fairly certain he would choose to run free. He had a couple really bad days but he had 15 years worth of GREAT days because he was allowed to ‘visit’ with the neighbors. He was allowed to play with the neighborhood kids. He lives a free and wonderful life. He’s loved and he brings happiness to his family as well as others in the neighborhood. So all you people who are hell bent on saying, “if you’d have fenced him he wouldn’t have been attacked” need to rethink that. For one, there is no guarantee that he wouldn’t have been attacked. Like I said, if the deer had seen him, chained up or not, fenced in or not, that deer saw that dog as a threat and would have attacked him no matter what and if he was tied, he would have probably been killed. Now, if he had been fenced in for his entire life, he wouldn’t have been hit by the car and probably not attacked by the deer but he DEFINITELY wouldn’t have given all the joy to people in the neighborhood as he has. He DEFINITELY wouldn’t have had the free life he’s had. So again, you people need to rethink your opinions and remember, they are only opinions.

  242. I P Freely says:

    I like stuff!!!
    sheet, I gotta whizz ….

  243. V.o.R. says:

    First off, I just want to say that most of these comments are absolutely ridiculous.

    The deer was in fact protecting it’s baby. Does to be quite honest can have real asshole moments where they view anything and everything that lives within it’s view as a threat when they have a fawn in their protection.

    Regardless of the deer though, this dog should not have been allowed to roam free. If the dog was being walked off-leash and had exceptional recall, that’s reasonable, because the dog would have been very close by to the person walking it. However, this dog seems to be allowed to roam the neighborhood at will. Heck, it’s first instinct wasn’t even to escape to the safety of it’s own home… it ran (according to the person who wrote this article) 2 blocks before collapsing. The reason there are leash laws and that dogs are not meant to roam free is because through domestication, we’ve bred out a lot of the natural cautions that dogs originally had.

    Fenced in yards are NOT prisons, it is a way of keeping your dog safe. Dogs have the intelligence of about a 4 year old kid. Would you allow your 4 year old child to wander around the neighborhood at will without any supervision? If you wouldn’t, then why let your dog? As a dog lover, I see that as irresponsible dog ownership. Not only is the dog wandering around at will, which could cause potential motor vehicle accidents, you have to also put into perspective that not everyone likes dogs, and there are also some sadistic people out there who’d like nothing more than to torture poor little Fido or Fifi just for the fun of it. Also, don’t even get me started about all the little ‘presents’ that a loose dog can leave all over the neighborhood. You are responsible to ensure you clean up after your dog when ‘nature calls’. How can you be expected to do that when you’re at home watching TV, and Fido’s down the street pooping in someone’s flower bushes? Out of sight, out of mind? Yea, pet ownership does NOT work that way.

  244. nicky says:

    Ok, so you guys sound like idiots lol all animals are ANIMALS….they will all show interest and possible disdain for one another…..and deer will wander into neighborhoods…since they USED to be THEIR neighborhoods! and this deer just so happened to have its baby with her….so yeah she was DEFENSIVE to the nines! this probably could have been avoided but it was something that was NOT anticipated so of course it wasnt prevented….of course i would HOPE things have changed not only just on stars end of the ordeal but also on his owners….hopefully they dont just rely on him being afraid to wander too far as a way to protect him…..anyway…glad he is doing well!! :)

  245. TALLONize says:

    Star is a fucking pussy compared to that dam female deer My Doberman would have killed that deers ASS NIGGA

  246. TALLONize says:

    that dog is a fucking pussy compared to that damn female deer my Doberman would have killed that deer he would of whooped dat ASS NIGGA o and just so u no i helped with the editing of star getting raped by the deer bc the deer showed that dawg a thing or 2

    Have a Nice Day :) :Killer Tallon

    • Daisy says:

      You’re so inconsiderate and rude!

    • Stiltz says:

      Wow, you’re horrible. The dog is 14 years old, what do you expect the dog to do, jump up like its younger and kick the shit out of the deer? And of course your dog would have killed the deer, it’s a Doberman for crying out loud.

  247. Daisy says:

    My cousin made me see the “funny” version on youtube. I didn’t see it coming that it wasn’t funny at all and it was too graphic for me as a pet lover. Dogs are too precious to me! Seeing something like this made my stomach churn and heart ache. Poor dog. I am all for animals, but that deer made me very bitter towards it. Animals, especially wild ones do not really know any better so I won’t put all the blame on that deer. this video just made me very sad and made me wonder about this poor beatened dog. I’m so glad I came across your article about the dog being okay. It seriously made me feel at ease. I had to know whether your dog was okay or not. I’m so glad she is doing well. She seems like a lovely well mannered dog. She truly is a very strong dog for going through what she has gone through in her life and surviving it all. She deserves all the love in the world :)

  248. Tamara says:

    I am just glad Star is okay! It was a horrible thing to witness, but deer are easily threatened prey animals, and she was obviously trying to get her fawn out of there and back to the woods. Nature is cruel sometimes, but thankfully all the animals were okay in the end, this time.

  249. Stiltz says:

    For those of you saying the dog was let out ‘alone’, you’re a bunch of idiots. If you even bothered to read, the dog wasn’t let out alone, the dog’s owner’s mother was right there. But, what do you expect from a 56 year old lady? Do you really think she has the strength to scare off a pissed off dear? Seriously? I mean sure, the dog should have had a leash on, cause that’s the law. But, if your dog is as well behaved as Star, of course you’re going to think its okay to walk around without a leash. The bad part about that is though, you don’t know how other dogs might react to Star, or if there are any wild animals that could injure Star for getting to close to them without realizing. Cause if your dog is going blind in its one good eye, and going deaf.. You sure as hell shouldn’t let him roam without a leash.

  250. debbie garner says:

    get a clue city people. the DEER was protecting her newborn. she did NOT mean it **eye roll** personally. it’s tragic about the dog; i LOVE LOVE LOVE my dogs. i live in MICHIGAN where we …. umm… have DEER…. the doe was protecting her SCENTLESS fawn which they leave after giving birth to go strengthen UP… did you not SEE the fawn trying to nurse? the STUPID idiots are you PEOPLE. and??? btw…. if you OWN a deer? WHY? and…. the poor dog meant no harm. the doe saw it as a natural enemy to her SCENTLESS fawn whom in the WILD would have been just as savagely protected. women? would YOU not protect YOUR offspring against any perceived danger? yeah, i thought you would.

  251. me says:

    I personally look at deer where i live as vermin so do many others in my area, mama and baby deer would both be sausage and jerky!

  252. ksdvfv says:

    how the hell would a leash save the dog from the dear???

  253. AJ says:

    I just saw this video and found it very disturbing. You can’t blame the deer for protecting it’s young. I do have to wonder about somebody that can continue to film a dog getting trampled be a deer. I felt compelled to find out if “the dog” in the video was OK and am so glad to find out your dog is doing OK.

  254. Marcus says:

    I can’t see how you can sit there and let your “beloved” dog be trampled either but at the same time, it is somewhat expected if you don’t keep your animal on a leash! Yes that deer was protecting it yearling and yes it could have been prevented if you had your pet on a leash! Some of you actually keep your children on a leash! For what, maybe you can’t control them but that is not for me to say!! All in all, I’m glad that the dog is safe and the owner should definitely take more care of his or her pet, seeing how it already got plowed by a vehicle!!

    P.S. I highly doubt that deer was “GHETTO” by any means! If protecting your children is ghetto, then maybe they need a leash along with your pet!!

  255. Tina says:

    Why wouldn’t anyone try to jump in and save the dog I know I would of fought that damn deer to save that dog! That poor dog didn’t know better to stay away and look what happened he had to fight for his life! I am a huge animal lover and to see this makes me sick and anyone that was around watching this should of tried to rescue that poor dog! What is wrong with people now a days?!?!?!?!

  256. Such ignorance among many of you responding posters:

    Border Collies are amazing and if raised with kindness, incredibly sweet dogs… I belong to my four year old “Soggy Paws” (I didn’t name him :) .

    For those of you who do not understand the essence of a border collie, let me explain this to you. You don’t leash a border collie, or fence it… you don’t need to. period. Highly intelligent and people-oriented, they will do whatever you ask of them and if you tell them to stay close by… they do.

    The owner that you hear screaming in horror in the video is, of course, not responsible for his injuries, it’s a freak occurrence… and she obviously loves him very much.

    I have rescued several injured wild deer and brought them to wildlife rehabilitation centers, including a fawn that almost drowned in Seneca Lake (upstate ny), so no, I am not heartless, but…

    While the doe was defending it’s fawn, I would still defend my puppy to the death… and in doing so, teach that deer to stay the hell away from people and houses.

    I think, if I could have reached him in time, I would definitely have performed a flying tackle on that mother deer and given that stupid (and I mean reaallllly stupid) deer the beating of it’s life. I wouldn’t kill it of course, but while avoiding the hooves I would have locked it down, choked it out if possible, tied it up and relocated it and it’s fawn to another area (in a perfect world)… but not before knocking the crap out of it. Understand this, deer are some of the dumbest animals in the wild, right up there with chipmunks. They’re known to stroll right off of cliffs, race cars down the road and a buck will kill you given half the chance during rutting season, if it’s crazy enough. Picture a giant rabbit, mixed with a roo… only much much dumber… and more dangerous.

    When you live on the edge of a wooded or wilderness area, encounters like this can happen and you must defend your family, including your buddy “Star”. Wildlife is not cute and cuddly and as you can see here, can be very dangerous. Think about this… if Star wasn’t able to somehow, miraculously find the strength to stand and run for his life, the doe would have certainly ended him… visualize crushed skull and jaw, eyes gouged out and intestines all over the place… mother deer are serious creatures and more than slightly demented… did you see in the video how far out of her way she went to punish him, while the cat (who was harassing her fawn to begin with) stayed with the fawn? Well this idiot mother left her fawn at least 50-70 yards away, defenseless against any other threat to get to and beat Star to death. It’s very disturbing to me to hear his whimpers and screams as he is being cut and beaten… it’s a horrible, humiliating and undeserved way to die for a trusting domestic animal that means no harm to anyone, and I wouldn’t stand for that any more than allowing another person to do that to him… the end result is the same. Anyone betrays the earned trust of my elderly siberian husky or my border collie will have a lot of time to contemplate their wrong-doing’s while they eat through a straw for a few months… get my meaning?

    Bicker amongst yourselves all you like, but at the end of the day, you protect your own. You care for them, love them and defend them with everything in your power, and if you don’t, you are just typical, self-absorbed garbage… and karma is a bitch.

    I applaud Star’s mom for all she has done to cherish him and keep him as comfortable as she can in his twilight years, bravo to you and I’m right there with ya :)

    -Barefoot Hank Dean, Key West, FL / Watkins Glen, NY.

  257. He didn’t know what was going to happen, obviously. He was probably just filming the deer, her fawn and that domineering cat… What happened, happened in a matter of seconds and was visibly shaken by what he/she saw as the camera was shaking when it panned over to the beating scene… look closely before you judge.

  258. Kristin says:

    You are beyond pathetic. I bet you have no one that loves you so you spread your negativity like a disease in hopes that you will ruin someones day or that they will become as miserable as you.

  259. pms says:

    I am so glad that Star is ok now. I was in tears watching him get trampled like that. This was a neighborhood not a forest and the deer wasnt supposed to be here but Star lived here.

  260. ur mom's bf says:

    Star is too good to be on a leash… DERP!

    And then this happens… Poor dog ended up with the wrong family; first getting hit by a car, and then getting beaten half to death. Both times for not being leashed.

    You guys must breathe through your mouths, I hope you didn’t reproduce.

    The moral here is: love your dog enough to leash them, so they don’t get hit by 1/2 ton trucks or beaten to death by deers.

  261. Sylvia J. says:

    If he was so “special” WHY didn’t YOU have her leashed!!!!!!!

  262. Sylvia J. says:

    If his eyesight is diminishing as well as his hearing YOU should have known to have him leashed. What did you expect ANY mother to after giving birth? Because of your, hundreds of deer are now being killed.

  263. Emily says:

    I think that it was thoughtless to let Star out with her prior injuries. A dog who is 14, cannot run, and can barely see is in no condition to defend itself against wild animals, domestic animals, cars, people, or otherwise. If you love you dog, and have the income (or your parents have the income) to afford all of this surgery, instead of allowing the opportunity for Star to get hurt, put a fence around your yard, and take him on a walk (with a leash) frequently. I can assure you your dog will happy with this kind of freedom. Also; to those who say that the deer shouldn’t have been there, you must remember that we are demolishing their forest habitats to build out neighborhoods and subdivisions, leaving a smaller and smaller area for these creatures to dwell. Just food for thought. Good luck to Star, hope he’s not in pain.

  264. someone says:

    i would shoot tht damn deer i care for animals but the dog also should have been on a leash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. someone says:

    I would shoot the damn deer but also the dog should have been on a leash!!!!!!!!

  266. Henry says:

    Man, this isn’t a matter of who is fault or not, they just animals, animals act by instinct that deer was protecting his “family”. So what’s the point choose one of the options above?, unlike us animals don’t hurt others by pure evil or money like us.
    This is nature speaking.
    I’m glad the dog is okay, but i don’t hate the deer -.-’ what a stupid thing hate a animal.

  267. Paula Calloway says:

    First, Star, here’s to you and your spirit, your will to live and your love of life—may you have many more long years filled with love.

    Second, thank you for the update on the dog. No animal or human minding one’s own business deserves to be attacked, especially by a wild animal within in mere yards of one’s own home in one’s own residential neighborhood where one should feel and be most safe.

    Third, it’s a small side road and Star WAS heading back to his owner when she called him, until the charging deer struck Star’s right side, his blind side. No blame can be laid justly because the deer was doing her maternal natural thing and Star was doing his every-day natural thing. The issue is simply a collision of paths, no wrong, no right, just nature colliding with man in an area man claimed and nature still roams.

    Fourth, reality is Star was unable to fight back very well because he is the equivalent of an average 69 y/o human. At his age, if Star weren’t arthritic, something that comes naturally with age for all creatures and beings, is painful and makes movement difficult on a good day, I’d be amazed. For those saying Star was weak or anything of the sort, make sure to let us know how well you fight a charging wild animal when you are 69 y/o.

    Fifth, a small leaping 180-pound buck did $2,500.00 destruction to a minivan and walked away with no indication of injury. I have documented proof and the bill. Just imagine what kind of damage a charging deer can do—to a body. Ask your auto insurance company. For those owners claiming what their dog would have done, I hope you never have to test that claim, for the sake of the dog because nature can be unpredictable.

    Sixth, for those saying someone should have done this or that or they would do this or do that, the truth is you never truly know how you will react to a situation until you are in a situation and no two situations are ever the same. Most instances happen faster than we can process because of shock or surprise, but hindsight and hope are always 20/20.

    Seventh, for those who insist a leash or fence would have made a difference, I wonder if you have you ever seen a deer’s ability to leap or come in contact with those razor-sharp hooves. Truth is, fences and leashes won’t stop a deer in any mode and, before you opt to argue that, read the words of Cranbrook’s own mayor:

    –quote– “Last Friday, I had to intervene. A lady was walking down 14th Avenue with her dog on a leash and a deer charged. She had to run to get away and I pulled my car in front of the deer,” commented Cranbrook’s mayor, Scott Manjak. –end quote–

    Please visit the following link where I clipped the words of Cranbrook mayor from:

    In the 14th Avenue situation, the woman was walking her dog on a leash and still the deer charged. If not for the mayor interceding, you would know firsthand what a charging deer can do to an owner walking a dog on a leash. Based on the mayor’s encounter, I’m inclined to believe a leash with an attached owner would have led to Star being more seriously injured and the owner in a similar condition, if not one or both fatally so because there was no interceding anything in this situation.

    The sad truth is until we learn to safely distance our domain from nature’s, these incidents are going to happen. The best we can do is stay alert and avoid any such possibility or be prepared to face the consequences of failed preparation.

  268. Paula Calloway says:

    Just a few more things for those making accusations:

    1-you say Star’s owner shouldn’t have let Star out with deer in the area. Did Star’s owner even know deer were in the area? Perhaps Star was already outside when the doe entered the neighborhood. Deer are quiet and make little noise, very seldom do deer announce their presence. I’ve started off my porch to get the mail only to freeze at a buck standing in the middle of the road. After I eased back inside, I peeked out the window. Under the cherry tree was a trio of does and a fawn. I had been only fifteen feet from them while on the porch. Since this was the only deer attack Star has ever endured in his almost fifteen years, I’d say his owner has done a fine job of protecting him. And when you consider the vet knows the dog, that indicates Star gets regular medical visits. Can you say the same for your pets?

    2-you say the fawn’s presence should have alerted viewers to the probability of a doe. Did anyone but the cameraperson and cat know the fawn was in the area? To discover a fawn is rare and I think the only reason a fawn was known to be present was because the cameraperson knew the cat’s signals of discovering something interesting. It seems as if Star didn’t know the doe or fawn was in the area because the doe surprised Star and that leads to the possibility that Star didn’t know the doe was present. Maybe Star was outside first and the doe intruded to look for the fawn she seemed to have left unattended or perhaps the fawn had wandered off. No, the doe shouldn’t have been in any residential area because such is not safe for deer under any circumstances as their hooves can easily slip on asphalt, grinding their flesh, or bring them face-to-face with a vehicle that fails to stop in time.

    3-you say Star’s owner should have Star fenced in or had Star on a leash. As for the leash, I placed the clip in my previous post that verifies the probability that the Cranbrook deer seem to have little to no fear of a human with a leashed dog or humans in general. Think about when the person clapped their hands and made noise in the video. The doe’s reaction was to pause, look, then turn and casually walk into a backyard across the street. As for the yard, if the yard isn’t fenced, that isn’t exactly cheap or easy to do. All in all considered, I’ve seen a buck leap over two and half lanes, including clearing a car, and that tells me that no fence is going to barricade a deer from where a deer wants to go. It is possible Star had been outside for only a few moments and maybe, just maybe, Star doesn’t roam as far or for as long as you might think. After all, senior and geriatric dogs tend to stay close because they tire easily and know it.

    4-you say the cameraperson knew and just kept filming. Are you absolutely certain the cameraperson knew Star was being charged prior to the camera catching the incident? Since the cameraperson was focused on the doe, it is possible the cameraperson was as shocked by the attack as you were the first time you saw it. No one witnessing the attack had the chance to pause the moment and think. You had control of the incident no one at the scene had because you had a pause/stop button. Remember, it was only after the entire incident that you are now adding your opinion of what you would have done, reactive or preventative, if you had been there. I wonder if you, your pet and your neighborhood faced a similar situation if your pet’s response would be that of Star or your claim, if your reaction would be that of those eyewitnesses or your claim. I even wonder what my true reaction would have been if I had been an eyewitness and not a video viewer. I know how I would have liked to have reacted or what I would have liked to have done, but until I face that, I’ll never truly know. When you consider a deer’s abilities, even preventative measures seem lacking.

    5-you say those in the area should have done this or that. Did those present know what to do? Is it possible no one was home but the cameraperson and the owner? Is it possible no one came out in view of the camera to help because it wasn’t their problem or they didn’t want involved? Anything is possible. The truth is the average person thinks after the fact, but seldom at the moment, the moment when it counts the most, the moment when it can make the greatest difference. Perhaps those present were frozen in shock and/or horror or were on the phone to the police. Think back and I’m sure you’ll discover that there was at least one time in your past where you froze because the scene was too shocking, horrifying or unbelievable for you to react to. If one isn’t in your past, watch for one in your future.

    The next time you turn your back on the whining cat on the corner, consider that the cat might have been attacked and needs your help. The next time you tune out the child crying in the night, consider the possibility the child is crying out for your help, any help. The next time you drive past a dog running down the road you think got loose, consider that the dog might have been tossed from a car and is lost and scared and trying to run back to the only home he ever knew.

    Thinking before speaking/posting gives one the chance to rethink and think clearly. Too few people use the process today.

  269. Shannon says:

    So much love to your puppa. I’m glad she’s OK, too. I, like you, tend to not keep my girl on a leash because she thrives when she’s not. I think we sometimes forget that, like people, our animals have different strengths and weaknesses, and strong, individual personalities. I put her on a leash when it’s necessary. Do I know that it comes with inherent risk–I sure do. Life is risk. The more we try to control, the worse that risk seems to be–that’s been my experience and it’s what has taught me to let go. I love and protect my animals fiercely. I literally beat a husky off my cat as he was intent to kill her. He was unrightfully off his leash on my property (I live in rural country with houses fairly far apart). My cat survived (with a punctured lung) and, yes, she still goes outside because she loves it. She’s rickety and weak, but it makes her so happy. In this crazy way, that cat has taught me the ultimate meaning of true love–letting someone (something) you love do what makes it happy, even if it involves risk. The “lesson learned” is that I cannot control and predict nature, not that I should put her on lock-down. Do I understand the neighbor’s dog was doing what came instinctually? I do. Do I still love that dog (he used to ‘visit’ here regularly–now he doesn’t–he is surely scared of me)? I do. The problem I had with the neighbor is that she was fully aware that her dog was a killer–it had happened before–and she couldn’t control him. He regularly broke off his zip line and ran away. That person should give the dog to the Humane Society to adopt him out to a more appropriate family.

    I leash my dog in populated areas or on trails where it is required. I put her on the leash when it is requested by others. I don’t want to cause nervous, anti-social dogs more anxiety. My dog is a better-behaved, less defensive dog when she can roam and sniff as her biology intended. That’s what’s best for MY dog. It’s not the best for OTHERS dogs. I know this because I love her so much and have become so in-tune with her. I trust you know the same. Screw the naysayers. You know what you know. You know what is right. I trust you would never intentionally cause harm to your dog. You accept that life involves risk.

    Best to you and yours.

  270. brittany says:

    This is seriously dumb.

    The deer was protecting its newborn baby, and the deer was frightened being in a completely different place (in town) what kind of reaction did you expect?!

    Your dog is not a hero, it just survived a few kicks. Nobody cares about that dog, its just a dog. You act like its something so miraculous. Get ahold of yourself.

  271. Scott says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how imbeciles are able to post anything their impaired brains deem as intelligent conversation online. I’m of course referring to half the comments to this post. The other half are people trying in vain to make said imbeciles see the light.

    All I’m gonna do is say how happy I am that your dog survived the attack and is back to doing well. Thanks for sharing his condition with us all. The deer was probably acting out of instinct and protecting her young from the perceived threat.

  272. I am so glad that Star was not seriously injured. I was impressed by the deer but did notice that Star did not put up much of a fight. I just was not sure if Star was behaving in a threatening manner that you couldn’t see,I am glad your mother did not get attacked.

  273. id40k says:

    Why dont you all shut up and feel sorry for Star’s misury I mean seriously you guys are no hearted demons, yeah Star couldve been fenced but seriously ive read some comments and they were mean. and besides what about the cat thier small and not very strong and if you look carefully after Star got beat up the deer punched him in the face or near the face. also the video on youtube said Cat and Dog team up to take on deer (fight) so how did they fight if they didnt really touch the deer.

  274. Rythos says:

    I’d just like say that, first, I’m glad Star was okay after the incident. I was horrified when I stumbled upon this video.

    However, I would also like to say that yes, he should be fenced. I’m not calling any names or all that horrible “he needs better owners, you’re stupid” business. That’s just silly. I’m rather saying that you have to realize no matter HOW well behaved animals are, anything can happen, even IN a yard. It’s better to minimize the risk – a nice yard doesn’t stop an animal from living, or even not having a yard period! That’s what walks are for, they get supervised exploring, but still get to see all the sights, smell all the smells, and meet other animals, but safely.

    I’d also like to state that, of the 1 and 2 given in the article, my opinion is a mix. I feel horrible for the dog and even the cat, but the deer was just doing what nature taught her to. For all she knew, the cat and dog could be after her baby. While the cat didn’t really need so much to be attacked, and she was probably just already in “aggressive mode”, I understand attacking the dog completely. Natural predators of deer include wolves and sometimes even coyotes, and that is a shape and smell that is ingrained in the minds of deer that sets off very old instincts that yell “Danger!” to them. I completely understand where she was coming from, but gosh, I also wish she had understood that the dog didn’t even SEE her…

    So yes. While the deer was in the right, if the dog had been fenced she wouldn’t have been able to get to poor Star, even if she had still seen him as a threat. Fence your dogs, people! Take them on walks to let them see the world, but don’t let them roam. They just don’t always understand the dangers.

  275. tree doctor says:

    change his name to lucky

  276. tree doctor says:

    LUCKY STAR and dust off all the haters in JESUS NAME we love u mom

  277. GhettoCranBrookDeer says:


  278. PoopDolla says:

    Haha that deer is badass don’t fuck with a mothers young bitch

  279. Arnold Palmer says:

    After watching the youtube video of that dog getting beat I decided to waste more time and read the owners blog of what happened. This response is a bigger joke then the actual video. First of all, nobody gives a sweet shit about the life story of your dog its a fucking animal. Every owner on the planet will argue their dog is the best and apparently your no different, and even more apparent your dogs not the best. After forcing myself through the painful beginning of this pathetic biography, my original concern was adressed: leash laws. I dont know whats more funny, you explaining how your mut endured “hundreds of hours of rehabilitation” or your explanation as to why you were breaking the law. “Now, I recognize there are leash laws and I also recognize that had he been on a leash this whole incident might not have happened… but Star is too good a dog to be on a leash” First of all you milk (exploit) every aspect of this situation to the fullest, why the fuck are you holding back now? Having a leash on that dog would have indeed 100% prevented this from occurring. And as for “hes too good of a dog” being the reason hes not on a leash makes me want to laugh. Ya your dog is soo goood he sat while 4 hooves flew at him from every direction…now thats obedience. A leash isnt just meant for “not good” dogs their in place to protect the environment from the animals and the animals from the environment, it allows the owner full control over what they/their dog do together since the owner is 9/10 times more capable of making these sort of decisions. Apparently the stupid broad in this video fell under that 1/10. And for all your naive fucks, that fawn was so young it could barley stand up for extended periods of time, and it was chilling beside a fucking chevy, NO SHIT THE DEER IS PARANOID.

  280. Gabe says:

    I’m so glad to read she is still alive!! Very nice, indeed! Nice story life :)

    I’m not a closed-mind but I still keep my thought. No matter how old I would be I’ll do my best to scare that deer by naking myself or jumping on or pulling her away with my full strenght

    but this depindes on each person so no one can actually judge someone… probably she was too scared to act or think what do to. and judging the animals is much worst!
    I’m having 5 cats and a little cuttie dog and I can’t say: what a cruel animal! that’s how they’ve been grown or how they are.

    What about the cat? he looks OK as far as I see

    sorry for grammy. not a native English

    Long life dogs and cats! Peace!

  281. Rob says:

    I betcha Star was off the leash when he was hit by the truck too. It doesn’t mattter if he “Just the best behaved dog ever.” A leash is to protest the dog as much as people. I guess you’ve figured that out, but it’s taken the suffering of a dog to teach you something you should know and do before you get one. Oh, and btw way, don’t mess with Mother Nature. She will kick your butt! Dah!

    • Rob says:


      I betcha Star was off the leash when he was hit by the truck too. It doesn’t mattter if he’s “Just the best behaved dog ever.” A leash is to protect the dog as much as people. I guess you’ve figured that out, but it’s taken the suffering of a dog to teach you something you should’ve known and done before you got one. Oh, and btw way, don’t mess with Mother Nature. She will kick your butt! Dah!

  282. Josh says:

    Shame on you old Lady. Screaming does not help when your beloved dog is being attacked? At least you could have thrown an object to the deer or something. Also, apparently there were more than one person there, perhaps another woman good for nothing.

    The other point is… The dog should not be walking free, you need to keep the dog in a safe place. Shame on you owners, who knows how many accidents the poor dog have had in the past because of that. (beside being hit by a car or truck.)

    Is not the Deer fault, it is the irresponsible owners fault. The deer just did what it was supposed to do, protect the smaller deer.

    • MadHattter says:

      Yea Your A Retard Throw Something At The Deer Are You Mental If She Threw Something At the Deer She Couldve Hurt Her Dog Even More Shes 56 What Do You Think? That Shes Has A Better ArmThen Then Tim Tebow YOur A Dumbass Dude Use Some Common Sense

  283. Gary says:

    I am so glad that he wasnt badly injured godbless your guys wondeful dog! ;)

  284. STAR lover says:

    Star hope u feel better.

  285. Herman says:

    I wonder why my comment has been deleted after a few days. So, here’s a new one:

    I’m glad that “Star” is okay! And I like “River” for wanting to help the baby. And I love the doe, she defends her baby according to her mother instinct.

    At the same time do I understand and support the residents, who want the deer out of their neighborhood, because wild animals like these just don’t belong there. It’s such a pity, little dogs have been put down already because they had been badly mauled by deer! Nevertheless it’s also true that vets have to lull many fawns to sleep, which have been mauled by dogs – irresponsibly allowed to stroll around in fields and woods!

    I’d wish, more pets owners would be able to respect not their pets only but other animals as well!

  286. Jake says:

    Not to sure why the owner didnt do anything except yelling “Star” “Star” Oh shit”

  287. tam says:

    I don’t know which makes me more sick to my stomach. The horrific video or the vile and hateful delivery of these comments. I understand all your stances but there’s got to be a better way to communicate your thoughts w/o the hate.

  288. Javin says:

    There really is a certain beauty to this thread. Let’s take a statistical account of how many ignorant, stupid, misspelled, and generally uneducated posts there are, and compare them to those posts that seem to come from people with an education above that of, say, 2nd grade.

    Now, in that same comparison, let’s also look at the people who believed that the dog/owner was at fault for having the dog off leash, compared to those who realized that this was just a crap situation that could’ve happened to anyone because it was just some random unfortunate crap.

    Now put that to a pie chart and you’ll find that the ignorant bastards are 95% against the dog/dog owner while the people who show some semblance of intelligence are 95% towards the feeling that this was a case of a very rare, and very unfortunate situation.

    Now my question is this: Why is it that we’re okay with the fact that statistics also show that the dumb fucks breed far more than the not-dumb-fucks?

    And by the way, the “Captcha” thing on this is brutal. I’m a human and can’t make out the vast majority of these things.

  289. Mackenzie says:

    Let’s stop and think for a moment, its this woman’s ignorance that got this poor dog injured. ‘He’s too well behaved for a leash’ is pure BS. You should NEVER let your dog roam, it’s just asking for an accident to happen, and one did! Its your fault your poor dog was injured and if you hadnt been so ignorant maybe this wouldnt have happened. Even now, you dont seem to realize this–as it’s obvious from your opinions on leashing him in the article. Your dog is partially blind, crippled, and cannot hear well–but you think its safe to let him roam? He was hit by a car once–in his state of condition i wouldnt be surprised if it happened again. There are leash laws for a reason. Your yard should be fenced in and when taking him out he should be on a leash of some sort or another. You’re opinions on the leashing matter are mind-blowing. The deer was protecting her fawn and your dog was running loose (thanks to you). So all in all, it was your fault. Im glad to hear he’s okay–no thanks to you. It doesnt matter how well behaved your dog is–he needs to be protected..protection you arent providing. Ugh.

  290. maria says:

    I am glad to hear that STAR is ok and your are right not to try and stop the deer! Deer have sharp hooves and your mom could have been seriously hurt as well. Best to stay away.

  291. Mike says:

    Sledgehammer to the deer’s head. That’s what I would do.

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  293. Kim says:

    Look the deer was protecting its young. Savage attack. Jesus are you serious? The baby collapsed to the ground, the mother was in a panic and saw the dog as a threat, same as the cat. People read all kinds of human thoughts in animals, but at the end of the day no matter how smart they are, they are still just animals.
    You should have kept a better eye on your dog. Im glad he is ok, but clearly you need to keep watch. You diddnt learn when he was hit by the car huh? Its your fault he was attacked. You are his owner and you are responsible for his safety not just his feeding, housing, and grooming.

  294. Brian says:

    The problem is that once a doe feels that her fawn is in trouble, they will do anything to keep their fawn safe. The fact that your dog is super well behaved doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be on a leash. Leash laws are in place for a reason. Letting your dog run around is a good way to have it stolen, abused, hit by a car (oh yeah), or attacked by a wild animal (oh yeah again)

    The bad part is that even after being hit by a full size truck, you let your dog run around unsupervised. Common sense would have saved this dog a lot of suffering twice.

  295. Brian says:

    Sorry Javin, your logic makes no sense. You probably spent a lot of time trying to sound intelligent, yet you use the same rhetoric as that 95% you mention, aimed at the repliers instead of the article’s author.

    Obviously, this woman has no business owning a pet of any type. They let their poor dog roam free and it got hit by a truck. Did they learn their lesson? No! They still let the dog roam. Four years later, the dog is half blind, half deaf, and partially crippled…AND YET THEY LET IT ROAM. Even if the dog was already laying there, the deer saw the dog as a threat…all dogs have a similar scent as a wolf or coyote to deer.

    Personally, I’d like to see the dog’s owners being beat down by the deer. They deserve it for being ignorant enough to try to defend their stupidity and asking people to feel sorry for them. If you think your dog is too well behaved for a leash…you’re probably the one that deserves to be on a leash.

    Don’t blame the deer for following it’s instincts, don’t blame the camera man..he was taping his cat before the attack, and don’t blame the dog…IT’S NOT ITS FAULT THAT ITS OWNERS ARE RETARDED!

  296. judes090 says:

    I saw the video a couple of weeks ago for the first time, every time I thought about the video, I thought of that poor dog minding his own business, and getting attacked.I am so glad I found out that Star is doing well after the deer attack.

  297. DanMan says:

    1. Dogs are supposed to be leashed as a bi-law in my neighbourhood
    2. Having a fenced area for your dog to be outside in a safe environment is not cruel at all.
    3. You were all fucking filming a baby deer, with the mother in the area, who was probably scared to fucking hell for her baby, what did you honestly think was going to happen to your dog/cat/small child, the deer was going to just prance off as if you all weren’t there?

    You people defending the owners of both animals are stupid, look at the situation
    *Baby wild animal
    *Mother of the baby showing CLEAR defensive warnings.
    *You let your cat basically maul the baby animal to begin with.
    *You just stand around and film instead of trying to clear a safe path for the animals to go about their business, instead you all acted like trailer trash backwoods yokels and video-taped this animal attacking your “dearly loved” pets, get a fucking clue, anyone who wants to flame this post, don’t bother never going to be on this thread again, just wanted to make fun of the people using words like “hippy liberal fucks” because they made it way too easy.

  298. Pam says:

    I am glad that Star is recovering from this experience. Deer are wild animals and people and animals need to be wary of them. As far as I could tell from the video, Star was not even near the deer or the baby fawn. The deer ran quite a ways to get to Star and start attacking him. For all the people who are attacking the owner of the dog or blaming people for encroaching on deer land, this was just an unfortunate incident that could not have been foreseen. The owner of Star clearly loves him and was devastated seeing her dog been attacked. On the lighter side, it is funny when the cat starts trying to play with the fawn.

  299. MadHattter says:

    All Of Yall Saying The Owner Is A Freaking Dumbass Owner Who Doesnt Know How To Take Care Of Her Pet Are DEADASS Wrong!!!! You Think She Didnt Try To Stop It Did You Not Fucking Hear Her Clapping Shouting No!!!! I Did Y’all Must Be Pretty Damn Deaf Not To Hear Her Yelling. Y’all Are Rude Stupid Ass More Then Likely BiPolar Jerks. Shes Fucking 56 Years Old Shes Getting Frail A Full Grown Doe Can Easily Weigh Up To 200 Pounds Instead Of Just Star Possibly Gettin Killed Did You Want Both The Owner And Her Dog Gettin Killed?? Do You Not Realize How Freakin Rude And Stupid You Were She Did All An Old Person COuld Do And No Star Shouldnt Of Been Outside In A Fenced Yard Border Collies Are Smart Energetic Dogs That Dont Deserve To Be Cooped Up In A Back Yard All Day Personally I Think The Owner Is An Amazing Person For Letting Star Roam About. Sure Hes Had 2 Unfortunate Accidents. They Werent The Owners Fault You Dont Even Know What Happened With The Car Accident It Couldve Been The Driver Was Too Busy Talking On Their Cell Or Fiddlin Wit The Radio It Could Happen To Anyone On A Leash Or Off. GIVE THE LADY A BREAK DONT YOU THINK SHE FEELS GUILTY ENOUGH FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO HELP MORE GIVE HER SOME SLACK AND SHUT YOUR RUDEASS MOUTH!!!!!!!!!

  300. ashley says:

    Great story (except the getting hit by a truck and beaten up by a deer part…..) & to everyone on here that has no positive thing to say: STOP ARGUING, YOU ARE *ALL* ASSHOLES.

  301. Elvira says:

    Such a poor excuse about the woman not “being able to do anything”. My mom is almost 60 years old and has spent all her life taking care of stray dogs. She has now 14 former homeless dogs and 7 cats. When they engage in fights, when they are sick, when they are too agressive to be treated she is there for them, even if it costs her health. Screaming isnt going to help your dog, but it just shows that you care just too much about your own well being. I wouldnt mind being kicked to death by a deer to protect my dog. So wouldnt he.

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  303. Jonny says:

    to the person who said: “Oh, so small children should also be kept in yards and on leashes???? Your logic implies so.”

    naa, i thought id let my young children wander about in the street alone with no supervision like what you suggested is ok.

    you fucking retard, comparing an old dog to a young child, not the same situation but your example sucks ass because the answer is YES, YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING YOUR CHILDREN SO THEY DONT PLAY IN THE STREET.

    & star didnt get attacked until she stepped foot in the road, its a sad thing that happened, but with a fenced in yard this wouldnt have happened.

    If every damn dog owner decided to allow their dog to “roam free” like many suggested, our cities would be full of packs of dogs, you know, like the ones that end up killing children, wrecking cars, & hurting people in various ways, which are never the fault of the dog, they are the fault of the owner that thought they knew better than the laws they hide behind any other time.

    who gave anyone in the city the right to pawn their pet off on the neighborhood because they care more about their own situation than that of other people that share your neighborhood.

    those who want to act like every dog should be run all over the place are the same people who would get pissed & take action if Rottweilers or Pitbulls were wandering around all over the place, because if its ok for you to allow your dog the neighborhood, there is no distinction disallowing every other home in the entire city from doing the same.

    you and your dog are are no more important/special/privelidged than anyone else, & to treat the situation as different just because its your opinion, is selfish.

    That mother deer didnt know if the dog meant harm, but what it did know is that the dog at any moment had the freedom & was at a distance that it could have killed her baby, doesnt mean the dog would, but thats not the deer or *any person* to have to discern, thats on the owner.

    What kind of irresponsible person allows a mostly blind and deaf dog to wander about in the street? thats fucked up!!

  304. Justin Pash says:

    A sad, but good story to read. Sometimes we all take a beating in life, and like the dog, we fight to survive.

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  308. Herp says:

    I don’t even care that the dog wasn’t fenced in, it’s nice that he gets to roam around every now and then, but still.. A dog that’s old and half-blind needs to have someone watching over him at least. And the people who live there are retarded if they’re surrounded by deer yet have no idea when deer are going to be protecting their young. Then maybe that’s the few months you should actually have someone WATCHING OUT FOR HIM. Keep a damn broom or some pots or pans you can use to scare the deer away. You all act like a deer is some crazy animal, I’ve scared MOTHER deers by just yelling at them. If you’re too much of a pussy to face a deer to protect your dog, either move someplace else where there are no deer or do yourself a favor and don’t get another dog, you’re obviously a poor owner.

    Not to mention how the hell did he get hit by a car? I assume you let him run around again? People like you are so pathetic. “BUT WE LET OUR DOG RUN AROUND! WE GIVE HIM FREEDOM!” No.. What you’re actually doing is neglecting your damn dog. You think you’re doing good but you’re actually doing WORSE for him. If you can’t keep an eye on your damn dog you’re the only one to blame when things go wrong, which they did.

  309. Chris Anderson says:

    Fuckin bitch yelling. howe bout you stop being a lazy piece of shit and help your dog out…fuckin bitch just gonna sit there an watch as her dog gets beat ….fuckin piece of shit owner. you dont deserve a dog. fuck you

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  311. Sparkpaw says:

    I don’t get though, why no one thinks about this more logically. Dogs are VERY often kept free of leash and fence- good behaved and not well behaved; most owners think the only dangers for a good dog is a car hitting them or a fight with other dogs; but most owners realize the amount of vicious dogs in the area and know the flow of traffic and make a safe call. No one would predict their dog would get trampled by a DEER- the very creature that flees at first sight of humans.As for the cat- same; the cat has teeth and claws; and you cure as heck can’t leash a cat- not most of them, at least. As for the deer- really, her reaction; while astonishing, is surprising. And while surprising, it’s not predictable- so the only fingers to point anywhere, are to the bizarre nature that this event even occurred. This wasn’t preventable, and any humans approaching that deer- unless with the intent to KILL her, would have made the situation 100 times worse. Why does no one seem to think stuff out before they accuse and say bad things towards those who have already learned their lesson? Anyways, good to know Star is safe and sound. As well as the cat. ;]

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  316. Ellen says:

    I’m kind of leaning toward the “keep your dog on a leash” team, but to the people who say that doing that means the dog will live a long, boring life, that simply isn’t true.

    Believe it or not, dogs want to be controlled. They are happiest and most balanced when they are serenely walking beside their master and know that there is no danger in the world that could hurt them. Dogs are not like deer, in that if you let your dog wander around on its own, that’s going to cause some psychological problems. They’re social animals. And unless you’re willing to let your dog be the alpha of your “pack,” they are happiest when they are submissive and controlled.

    It took me a long time to accept this, because I always thought it would hurt my dog’s feelings to be dominant towards her. I adopted her about a year ago, and she was very shy and timid and afraid of everything. I tried to give her some opportunities where she could take the lead, thinking it would make her more confident, but it just increased her anxiety.

    It when when I began to control her pretty stringently (gently, mind you–I’ve never hit her or anything) by making her walk either beside or behind me on the leash, sitting and waiting before we enter doorways and cars, and generally just micromanaging her (hehe), that she began to improve. Little by little she realized that there was nothing to be afraid of, that she could depend on me. She is now stable and happy, and her fears are so much less pronounced.

    I know it’s tempting to let your dog “be free,” but that mentality is ignorant and frankly harmful to your canine friend.

    My point is this: leashes, when used properly as a line of communication and control when exercising your dog, help make your dog feel happy and secure. It’s not only for their safety against deer and cars, but their peace of mind.

    So you see, it’s not a tradeoff at all :)

  317. Sara says:

    Don’t leave your dog chained up outside. Problem solved. The cat was able to run away, but your dog wasn’t.

    I don’t EVER think it is okay to leave a dog unattended like that under ANY circumstances. Would you leave your child out on a leash in your backyard? Didn’t think so. That is inhumane. Yes, I feel horrible for your poor dog. But take a look in the mirror.

  318. Kasey says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is pointing fingers. This is CLEARLY a random act of nature. Yes, the dog probably shouldn’t have been wandering alone, but the deer also shouldn’t have left her baby in the middle of a neighborhood. Also, I don’t think that anyone, no matter how macho they want to seem, would really go up and fight off and angry, protective, mother deer. Instincts tell us, humans included, to protect ourselves, first and foremost. So, if somebody shows me a video of a human willing to take the same beating that dog took, then that person has every right to criticize. Everybody needs to shut the hell up!!

  319. Happiness says:

    Oh I’m so glad he is okay :(
    but I kinda agree with sbln..
    Considering the first HORRIBLE accident he was in (that could have been prevented) he should have not been allowed to wander around anymore.. I mean, there is a HUGE difference in letting your pet have freedom and just not watching out for your pet and letting them wander around.
    Pet’s are just like children and you’re not just going to let your child wander around, am I right? Or at least, thats how a caring parent is.

    Now, I’m not saying this owner doesn’t care or love Star.. I can see she does considering this long post.
    But there has to be limits and boundaries if they DON’T want to see Star get hurt AGAIN.. Especially at his old age.
    It’s just not right.. The poor dog clearly hasn’t learned from the first time and what REALLY is a shame is the fact that he now has to deal with his own injuries because his owner wasn’t being responsible.

  320. Some of the YouTube comments were beyond stupid. Human beings are quite the race. Bottom line…..wild animals are being pushed out of their natural environment because of urban sprawl….because of humans. They do not belong walking around on a street or in someone’s back yard. But they’re here…..because of our stupidity and lack of respect for nature.
    The comments about “the dog should have been on a leash and the stupid owner etc” are ridiculous. That dog has probably brought a lot of joy and smiles to the neighbours. He is a PET…the DEER is not. And it wasn’t the deers fault either. She was visibly confused about whether or not her fawn was safe. The cat at first appeared to be no threat, but when she saw the bigger dog her instinct kicked in. She wasn’t taking any chances. This is NATURE folks. So again, the bigger picture is that if you have deer in your backyard or on your street, DO NOT FORGET they are wild animals and WE have forced them to be there.

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  322. Fade says:

    Read through all the comments and without putting another long, boring story to it. The deer is a wild animal defending the baby. The dog didn’t know better, nor the cat. The dog was hurt because of the owner’s ignorance. The dog was not in a fenced up area nor on a leash. Would you let your child roam around outside near a wild deer unsupervised? As soon as the owner saw the deer, the dog should have been brought in. I feel bad for the dog, not the owner’s. My grandmother let my cat out once and it was not in a fenced in area… it was hit and killed because of her exact same ignorance… and your dog had already been hit; how much does the dog have to suffer before you guys learn to protect them better? Poor creature…

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  324. Louise says:

    First time I watched this video, I was in tears. It’s completely obvious that the dog is no where near the deer. If anything, it should of attacked the cat. I hadn’t watched it in ages, and had forgotten about it because it gave me nightmares because I own two dogs and it scares me if anything happened to them. My boyfriend put it on by accident last night, and I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t know what happened to the dog. I’m so glad that he’s okay, and now I can rest peacefully. Your dog is truly a wonderful dog, and he’s beautiful. Well done for raising a wonderful dog.

    And for people who are saying that it shouldn’t of been off it’s lead and that the owners were stupid, my dogs are hardly ever on their leads because they’re perfectly well trained and don’t go near danger. Just because some dogs are disobedient doesn’t mean that all of them are. And just think, if you had a dog, and a deer was attacking it, you would most likely be paralyzed with fear for a few seconds to realize what was happening, so give them a break. I know I would just stand there and scream for a few seconds, before running headlong to my pet.

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  365. April Rain says:

    Aw poor Star looks like such a sweeite. I’m glad he was ok. The deer was just being protective to her foe.

  366. Cuz says:

    I’m just wondering why you are calling the man with the camera selfish?

  367. Jackie says:

    I saw the video and read this piece and it really breaks my heart to see it and read it. If it were up to me, I’d have all the dogs in the world. I love them more than anything. I’m also the first to know that keeping a dog on a leash is not always for the safety of others, but for the safety of your dog. My dog is very well behaved too, but I keep her on a leash so nothing bad happens to her and so I have control over her at all times. Im not blaming you or your mom, but this is a lesson! Im SO happy to hear the pup is ok, he has a strong will to live. Keep showering him with love and more love! :)