Gun Upgrades: Games Versus Reality

In most video games, upgrading your weapon is a radicalizing affair. Over the course of the game you move from your basic rifle to a monstrosity of lasers and gadgets that is hell itself in your hand. I’m looking at the Call of Duty multiplayer right now and am simply astounded by the weird gun upgrades that are available to the players. What possible use is there for that scope on the machine pistol? Hitman Blood Money, (one of my favorite games of all time) demonstrates this particularly well with its pistol. What starts as a pretty nice 1911 is upgraded into an entirely different device. By the final shoot out it has become a pocket sized fully-auto silenced sniper rifle. A far cry from its humble beginnings.

My 1911 pistol on the other hand, starts pretty basic. In the real world, gun upgrades usually mean a few minor tweaks to make the gun a little bit more “yours” rather than a total overhaul of purpose. In theory I could put a box clip, scope, and laser sight onto my shotgun, but why make it pretend to be something it’s not?

My ambitions are minimal for my pistol. It’s a cheap Chinese knock-off, but it’s still my favorite purchase of the past six months. My list of personalization goes something like this:

- Rosewood Grip: The standard grips are black and perfectly fine from a functional perspective. But the 1911 is a classic gun and I’d like it if mine looked a little less like the knock-off that it is.

- Tritium Night Sights: The sights that come with this gun are terrible. They’re a faded orange that looks like old graffiti. Putting something nicer in there would go a long way to making me a better shooter. The tritium glows bright with a radioactive core, so no matter the light you can find your target. To be honest, I’ll probably just get bright nail polish and a fine sable brush and redo the sights myself.

- Skeleton Tigger and Hammer: I really don’t know why certain guns have these and others don’t. They’re kinda sexy looking and in theory would reduce weight? As if it matters in a gun this small. Really I’d just like a more sensitive trigger so it didn’t feel like I was moving so much to get each shot off. Looks are just a bonus.

- Extended Magazine: The 1911 is a single stack pistol, so the standard is a seven round magazine. But my ten round mag is nice and shiny and sticks out past the grip. So, if you’ve got especially big hands the extended clip is kind of a bonus as well. This is the only portion of the pistol upgrades I’ve actually completed. In fact I bought the magazine about a half hour before I bought the pistol at this year’s gun show.

My shotgun on the other hand, has reached a satisfying height of modification. My first love was my Fabarm Martial 12 gauge shotgun. I had the good fortune of finding one that had been modified by the gunsmith at The Shooting Edge. He’d tried to re-finish the barrel and mucked it up a teensy bit towards the end, causing them to knock a few hundred dollars off the price. Now, I have to clean my shotgun immediately after it’s exposed to water, but it’s a tactical shotgun, so it can look a little rough. The upgrades have been useful but subtle.

- A rail mounted red dot sight: The regular ghost ring sights work just fine, but I like the brightness of a red-dot. I’m actually ordering a vortex scope that will switch between both green and red dots. Plus, it has a handy low-brightness setting for use with night vision.

- A stock shell holder: This thing makes reloading much easier and faster. It holds six extra rounds right by your cheek. Particularly helpful if wanting to carry multiple load types as described in the first issue.

- A flashlight with barrel mounting: The streamline scorpion has an output of 120 lumens, which is pretty damn bright when you’re on the receiving end. For the sake of the photograph I flipped it onto the visible side, but when normally installed it sits just above my left thumb when holding the pump.

I’m considering getting a three point tactical sling. The sort of thing that lets you hold the gun in-front of you against your chest and move into a firing position without undoing any straps. But I’m worried I might get carried away if I do that.

I don’t want to inflate my shotgun into a multi-limbed monstrosity. While taking these photos I pieced together other gear from around my house to form two weapon combination’s you’d likely see in the Call of Duty video games. I would be mortally embarrassed if a serious sportsman saw me holding either of these.

- The Scout: Featuring a 7-21 power 60 mm lens to put those heavy slugs on target, and a built in GPS mount for fast and accurate maneuvering through the bush, the Scout is the ultimate in wilderness ridiculousness. For when you need to take a single shot, then run like a frightened rabbit over a hill and across a river for safety. Best designed for maps with many different escape routes and long canyons to shoot down.

- The Final Charge: Using the ring mount designed for a flashlight, the Final Charge has the largest and most savage bayonet to ever grace a firearm. The ghost ring sights and extra supply of buck-shot make this one a close quarters winner. Useful for fast sprinters indoors, or for anyone who feels inadequate in other areas.

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  1. Hank says:

    I’m not sure about the bajonet. When you’re firing shot, isn’t that going to hit the blade as the cone expands.

    It’s not going to expand all that much as it leaves the barrel of course, but it’s going to start expanding quickly. I’d be nervous about ricochet.

    • I firmly believe that the bayonet reached its peak in 1918. Anyone who puts one on now is just posturing.

      Have you seen the pistol bayonet?

      • Hank says:

        Ok, that’s just stupid. Who in their right mind would want something like that attached to their gun?

        I could still see the use of a bajonet on a rifle in close quarter scenarios where you wanted to have some reach. I don’t know how many times that would be useful though.

        This toothpick is doing nothing but impress the people that are impressed by such a thing. The serious people, whose actual plan is to put someone into the ground, will see this and realize someone with this on their gun is nothing but a poser who’s actually scared to be there or doesn’t know what he’s doing. It screams “I’m an easy target, take me!”

        This is one of those times where you can graphically demonstrate that just because you can do it, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

        Plus, however light it is, and for me this is the one that counts the most, it’s going to affect the balance of the gun. You have to compensate for it.

        I really can’t get over how stupid this is. It looks like an excellent way for someone to get hurt by using their own gun. You forget it’s there, you cut yourself, or someone who’s standing next to you.

        Features that enhance the weapon’s performance are just fine with me, but this kind of thing really makes me question some people’s sanity. Sweet mother mercy…

  2. I can use Google says:

    It peaked long before 1918, considering WWI still had Gatling guns of many varieties. Anyone who throws it on now is just thinking like they are supposed to. You should stop using absolutes when you talk about other peoples’ positions and opinions.

  3. Judas says:

    Bayonets are the manliest thing in the world. I don’t give a rat’s ass if they interfere with aim or other such shit that will never matter to us pasty losers; a bayonet screams “if you’re LUCKY I’ll kill you with a bullet. If you’re not, here’s a stainless steel one-way ticket to Corpsetown, population: you”.

    Then you put on aviators and moonwalk away.

  4. StabnCabn says:

    So because we have machine guns, a bayonet is not useful? Tell ya what, in close quarters, I’ll take the bayonet and you don’t have to worry about it. I’ll be sure to write letters to your families!
    Considering the bayonet was used in ww2 and may still possibly he used in basic, I doubt it is completely useless.

  5. ak49 says:

    Wow… so these are the two weapons you’re going to use to demonstrate Games vs. Reality? That’s some arsenal you got there. You couldn’t do maybe an AR-15 to demonstrate all the heavy unnecessaries that people buy, and then do a light weight model to show what you’d actually want.

    Also, when it comes to glass, you get what you pay for, and the cheap man pays twice. If it switches between red and green, or has multiple reticles, that means it’s a knock-off. Aimpoint and EOTech have never had those options.

    Meet me over in r/guns at reddit if you’d like to discuss this.

    • You’re right. An AR-15 would do a pretty good job of demonstrating this. I quite enjoy the AR’s I’ve had the opportunity to play with.

      But you know what else I enjoy?

      I enjoy having an apartment thats thirty miles from my parent’s basement and overlooks the park.

      I enjoy having a university education and a car that gets me around town.

      I enjoy being able to go out for a drinks at the end of the week, and buying over-priced specialty cheeses every now and again.

      Simply put, I can’t really afford an AR right now. If you’ve got some shots of yours: go ahead and put them up.

  6. Janx says:

    I think the two items chosen illustrate the reality side of things very well.

    How many people have an AR kicking around their house, really?

    Now, how many people have a hand gun or a shotgun kicking around?

    … a lot lot lot lot more.

  7. telvox says:

    on a side note, you might want to look at duracoat for your shotgun, easy to apply and you’ll never have to worry about the bluing again.

    • I saw a booth advertising slash selling this at the local gun show a year or two ago. I wasn’t very interested at the time, not having a gun and all.

      Now . . . I should really look into it again.

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    Griffey comes through in 9th as M’s end losing streak

    “It took a little old-fashioned Ken Griffey Jr. magic — and perhaps the inspiration of Don Wakamatsu’s first career ejection — but the Mariners finally snapped out of their recent funk with a dramatic 4-3 victory over Toronto on Thursday afternoon at Safeco Field.

    Griffey drove a run-scoring single to right field with one out in the bottom of the ninth to cap a three-run rally that ended Seattle’s five-game losing streak.griffey shoes

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    “Just to be able to watch that in my office was special,” he said with a sly grin.ken griffey shoes

    The ultra-calm Wakamatsu went nose-to-nose with Fletcher for about a minute before getting the heave-ho, much to the delight of 20,452 fans at Safeco Field who were just happy to have something to yell about at that point.

    But the Mariners finally got things going in the ninth. With American League saves leader Kevin Gregg on the mound, Seattle loaded the base on singles by Mike Sweeney and Jose Lopez, followed by a walk to Milton Bradley.

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    Griffey, who is still hitting just .191 and has been through a rough stretch of criticism recently, left the clubhouse without talking to the media. But his teammates were happy to speak for him.

    “I think it meant a lot to him,” said Sweeney. “The past couple of weeks have probably been two of the toughest of his career and yet he knew he had the backing of everyone in this clubhouse.

    “He had every single guy in this clubhouse cheering for him and I’m sure he had every single person in this city cheering for him. He’s Mr. Mariner and he came through in big way today.”"

    Arizona Diamondbacks give Justin Upton $51.25M deal | MLB

    Justin Upton has lived with high expectations virtually since the day he picked up a baseball bat.

    Now at 22, with two full major-league seasons already behind him, he says he welcomes the challenge of living up to the $51.25 million, six-year contract he signed Wednesday with the Arizona Diamondbacks, the second-largest deal in team history.

    With his parents Manny and Yvonne looking on proudly at a news conference, the outfielder said he understands the responsibility that comes with this big a contract at such a young age.ken griffey jr shoes

    “I do kind of put that pressure on myself,” he said. “I want to be great, that’s the thing. If you want to be great, then you set your goals higher.”

    Upton earned his first All-Star berth last season, when he hit .300 with 26 homers and 86 runs batted in.ken griffey shoes

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    “There’s a lot to live up to,” he said, “and I think I’m ready for that.”ken griffey jr shoes sale

    He gets a $1.25 million signing bonus, half on April 15 and the rest on July 15. He receives salaries of $500,000 this year, $4.25 million in 2011, $6.75 million in 2012, $9.75 million in 2013, $14.25 million in 2014 and $14.5 million in 2015.

    “We view him as a core player, one of our key pieces,” general manager Josh Byrnes said, “and as we view the next six years the kind of guy we want to build around.”

    The only bigger contract in Diamondbacks history was the $52.4 million, four-year deal Randy Johnson signed in ken griffey shoes

    Upton has had the pressure of high expectations for years, following the path of his older brother B.J., who was the No. 2 overall draft pick in 2002. Justin was one better, chosen No. 1 by Arizona in the 2005 draft.

    He played less than two years in the minors before being called up by the Diamondbacks in 2007.

    Batting gloves protect hands

    Omir Santos tried on his new batting gloves, said to slow the impact of a harmful fastball down to the mere annoyance of a junkball, and voiced excitement.

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    The latest high-tech protective product in a sport that’s slow to accept innovation, the batting gloves are manufactured by the startup company XProTeX, which hired former All-Star Reggie Smith to go around spring training trying to persuade big-leaguers to switch.

    Bob Watson, Major League Baseball’s vice president of on-field operations, said his department already has given its approval, which is necessary for all on-field gear.griffeys

    “We looked at the data. No, I didn’t put it on and take a fastball,” said Watson, a former All-Star himself. “Now, is this going to stop all major injuries? That I can’t tell you, but according to the data, it should cut down on broken bones and severe injuries coming from pitched balls.”


    ? The Chicago Cubs agreed to terms with Cuban defector Juan Yasser Serrano, 21, a right-handed pitcher.griffeys 2012

    ? Aaron Harang was selected by Reds manager Dusty Baker to be Cincinnati’s opening-day starter for a team record tying fifth straight season.

    ? Houston All-Star first baseman Lance Berkman will sit out the Astros’ spring-training opener against Washington because of a bruised left knee.

    ? Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton probably won’t return to the field until next week because of a bruised left griffeys

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    ? Phillies top pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont allowed five runs in the third inning of Philadelphia’s 13-6 victory against Florida State in Clearwater, Fla. Aumont is one of three prospects the Phillies received in an offseason trade that sent Cliff Lee to the Mariners.

    ? Tim Hudson pitched two sharp innings and rookie Jason Heyward doubled and scored as the Atlanta Braves beat the New York Mets 9-5 in Kissimmee, Fla.griffey shoes

    ? Jeremy Bonderman pitched two shutout innings after missing most of last season with circulatory problems in his right shoulder and Mike Rabelo hit a tiebreaking single in a three-run ninth to lead the Detroit Tigers over the Toronto Blue Jays 7-6 in Dunedin, Fla.

    ? Baltimore third baseman Miguel Tejada made an error in his debut at his new position and the Orioles defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 12-2 in Sarasota, Fla.

    ? Major League Baseball has settled a lawsuit it filed against a baseball card maker for allegedly stealing trademarks. The Upper Deck Co. has agreed to pay $2.4 million on sales of licensed cards in 2009.

    Reds, Baker have deal through 2012

    Dusty Baker brought in a tailor during his first spring training as the Reds manager, getting the clubhouse staff ready to look good for the day when the marooned franchise would finally win.

    “I said, ‘Man, we’re going to the playoffs, dude,’” Baker related. “I want them all looking good, clean. And I want them believing that we’re going places.”ken griffey jr shoes

    Two years later, the staff freed those snazzy suits from their protective plastic wrap. And the manager who picked up the tab got a two-year contract extension and a chance to make sure those suits get a lot of wear.

    The Reds announced the deal Monday, a reward for the team’s first playoff appearance in 15 years.ken griffey shoes

    “I think we got here sooner than a lot of people thought – to the playoffs,” general manager Walt Jocketty said. “I think a lot of it is due to Dusty’s leadership.”

    Baker is in the final season of his original three-year deal. The front office approached him during the season to talk about an extension, and the sides closed in on an agreement last week while the Reds were clinching the NL Central title.

    The superstitious Baker wanted the deal to last two years.griffeys

    “I’ve had some of my best success on two-year contracts,” Baker said Monday. “I don’t know why.”

    Baker’s coaching staff also was offered two-year extensions before the club worked out, attended a downtown rally and headed to Philadelphia. The Reds open against the defending NL champions on Wednesday.

    The Reds were the biggest surprise of the division champions, winning the Central despite a young and inexperienced lineup and pitching rotation. Baker kept it together during one of the tightest pennant races in years. The Reds and Cardinals weren’t separated by more than three games from mid-May to mid-August.

    The division title was a huge breakthrough.griffeys 2012

    Cincinnati hadn’t been to the playoffs since 1995, when Davey Johnson took the Reds to the NL championship series, then got replaced by owner Marge Schott, who simply didn’t like him. The Reds went through five more managers before hiring Baker, who presided over a quick rebuilding griffeys

    The Reds traded Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn during Baker’s first season, beginning a change from power-dependent offense to one that can win by going from first-to-third on a single – a category in which they led the league this season.

    “It was very difficult (in 2008),” Baker said. “You know that you’re rebuilding at that time. And then you’ve got to get new leaders, you’ve got to get a new face or two for the organization.”griffey shoes

    The Reds brought in third baseman Scott Rolen last year and shortstop Orlando Cabrera in the offseason, adding two veterans who have been to the playoffs. They helped a core of young players pull off the unexpected championship, one that puts Baker in select griffeys 2012

    Baker led the Giants and the Cubs to the playoffs before coming to Cincinnati. He joined Bill McKechnie as the only managers to take three NL teams to the playoffs. Nine have taken three different teams to the playoffs overall – McKechnie, Johnson, Tony La Russa, Jim Leyland, Billy Martin, Lou Piniella, Joe Torre and Dick Williams also did it.

    Given the team’s young core, Baker thinks the staff is going to get more chances to look good in those ken griffey shoes

    “To me, this is just a first step hopefully in a long line of wins, in a long line of excellent years,” Baker said.

    Mariners go into Winter Meetings “open-minded,” but not likely to be bidders for high-priced free agents

    The tearing down of a 101-loss Mariners team has been under way since before the disastrous 2010 season ended.

    Only 14 of the 25 players who opened the season with the Mariners are still on the 40-man roster and two of those, Matt Tuiasosopo and Rob Johnson, are not considered favorites to make the squad next spring. Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik continued his reworking in recent days by trading third baseman Jose Lopez and non-tendering pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith.griffeys

    Zduriencik arrives in Florida on Sunday for the annual baseball winter meetings looking to accelerate his plans to rebuild what has been torn down. The Mariners already have youngsters Justin Smoak, Adam Moore, Michael Saunders, Dustin Ackley and Michael Pineda either at or near the majors, but must figure out where they fit and how to bolster an offense that ranked among the worst in the last 40 years.

    “I’ve always believed that you just have to acquire talent,” Zduriencik said before leaving for the meetings, which begin Monday and conclude Thursday morning with the Rule 5 draft. “As you move forward, you win with good players. You may go in to the meetings with a game plan thinking that X, Y and Z is the thing you need to do, but then, as it unfolds, I think you need to adjust.

    “You realize, ‘Maybe I can’t go down this path to do this, but this helps me.’ “griffeys 2012

    Zduriencik lost out in bidding on free-agent pitcher Rich Harden at the winter meetings in Indianapolis a year ago. But then, during an airport conversation on the way home with Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr., groundwork was laid that resulted in a deal for star pitcher Cliff Lee just a week griffeys

    The Mariners plan to keep their on-field payroll at roughly the same amount as the $91 million spent on opening day last season (an additional $2.5 million was spent on players no longer with the team and Ackley’s major-league contract). That’s left the team little room to pursue higher-priced free agents and led to speculation Zduriencik will attempt a trade or two to reshape his lineup while continuing the rebuilding plan.

    It was just two years ago, at the winter meetings in Las Vegas, that Zduriencik helped orchestrate a 12-player, three-team swap that landed Franklin Gutierrez and others in exchange for a package centered on closer J.J. Putz. Zduriencik could try to move his current closer, David Aardsma, because the pitcher stands to earn between $4 million and $5 million in arbitration for a rebuilding club not lacking in high-powered bullpen arms.

    Seattle has been linked to trade rumors involving Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton, through the asking price for him is expected to include several of the young prospects the Mariners are looking to in their rebuild. There have been lesser rumors about the Mariners possibly dealing for Diamondbacks third baseman Mark Reynolds and then trying to trade Chone Figgins.griffey shoes

    For now, Figgins — who played second base last season — appears to be the replacement for Lopez at third base. But at age 32, with a hitting skill-set that appears to duplicate leadoff man Ichiro, it’s tough to see where Figgins — owed $27 million the next three years — truly fits on a team not expected to contend before 2012 or 2013 at the earliest.

    The Mariners also need somebody to man second base if, as expected, Ackley does not make the team out of spring training. Other priorities include finding a capable catcher who can share time with Moore as he tries to prove he belongs in the major leagues.ken griffey jr shoes

    Seattle also must find a way to jump-start an offense that scored only 513 runs, the worst total in the majors since the designated hitter came into effect in 1972. Areas that appear easiest to supply a boost in would include DH and left field — especially if the Mariners don’t believe Milton Bradley and Saunders can handle those spots.

    Zduriencik cautioned that, even with so many youngsters in the fold, he isn’t handing out jobs just yet. Players young and experienced will have “an opportunity to compete for jobs” next spring, but he won’t hesitate to make a move this coming week if it benefits the team.ken griffey shoes

    That could include moves to bring in “veteran leadership” and to “fill some of the needs that we have” with older players if the right ones come along. Zduriencik noted that several of his younger players still have minor-league options and could be sent to Class AAA in the short term if they show they aren’t ready.

    “I think you go in open-minded,” he said. “And I think that’s what our plan is, I’m very open-minded. I know what I’d like to accomplish. Whether we can, or cannot, remains to be seen. But I would be able to float in one direction or another if I felt it could help us in the long-term.”

    ASICS Australia runs safely on Juniper Networks

    Juniper Networks, the industry leader in network innovation, announced that ASICS Australia, a leading sports footwear and performance apparel vendor, has deployed a highly-integrated security, routing and switching solution running the Junos operating system. This deployment enables ASICS to support continued business growth, improve operational efficiency and comply with ASICS global security requirements.

    Due to its rapid growth in the local sportswear market, ASICS Australia recently relocated to a larger office in Eastern Creek, New South Wales, taking the opportunity to upgrade its network, with particular emphasis on security. Alphawest, a wholly owned subsidiary of Optus, provided ASICS with Juniper Networks SRX240 Services Gateways and EX2200 Ethernet Switches to create a cost-effective, secure and highly-reliable branch business network.

    “It is critical our network is secure and is based on best-in-class IT infrastructure to support our growing business,” said Andrew O’Neill, IT manager, ASICS Australia. “The Juniper Networks solutions we have deployed bring our infrastructure up to the standard of the global corporate IT environment and increase operational efficiency by enabling us to maximise the benefits of secure remote access.”tiger shoes

    Robust remote access features are particularly important to ASICS since, in addition to workforce mobility, the company also provides retailers and logistics companies with access to its ERP system. The Juniper Networks SRX240 integrates security with fast, highly-available switching and routing and application capabilities in a single device, which enables ASICS Australia to economically deliver new services, safe connectivity and a satisfying end user experience.

    “The Juniper SRX Series are well suited for companies like ASICS because they pull everything together in a very neat and manageable package while providing serious enterprise security, functionality and reliability,” said Ian Smith, chief executive officer, Alphawest.asics tiger shoes

    At ASICS Australia, Alphawest implemented Juniper Networks SRX240 Services Gateways in a high-availability cluster to deliver load-balanced performance and operational continuity. As well as handling switching, routing, firewalling with role-based remote access, the SRX240 Services Gateways also provide network-wide threat visibility and control.

    “Distributed enterprises like ASICS depend on secure and reliable network infrastructures,” said Mark Iles, vice president, Juniper Networks ANZ. “Our integrated switching, routing and security solution delivers sophisticated capabilities in an easy-to-use package, enabling organisations to flexibly address the needs of local and global network infrastructure and rapid business expansion, with reduced costs and improved value.”asics tiger

    ASICS Australia manages its new networking environment with Junos, Juniper Networks high-performance network and security operating system, and has invested in training its staff under the Juniper Networks Certification Program. “We wanted a network that required little maintenance and that’s exactly what we got. We feel confident that having the staff trained by Juniper early on will alleviate any potential difficulties moving forward,” said O’ tiger shoes

    Juniper Networks is in the business of network innovation. From devices to data centers, from consumers to cloud providers, Juniper Networks delivers the software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking.

    Ken Griffey Jr. says he left because he was “a distraction” to team

    Ken Griffey Jr. says he retired abruptly last year because he felt he’d become a distraction to the team.

    “I’m not upset,” he said. “I think people thought I was upset about certain things, but that’s not the case.”

    Griffey said he merely feared that people he’d grown close to on the team would try to talk him out of retirement if he stuck around for a press conference. griffeys 2012

    So, I asked him, if everything else was fine, why hasn’t he spoken to former manager Don Wakamatsu since he walked away from the team and the game back on June 2?

    “My phone rings,” he said, implying that Wakamatsu should have called him. “That’s just the way it is.”

    Players and Wakamatsu himself say that the pair didn’t speak for the final two weeks of Griffey’s career. One player told the Times last summer that Griffey erroneously believed that Wakamatsu had been the source of the Sleep Gate story in which the future Hall of Famer was said to be napping in the clubhouse during a game in May.

    The player said Griffey shared his opinion with others on the team and only realized weeks later — after he’d already retired — that Wakamatsu was not the story’s source. But today, Griffey merely says he wasn’t upset at the time and left because he feared he’d become a distraction to the team.

    Griffey was asked what he has to say to fans disappointed by his abrupt departure. ken griffey shoes 2012

    “You want me to apologize for something that I felt was right? I felt that it was right for me to leave. I’m not going to do it. Because it’s not intended to hurt people. It was a decision that I made. I made that 15 years ago…there are some people who are upset and some people who are not. I can’t worry about it. I had to do what I thought was right for me.”

    Griffey had indeed spoken for a long time of retiring without fanfare or a press conference. Again, though, one wonders why — if he insists he left with no ill feelings and had simply planned to leave this way all along — he didn’t extend his manager or general manager the courtesy of a phone call. And why, to this day, he still hasn’t spoken to a manager he had a close relationship with in 2009. He did call team president Chuck Armstrong, but, typically, if nothing’s wrong, the manager and GM do get calls and are offered an explanation when a player suddenly retires.

    So, today, the question was asked and answered. Griffey’s phone rings is his answer. That’s all he’s prepared to say about it. We can keep asking the same question over and over again, but I doubt we’ll get a different answer.

    So, that’s his explanation. Whether or not you accept it is up to you. cheap griffeys

    The bottom line, as I’ve written before, is that this franchise needs as many of its few icons to come back within the fold. It says a lot that one of the most popular, if not the most popular, public figures for this team was not a player, but a broadcaster. The death of Dave Niehaus left the Mariners reeling back in November, not just because of the human being they lost, but also because a part of the organization died with him.

    Griffey said it will be hard for the organization and those who met Niehaus up-close to get over his death from a heart attack last November at age 73. He was asked whether it will be odd not having Niehaus around on Opening Day.king griffey shoes

    “Yeah, it’s odd,” he said. “If somebody tells you it isn’t, it is. Definitely, looking around and not seeing those white shoes, those tight pants he wears and that semi-tight shirt. And that voice. I think that’s the biggest thing. That voice saying hello to you, teasing you, having a good time at the ballpark.

    “I think that’s the thing that a lot of the guys who were here over the years are going to really miss. And even the guys who knew him for a year or so, they’re going to miss him, too. But I’ve known him since 17, so like I said, in Seattle he’s like the grandfather to a lot of guys. I know he was one to me, so I’m going to miss that. You’re not going to be able to replace that. You can replace a player, but that voice, you can’t do it. It’s going to take 50 people and even those 50, it’s still not going to be the same.”

    Griffey may not be the most popular guy for some fans right now, but he is a future first ballot Hall of Famer and arguably the most famous face for the franchise around the world of baseball and at-large.

    He just got back from a trip to the Philippines, where he was serving as a goodwill ambassador on behalf of the United States government. Now, he’ll be an ambassador of sorts within the organization, especially when it comes to spreading the message to younger players about what’s expected of them.

    “This is the organization I grew up in,” he said. “So, if there’s going to be an opportunity for me to be in baseball, it’s going to be here. I had an opportunity to get a chance to do it. It’s a lot of learning because it’s a little different. It’s not going to change. I’m still going to be the same person. You’re going to know how I feel.”

    And what’s his main message going to be?

    “Hard work doesn’t start during the game,” he said. “Hard work starts the night before.”

    Regardless of what happened last year — and several good people did lose jobs because of the events of 2010 — the organziation has to try to put it in the rear-view mirror. It will take time for some to forgive Griffey. And some fans may never do that. That’s their choice.

    But in my view, you do have to put the events of last year into the context of a 20-year career. If some of you want to include 1999 in that context, again, it’s your right.

    You’ve read my stuff about Griffey and know how I feel about what went on last season.

    But you also know, if you’ve kept reading this space, that I believe the organization, in the wake of Niehaus’s death, had to find some way to bring Griffey back into the fold. That he was too important a part of Mariners’ history — good and bad, but mostly good — to be estranged from the city he spent most of his career in.

    Griffey said he has no regrets about coming back to play in 2010 after what could have been a storybook sendoff in 2009.

    “No,” he said. “I mean, things happen. Through no fault of its own, things happen. I got to meet some great people last year. If I wouldn’t have done it, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to meet some of the people in Seattle that I did meet…and who still call me today. So, no, I’m not sorry that I came back.”

    It may take time for some to get the appreciation back that many fans felt in 2009. And some may never get it back. But the team had to try.

    Griffey came today and offered his explanation. It may be enough for some, not enough for others, but it’s a start. And it’s as good as it’s going to get.

    We’ll see where things go from here.

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