10 Strangest Things Found On Google Earth

Dara knows here internets, and has contributed this outstanding Sunday list.

So, by now I am sure that we have all typed our own address, or a celebrity’s into Google maps or maybe a preferred destination spot (No? Not a celebrity? Is that just me?). But have we ever seen anything really bizarre or awesome on our satellite expeditions?

Probably not…  Well my friends I have scanned the vast intrawebs and done all the work for you. I have put together the top ten strangest/coolest things (in no particular order) spotted on Google earth’s satellite and added a few things that I wish could be seen.

The Cerne Abas Giant

Some of you may have heard of the giant “rude man” before, who is carved and nestled on a hill side in England. But for those of you who haven’t, discovering this guy on google maps may just be the strangest thing you have ever seen in your life. Take a look! The Cerne Abas Giant’s origins cannot be traced, making him a strange and awkward figure. He also tells us that our early ancestors had a very awesome sense of humour!
See it on Google Maps

Aboriginal iPod

I guess not only did we trade alcohol with natives, but iPods as well! Take a look at how trippy this is! It appears to be a massive face of Aborignal man wearing iPod headphones! Turns out this craziness is quite close to Calgary, in Irvine Alberta… Cool!
See it on Google Maps

Crop Circle In Egypt

Doesn’t it seem like now that there is such thing as google earth, there are even more “strange and mysterious” crop circles popping up everywhere? This one caught my eye however. It looks so photoshopped it’s crazy! It certainly is a mystery to me!
See it on Google Maps

Firefox Logo And KFC

I’ve heard of big advertisements before but never have I seen anything quite like a massive Firefox logo in the middle of a prairie before. I certainly can say that I have also never seen an 87,000 Sq. Ft. Colonel Sanders until now (Hmmm he still looks creepy all the way from space!). Isn’t this just a little overboard people? Take a look for yourself:
See it on Google Maps

What the hell?

Jolly good to see you neighbour! Say, what’s that on your car? Is that a bloke bendin’ ova, about to get smacked on ‘is rear? Oi, you’re a real odd one Joe, a real odd one indeed. Honestly I can only imagine the business this guy is promoting on his car…

Fighter Jet Found in Parking Lot

Ohh dude that’s right, this is where I parked my F-16 fighter jet! This massive jet is goog’d in a parking lot in a residential area of France. I can’t really make sense of this picture, but perhaps Travolta decided to jet off to Europe for dinner? Bon a petit!


The only reason I have this up here is because seeing Darth Vader anywhere is always really, really cool.

Where’s Waldo?

Remember frantically scanning the bright pages of your Where’s Waldo book, hoping so badly that you will find him before your sibling or friend? Ah, the good ol’ days. I last opened one of those books ohhh it must be two weeks ago now. Oh the memories. But now the challenge jumps off the page and onto google earth! Looks like Waldo ended up on a rooftop in Vancouver! After a bit of research I guess this whole Waldo thing is really taking off all over the world, http://whereonearthiswaldo.wordpress.com/
I’m very tempted to make one giant Waldo myself/

Oprah Maze

So maybe I once built a shrine of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or “JTT” back when I was a little girl, and maybe I have a mug with Brad Pitts face on it… But sometimes people can take things way too far. There is fan and then there is just plain freak. Looks like someone loved Oprah enough to create a ten acre maze in the shape of the richest woman in the world’s face. I hope you were PVR’ing all the episodes you probably missed while you were slaving away on your giant Oprah maze lady!
See it on Google Maps

Random-Ass Pink Bunny

Here’s a really odd one out of Prata Nevoso, Italy. It looks like a giant, stretched out Rayman! Do I really have to explain why it’s weird to see a giant bunny rabbit in the middle of nowhere? Of all things, did a giant pink bunny just seem so necessary? If I had the chance to make something that massive for the world to see, chances are that my first thoughts wouldn’t be to make a giant rabbit.
See it on Google Maps

But what I would like to see that I have yet to come across on Google Earth is:

-A hatch with the Dharma Initiative sign on it, on or off of an Island that mysteriously disappears from time to time

-A bear vs. Man attack… Actually any animal vs. Man attack

-Lindsay Lohan on the courtyard of her California prison shootin’ hoops…Or heroine

-A Richard Simmons maze

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Comments (10)

  1. Al says:

    Omg, that giant is crazy! I really want one like that on the hill by my house… Very entertaining article. I’m going to google right now to find more weird map sightings!

  2. Sami says:

    Awesome! I found the Loch Ness Monster. Just go to google earth and put in loch ness. When the earth moves and takes you there, look in the really dark part of the water. You will find him there. It’s so cool!

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