The Most Common Superpower

Ah, the most common superpower. No, it’s not super strength or flight, but those may factor in.

Actually, the super powered miracle is that these top heavy women aren’t popping out of their tops or suffering severe back problems. The rest of their bodies don’t match what’s on their chest.

What’s so super about that?

No matter what the situation, they remain perky and upright, usually without any visual support.

Usually, they defy gravity itself. At the time of the characters inception, they might have been normal. And then there are certainly artists that, regardless of the character, believe in the mantra “go big or go home.”

It’s insane, unrealistic and almost comical – yet it is incredibly prevalent in the world of super-heroines. Hey, males write for males I guess.

So these are the five super-heroines we believe best represent the most common superpower, consistently in all their appearances. Enough that they’ve become known for it.


5. Starfire

For those only familiar with the Teen Titans cartoon version of Starfire, I’m sure this is an eye opener.

The character doesn’t understand the need for clothes and she kisses to learn new languages. There’s no way a bra factors into that costume – just two barely-there straps.

Maybe those things are held up through some alien biology? Either way, they certainly are up there.

4. Lady Death

She’s just one of those pictures that pops up here and there on the internet, you’ve seen her but may not know who she is. Lady Death began as a sexy villainess but has grown into more of a hero.

There’s a reason why there’s so many pictures of her, unlike other nineties comic book heroes that have faded into obscurity.

Hell doesn’t seem so bad with a devil like this.

3. She-Hulk

She-Hulk knows how buxom she is. She realizes her assets grow when compared to her alter-ego. Her clothes are often ripped to shreds, except in some very specific areas. She often breaks the fourth wall and has commented on how huge she has been drawn.

Once, she was put on trial and had to prove she was irreplaceable as a character, else she would be replaced by other super-heroines in the universe.

A space trucker named Razorback defended her by recalling one time her spacesuit was destroyed, which distracted a group of raiding pirates and caused them to crash into an asteroid.

“See? THAT is what makes She-Hulk special! Ya think any other supergal’s rack could have done THAT?! I mean c’mon, they’re out to HERE, man!”

2. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman started off average, but like most super-heroines, her chest has grown in size over the years. And the costume doesn’t help either. Seriously, it’s just a pair of cups – how does nothing inadvertently pop out during her many adventures?

And yet this costume has become iconic. Sure, it just changed, but it’ll go back, like all costumes do.

And have you seen some of the things Wonder Women, or any of the other women on this list do? The acrobatics, the forward punching – those things should be bouncing into her face, or stopping her from grabbing anything in front of her.

It’s a wonder she can do anything at all.

1. Power Girl

Power Girl is embodies the most common super power. She has a window there, authors and artists are constantly lampshading and making fun of her ample busom.

Apparently, where the window is, she originally wanted some sort of symbol, but couldn’t decide on one. She then asked Superman if he could fill her hole.

Once Adam Hughes did a sketch of her forcing them to stay in her costume – or using them as gigantic weights when body building.

When some of the biggest DC Heroes were looking for a way to distract Toyman – a 13-year-old villain – all eyes immediately landed on her.

It’s the defining aspect of the character. Poor girl.


While it’s called the most common superpower because of how incredibly common it is, there are a few characters out there that look appropriate to their physique and their age.

We’d like to throw a shout out to Supergirl. Although her proportions have grown a bit since her return in Batman/Superman, she was appropriate to a teenage girl when Michael Turner brought her back.

There are too many 12-year-olds running around with melons on their chests.

There are too many times when artists – really good artists – draw things like Huntress on the right. Because breasts defying gravity is a super power. The most common super power.

I’m all for attractive characters – I enjoy looking at attractive people, I just made a whole list from it. But please, this is just insane.

Editors note – We did have five top-heavy, iron jawed guys on this list as well. But we decided to make that it’s own list for the future. So, for today, just enjoy this page of boobs. And look out for new lists every Sunday and Wednesday!

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Comments (44)

  1. SolidBones says:

    I support this superpower.

    Or I would….if it was needed.

  2. Goth Skunk says:

    Mmm… Lady Death…

  3. d2a9n08 says:

    Looks like the most common superpower is the ability for everyone to have D-cups.

  4. Richard says:

    Okay, realizing this is mostly silliness, but I’ll treat it seriously:

    5. Starfire — not even vaguely human. Any comments about what breasts ought to do predicated on human breasts are ridiculous. Even on Earth, human breasts float in water, while other primates’ do not. She’s from another planet entirely. Human hair doesn’t expel solar energy to propel people through the air. Hers does. Not human breasts. Get it?

    4. Lady Death — a goddess, not even a material being, looks however she wants to, and isn’t restricted by most physical laws. That she has breasts at all is less odd than anything about their size or behavior.

    3. She-Hulk — like most gamma-spawned Marvel characters, her form reflects an aspect of her subconscious. In this case, it’s her desire to be free of the restrictions and expectations of the men in her life. Also, she’s one of the strongest beings on the planet, but somehow her boobs are supposed to give her back pain? Maybe if she had Sherman tanks hanging of her nipple rings (the piercing for which I’m assuming would have to be done with an adamantium needle).

    2. Wonder Woman — is a clay statue given life by the Greek Gods. She can’t reproduce, for one thing. I’d be less surprised by her breasts being as rigid as a statues than by them being malleable like human breasts. Also, almost as strong as Superman. Pretty sure her chest muscles can cope.

    1. Power Girl — Genius. Computer scientist and software engineer. Smart enough to know how distracting her costume is. Also has low self-esteem issues, which helps explain why her costume doesn’t have the House of El ‘S’ symbol, despite her being the cousin of a parallel version of Superman. Again, AS strong as Superman, and not even a little human. Boobs of Steel. Nuff said.

    The only one that even vaguely resembles a point is Huntress, and she’s wearing Kevlar body armor, which I’m fairly sure lifts and separates when it’s not absorbing bullet impacts.

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